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Steve-O and Trishelle Play Doctor

8/9/2007 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is there a doctor in the house? TMZ caught up with Dr. Steve-O and beautiful "Real World" Nurse Trishelle, after their Laugh Factory gig last night. Jackass Steve-O took a page from the Michael Richards book-o-laffs and called himself -- not the audience -- the n-word during his act. "I would never call anybody that word, except myself, man," explained the stoney doofus.

So what's the diagnosis? "Medically speaking, I need to go take some bong hits," said Steve-O, who proved once again, that pot does not make you funny.


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Get a Clue    

Two peas in a pod. Both brain dead losers.

2630 days ago

Black Macho Gal    

Two attention hos. I bet Steve is another notch on her bedpost.

2630 days ago

Big Mike    

Trichelle or whatever her name is - - - Could you scream any louder that you have no career, no future. Another delusional Real World loser who will be on challenges and reunions for the rest of her pathetic life. Seriously, being on The Real World does not make you a celebrity, an actress of even a person with a job. This broad does straight to video movies and calls herself an actress.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH- - - - Hey TRICHELLE or whatever your name is.... get a clue, get a life and GET A REAL F_CKING JOB..... You are delusional and quite pathetic.... AGAIN, REAL WORLD IS NOT A PAYING JOB, NOR IS IT AN ACTING JOB.. Why do these clowns go on that show and then believe that they have a career in movies... AGAIN - - - HAHAHAHAHAHAH---- Teenage Ninja Cheerleaders.... HAHAHAHAHAHHAH - -- I bet your family is so proud of you... It must be tough for them to show their faces in public... I mean the ridicule of being related to your dumb, loser ass must be extremely tough on them... WAY TO MAKE YOUR FAMILY PROUD... AGAIN, ANOTHER REAL WORLD LOSER WHO HAS NO GRIP ON REALITY.... BA BYE

2630 days ago

shut up    

LOL a Notch on HER bedpost ....I think you might have things backwards LOLOLOL

2630 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Still looking for 15 mns of fame or until they turn 30. Al of these reality people , I do not knowif they think they are going to win an Oscar one day or what. Until theyhit 30 or their 15 mins. is downto1, they will keep at trying toget some attention. Any kind.

2630 days ago


Question: Did that loser Steve O get false teeth? His teeth look too big for his mouth and too white and fake, like dentures. I could swear a few years ago he looked normal. Now he has horse teeth!

2630 days ago

George Bush Hates Freedom    

That girl is so freaking pathetic, so is Steve-O. They've probably screwed 100's of people between the two of them. STD much?

2630 days ago


NO....the notch on HER bedpost would be correct. Trishelle..or however you spell it is a total tramp. If you caught a few episodes of the first time she was on the Real World, the entire time she's drunk and trying screw/hump someone...................

2630 days ago



2630 days ago

He's Boring now    

steve O has herpes, aids, and every sexually transimitted disease there is. ....He's the one who claims to have over 1,000 scores of women. now you do the math people, how could he not have something that would harm him and others he would than go on to have sex with? Its not a game of keeping score anymore, it s a real life and death game to get involved with this guy.....he claims on his web site he is clean after all these conquests, but again, people you do the math, and figure out for yourself if this guy is safe to be with or not.

Not to include that in 5-7 years he will have the physique of a man 3 times his age after the abuse he is brought upon his skeletal frame after such stunts. Not to mention the tattoos permanelty inscribed upon his skin...did he not ever consider the risks of such a jackass life? May he live in peace his remaining days, but I sense the man needs a shrink, a doctor, and a physical therparitist.

May God be With You Steve-O.

2630 days ago


I Love Jackass and everyone involved but was just wondering is Steve-O ever sober. He always seems to be drunk I not kinding around. When I see him on TV I'm a fan then I'm sick watching him always drunk.

2612 days ago

Michael Baldwin    

I would like to be on the show to get over my fears.

2566 days ago


Haters gonna hate.

1234 days ago

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