'Jackass' Star Patty Perez 'Goddess' Dead at 57 ... After Diabetes Battle

Patty Perez -- AKA, "Goddess Patty," who made a memorable cameo in a 'Jackass' film -- has died ... TMZ has learned.

The actress and Internet sensation's daughter, Priscilla, tells us ... Patty passed away last Friday at a hospital in Reno, where she lived -- and where she was being treated for complications related to her type 1 diabetes, which she'd been dealing with since birth. BTW, this wasn't COVID-related

Priscilla says her mom's kidneys were failing -- the result of a lifelong struggle with her health and weight that she'd endured for years and years.

Patty lived her life out loud despite her health concerns. She ended up becoming featured in 'Jackass 2' back in 2006, as well as "Jackass 2.5" the following year -- portraying herself in a hilarious skit they filmed with Jason Acuna, AKA Wee Man ... and gaining notoriety from it.

It was a segment of the film that they called "Magic Trick" in which they'd make WM disappear. The means for that, as it turned out, was having Patty jump onto him while lying on a bed ... and her body practically enveloped him. Johnny Knoxville shows up at the end, cracking up and asking where Wee Man went -- it's pretty hilarious.

Patty went on to star in one episode of "My Big Fat Fetish" ... where they showcased her sitting on guys who wanted to pay for that type of pleasure. There are other clips of her on the Internet, in which everyday activities are seen as a struggle for her.

Her family has set up a GoFundMe to help cover funeral and other expenses -- for now, they have a $6,000 goal. Priscilla also tells us, "We want to express our immense gratitude for the love and kindness everyone has shown to our mom." She adds, "Being able to entertain and bring light and happiness to people was the highlight of her life. She was so proud of the work she did in the film industry."

Patty's survived by her four children, her mother and her grandchildren. She was 57.


Steve-O 'Jackass Forever' Release Pushed ... But Not Due to Bam Drama


Steve-O is literally LOL over Bam Margera's lawsuit against 'Jackass' producers, and says the legal battle has nothing to do with why the new movie's release has been delayed.

We got Steve-O at LAX and asked him why "Jackass Forever" is now dropping on February 4, 2022 ... instead of the originally planned date this October. Fans have been speculating it's because of Bam's pending lawsuit against Johnny Knoxville, the 'Jackass' team and Paramount Pictures.

@bam__margera / Instagram

The studio has said it's due to the rising COVID cases, but conspiracy-loving fans online called BS, and kept pushing the Bam theory. Well, Steve-O's doubling down on the company line, and his reaction to Bam's lawsuit might finally convince fans.

He couldn't hold back, and laughed off the case. In fact, he has just one word to describe it. As we reported ... Bam sued, saying he was forced to sign an agreement he claims amounted to psychological torture.

Steve-O had previously said the reason Bam's not in the fourth installment of the 'Jackass' franchise is that he couldn't stay sober. But now ... a lawsuit? Steve-O's baffled, to say the least.

For the record, Paramount didn't only delay 'Jackass' ... it also pushed back the new 'Top Gun' and 'Mission Impossible' flicks, citing the public's waning comfort with hitting up movie theaters.

Bam Margera Sues Johnny Knoxville, 'Jackass' Team Over Firing ... Alleges 'Inhumane Treatment'

Bam Margera's going after his old friends over his ousting from the 'Jackass' franchise he's been a part of for decades ... claiming he was forced to sign an agreement that he claims amounted to psychological torture.

According to the legal docs ... Bam's suing Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze, Jeffrey Tremaine along with Paramount Pictures, MTV, Dickhouse Entertainment and Gorilla Flicks for his firing.

He claims the 3 men pressured him into signing a "wellness agreement" while he was in rehab in 2019 in order to participate in the upcoming 'Jackass Forever' movie ... but Bam claims he didn't have a chance to run it by an attorney.

According to Bam ... the agreement subjected him to regular drug and alcohol tests and he was forced to take a cocktail of prescription drugs that left him depressed and drained, and restricted his ability to travel, work and live his life.

Ultimately, Bam was booted from the fourth installment of 'Jackass' for failing to abide by the conditions in the agreement, but according to the docs ... Bam got the axe for testing positive for Adderall -- something he says he's been prescribed to take for 10 years.

The lawsuit alleges Bam's treatment at the hands of Paramount and the 'Jackass' team was "inhumane" and "discriminatory." He also likens it to Britney Spears' conservatorship case.

@bam__margera / Instagram

As we've covered ... the past few months have been very rocky for Bam, as he's publicly attacked the 'Jackass' crew and had a restraining order filed against him by Tremaine.

He also previously told us he was "tortured" by his former co-stars before he was fired. Bam's suing for damages and asking for an injunction to block release of the upcoming movie.

We've reached out to Paramount ... no word back so far.

'Jackass' Sneak Peek of 'Shark Week' Special ... ... Jackass Attacked?!?


"Jackass" is jumping the shark -- like, for real -- by joining Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" spectacle, and based on this first look ... we'd say someone's bitten off more than they can chew.

Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius and a couple new jackasses are returning to TV later this month for the "Jackass Shark Week Special," and as you can see ... they are up to their same old antics.

Steve-O's said the guys "went all out" for the special, adding "there were consequences" for doing so, and based on our sneak peek, those consequences were pretty severe.

Check it out ... a new 'Jackass' member named "Poopies" appears to get attacked by a shark after a jump attempt. Someone's heard yelling for medical assistance and a tourniquet as the teaser ends.



The special is set for the first day of Discovery's Shark Week 2021 ... July 11 at 10 PM ET/PT. No word if there will be any mention of another terrifying beast -- Steve-O's Bigfoot suit made out of pubic hair.

Steve-O Bigfoot Suit Assistance ... Via Dude Pube-Shaving Train!!!


Steve-O's getting back to "Jackass" basics -- doing something incredibly vile and stupid, but also hilarious ... all to the delight of his fans, who were happy to donate to his cause.

The stunt performer and comedian says he's been working on a homemade Sasquatch suit for more than 2 years now, and by homemade he means ... made entirely out of pubic hair.

Problem is, Steve-O's own body's not capable of producing enough body hair for his Bigfoot suit, so earlier this week he decided to call on "dudes with lots of pubic hair" to contribute to his vision ... and boy, did they come through for him.

The "Jackass" star held a pube-shaving party Thursday night in Carlsbad, CA ... with the only requirements being that the fellas had to be 18 or older, have a nice man bush, and bring their own razors.

From there, Steve-O took matters into his own hands ... collecting pubes from all over his volunteers -- armpits, crotches and even some ass hair -- and depositing it all in a large plastic bag.

Disgusting? Check. Hard to look away? Also, check. We'll say this ... it's an impressive amount of hair he hauled in, and Steve-O clearly viewed this as mission accomplished.

Still, a Sasquatch suit requires A LOT of hair, so we're guessing there will be another pube drive soon. God help us.

'Jackass' Director Bam Ordered to Stay Away for 3 Years

Bam Margera won't be anywhere near a 'Jackass' film set anytime soon, because he now has to stay away from its director, Jeff Tremaine, for a very long time.

Jeff, who claims Bam has recently threatened his life, was granted a restraining order Tuesday ... and it requires Bam to keep at least 100 yards away from Jeff for the next 3 years.

He's not allowed to contact Jeff in any way -- ditto for the director's wife and kids.

TMZ broke the story ... Jeff sought protection from his onetime pal after Bam recently went on a fuming rant against Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville.

JT claimed Bam was sending him increasingly disturbing messages, threatened his children and made a comment that Tremaine and Knoxville can "pencil in there [sic] death certificate."

@bam__margera / Instagram

The director said he feared for his family's and his own personal safety, so he filed for the restraining order ... and clearly presented enough evidence for the judge to sign off.

Bam's already been kicked off "Jackass 4," and the restraining order likely means a reunion is not in the works.

'Jackass' Director Claims Bam Sent Him Death Threats ... Restraining Order Granted

Bam Margera's been sending increasingly disturbing messages to 'Jackass' director Jeff Tremaine, including threatening his safety and that of his children ... according to new legal docs.

The court has granted Tremaine's request for a temporary restraining order against Bam, requiring him to stay at least 100 yards away from Jeff, his wife and kids ... and to stop contacting him.

Tremaine claims he's been getting harassed by Bam since February, after Jeff says Bam no-showed for a virtual meeting to discuss how he could help Margera with his mental health and sobriety struggles.

Since then, according to the docs, Bam's been on the warpath on social media. Tremaine claims Margera's publicly attacked him, threatened violence, compared him to Harvey Weinstein, posted obscene drawings and made a comment that he and Johnny Knoxville can "pencil in there [sic] death certificate."

On top of that, Tremaine claims Bam's sent him several direct threats against his kids, including one that read ... "Look at your children and grab your pocket book and write a check, if you are greedy, and cheap, look at your children again. If you don‘t sign the paper, look at you children. Sign your stupid f***ing contract before your (sic) not safe anywhere."

According to Jeff, the contract Bam is referring to seems to be one Margera wrote up himself. Tremaine says he's in great fear for his family's and his personal safety.

@bam__margera / Instagram

As we reported ... Bam recently went on a fuming rant against Tremaine and Knoxville, claiming they strung him along to be part of "Jackass 4" only to cut him loose over what he calls unreasonable demands.

'Jackass 4' Director Seeks Restraining Order Against Bam

Bam Margera could be taking the "Jackass" drama a little too personally -- because the franchise's director just filed for a restraining order against him.

Jeff Tremaine -- who's shepherded the "Jackass" movies for years now -- just filed for a temporary restraining order against his onetime pal and star, Bam ... this following a messy few months of dirty laundry being aired, and conflicting accounts about production of the 4th film in the franchise.

@bam__margera / Instagram

It’s unclear at this point what exactly he claims might've happened now to warrant a judge's intervention, but we know this ... it comes on the heels of Bam going on a fuming rant against Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville.

He claims they strung him along to be part of "Jackass 4," only to cut him loose in the end over what Bam calls unreasonable demands.

April 2021

Bam posted his latest claims from Florida, where he says he's on his own and seeking the help he needs. The guy's been in and out of rehab lately and his former costars -- including Steve-O -- say they’ve desperately been trying to get through to him.

@bam__margera / Instagram

Bam's gone back and forth for months with his former pals. You might recall, the dude was literally calling on fans to boycott the newest "Jackass" movie when it came out ... only to turn around a day or so later with an about-face.

The relationship's clearly in a bad place now.

Bam Margera 'Jackass' Family Betrayed Me ... Steve-O Breaks Silence

Bam Margera says his "Jackass" family betrayed, abandoned and rejected him ... so now he's on his own in Florida, where he says he's getting the help he needs.

@bam__margera / Instagram

The "Jackass" star ripped into his movie co-stars in a lengthy rant Sunday night, specifically going after Johnny Knoxville and director Jeff Tremaine, claiming they've treated him horribly.

Bam, as we first reported, was axed from the upcoming 'Jackass 4,' and says Johnny and Jeff "strung me along like a puppet" before a messy exit.

Steve-O is trying to get through to Bam, though ... he says Johnny and Jeff bent over backward to get Bam in the movie and all Bam needed to do was "not get loaded," but couldn't stay sober.

April 2021

As we first told you ... Bam says his most recent rehab stint made his life much worse and he felt like he was going to die from an overdose or suicide.

Now he says he's getting help from a woman in Florida who's worked with celebs like AC/DC's Brian Johnson and Steven Tyler ... and it sounds like he thinks it's working.

Bam Margera 'Jackass' Team, Rehab Put Me in Harm's Way ... Definition of 'Torture!!!'

April 2021

Bam Margera insists he tried everything he could to appease "Jackass 4" producers and stay on the project, but claims what they wanted almost killed him ... and he has no choice but to take legal action now.

The 'Jackass' star was out in Hollywood Thursday when we talked to him about getting kicked off "Jackass 4" after another stint in rehab ... one he says made his life much worse.

Bam claims Johnny Knoxville and others had strict terms for him, including a 90-day rehab stay for alcohol and Adderall. The problem, according to Bam, is he came out with a laundry list of 18 different pills the rehab folks wanted him to take. You gotta watch ... he actually names them all, and believes that's what led to his suicidal thoughts.

On top of that, he accuses Johnny -- or as he sarcastically called him, "Dr. Knoxville" -- of ordering him to stay off 2 drugs his own doctors had prescribed for him.

@bam__margera / Instagram

Ultimately, Bam says all those pills rehab put him on left him feeling like he was gonna die from an overdose or suicide ... which made a huge payday for 'Jackass' totally meaningless.

He's blaming producers for the whole situation, calling their treatment "torture" ... and he's very upset that something he's wanted to do for 10 years to honor his late friend, Ryan Dunn, has come to this.

We broke the story ... Margera got booted from the upcoming 'Jackass' film in February for not abiding by contractual conditions related to his addiction issues. Bam suggests to us that it was due to his continued use of Adderall.

His firing came shortly after Bam's troubling online rant in which he called for a boycott of "Jackass 4" and talked about suicidal thoughts.

We've reached out to Knoxville and MTV about Margera's comments ... no word back yet.

Bam Margera Hospitalized with Staph Infection ... From Recent Tattoo

Bam Margera is learning hot tubs and fresh ink don't mix -- he needed a hospital stay to treat a staph infection from his latest tattoo.

The "Jackass" star was hospitalized over the weekend after experiencing pain in the same leg that's home to his new Farsi tatt. Bam's no stranger to pain -- it's kinda been his job for years -- so ya gotta imagine he was really hurting bad.

Bam says he had a staph infection, and sources close to him tell us the leg was likely infected when he went into a hot tub.

As anyone with tattoos likely knows, you're supposed to take it easy after getting inked up ... and hot tubs really sound like a bad idea, especially with leg tatts. Tough lesson here for Bam.

The good news ... we're told he's already been released from the hospital and should make a full recovery.

Bam Margera Booted from 'Jackass 4' ... Couldn't Abide by Conditions

Bam Margera is off the "Jackass 4" project for good -- and it's all because he couldn't stay in line when it came to his addiction issues ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Bam tell us he was informed last week by producers that he would no longer be part of the movie going forward. The reason is he essentially broke his contract.

We're told the 'Jackass' family wanted Bam to be part of the movie from the get-go, but were worried things would go left because of his past substance use and erratic behavior.

So, in order to achieve what everyone wanted -- at first, anyway -- our sources tell us Bam was presented with a handful of conditions/restrictions he was told he needed to abide by in order to stay on the project. Long story short ... we're told he failed to meet his end of the bargain.

As for what he was supposed to do ... our sources say there would be routine drug tests -- including urine samples -- plus committing to staying sober, blowing into a breathalyzer, taking his medication and seeing a psychologist while on the job. It's unclear which specific condition was the final straw.

@bam__margera / Instagram

Bam alluded to some of these conditions in his OG rant, when he called for a boycott of "Jackass 4" and seemed visibly upset -- only to turn around 24 hours later and say he was getting help. Despite him suggesting things were fine again, we're told he's still fired.

Our Bam sources tell us they're quite worried about him, as the prospect of working on "Jackass 4" seemed to be keeping him on the straight and narrow for a good while -- now he seems to be off the rails again. We are told he now feels like he is being cut out of what he helped create. He's been posting/deleting disparaging "Jackass 4" posts on and off.

The one question that remains to be answered ... how much, if anything, did the 'Jackass' team film with Bam already, and are they still planning to use any of that footage for the final edit?

Bam Margera Getting Help for Manic Bipolarism Day After 'Jackass 4' Rant

@bam__margera / Instagram

Bam Margera acknowledged he needs help to treat his manic bipolar disorder ... one day after going on a "Jackass 4" boycott rant and opening up about suicidal tendencies.

The 'Jackass' star said he's visiting a bipolar specialist on Friday ... one day after, in his words, going "bat s**t bonkers f**king crazy." Bam said he didn't know for a year and a half whether he was going to be part of "Jackass 4" ... and it seems he got the answer he was looking for -- it's happening.

Bam said it's good news, for sure, and added that, in the end, everybody wins and there's no bad blood. This is a huge about-face after going on several rants Thursday morning ... from calling for a "Jackass 4" boycott to going into detail about having suicidal thoughts.

Bam posted 3 separate videos to Instagram, which have all since been deleted, claiming he had been shut out of "Jackass 4." Not the case, it seems.

BTW, this is not the first time Bam's acknowledgee struggling with bipolar disorder -- he said as much in September 2019.

Bam Margera Rants About 'Jackass 4' Boycott ... Talks Suicidal Thoughts


Bam Margera just went on a nearly 10-minute tirade -- about his own suicidal thoughts, and about being pissed he's been shut out of "Jackass 4."

Bam railed against the studio and producers behind the 'Jackass' franchise ... claiming they used his ideas for the new film, but didn't include him in it. He begged fans, "If anybody cares about me don't go see their movie" -- and asked for money to make a competing project.

As you can see in the series of videos Bam posted, which have since been deleted, things took a very serious turn when he talked about previously having suicidal thoughts. He said things got so bad ... his wife, Nikki Boyd, found him online searching how to tie a noose. At one point in one of the videos ... he appears to almost throw up.

@bam__margera / Instagram

Bam, who in the past has struggled with substance abuse, said 'Jackass' put him through hell for a year and a half ... and he claims he was forced to take anti-depressant pills while filming past projects. He says he found happiness again after moving to San Diego and getting off those meds.

Now, it's highly relevant that Bam admitted to chugging a glass of wine and 7 beers before posting these videos, he said he found it ironic he couldn't be in "Jackass" because he claims he was told he was being a jackass on TMZ. He also referred to himself as a villain.

As we've reported ... Bam suffered a series of bizarre episodes that included a trespassing arrest, a relapse episode, rehab and a stint on "Dr. Phil."

Steve-O Worried New Oregon Drug Law Will Make Minors Addicts


Steve-O thinks Oregon's new law legalizing drugs is going to create enormous problems, because he thinks it opens the door for young people to become addicts.

The "Jackass" star tells TMZ ... anyone looking to do cocaine, meth or any other hard drug will find a way to scratch that itch whether there's a law against it or not. But, with Oregon recently voting to decriminalize possession of small amounts of cocaine, heroin, oxycodone and meth ... Steve-O thinks it may send the wrong message.

Steve-O -- who's been sober for over a decade -- thought it was a joke when he heard about the new law. That said ... he worries the new law may make it seem like it's OK for kids to try cocaine and meth.

Steve-O understands the court system can't handle every single case involving small amounts of drugs. He thinks we've got to place close attention to Oregon ... to see if drug use subsides or rises.

Steve-O Gets Duct Up ... Wild Billboard Stunt in Hollywood!!!


Steve-O's up to his old tricks, and though his latest stunt isn't his gnarliest ... it's pretty damn funny.

The 'Jackass' star attached himself to a Hollywood billboard Thursday morning with the help of a bunch of black tape, in what he believed was a super safe publicity stunt rigged by professionals.

As you can see ... Steve-O was covered from his chest to his knees in the duct tape, leaving his arms free to take a selfie for social media -- after all, the whole point of this was to promote his new special.


We got him while he was plastered up there, and he told us he was wearing a diaper underneath. He also confessed he wasn't sure his stunt was legal ... but said he rented the billboard, and just wanted to make people laugh.

The prankster claimed there was zero chance he'd fall while pumping up his upcoming special ... it's called "Gnarly," btw, and we have no doubt the title fits.

Steve-O hoped to not use up any city resources getting him down, but despite his wishes ... the L.A. Fire Dept. showed up rather quickly to get him down safely.

The LAFD had to partly block traffic to bring in a crane and remove the jackass. Steve-O was not arrested, and law enforcement tells us he won't face any criminal repercussions from his stunt ... because he paid for the billboard.

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