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A Little Animated Bush for the Kiddies

8/10/2007 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Bush and First Lady Laura BushMove over Madonna, because First Lady Laura Bush is taking time out of her busy schedule of, er, from, er ... she's taking time out of her schedule to write a children's book with her party girl daughter, Jenna! Drinks to that!

The as yet untitled book
is due in 2008, and tells the story of "a mischievous little boy who likes to do everything but read." Georgie, porgie -- is that you?!

The mother/daughter team is a perfect choice for authoring children's books. At age 17, Laura ran a stop sign and killed a man in another vehicle, while a few years ago, Jenna was caught underage drinking and using a fake ID. Mrs. Bush and Jenna are already role models -- for Brandy and Lindsay!


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They`ll probably need ghost writers to attempt a childrens book. LOL When you can`t write but want to make some books are the way to go. Just ask Madonna and Fergie the Duchess.

2567 days ago

my own damn opinion    


2567 days ago

my own damn opinion    


2567 days ago


disgusting. shameful. leave laura alone. bush bashing is so 2006.

2567 days ago


All the Bush's are sleezy. I agree with TMZ. They tell it like it is.

2567 days ago


Michelle go the hell some place else. Your not welcome here...

2567 days ago


In September 2000, Laura and George were on the Larry King Show and announced that Laura had killed her former boyfriend when she ran a stop sign. The next morning they were on the Today Show. They told Matt Lauer that Laura killed a family friend.

2567 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

I didn't know about the accident Laura Bush had, if she was not drunk or negligent, than
it must have been an accident. Why is TMZ lying? About the twin's drinking underage
and fake id. I think almost all kids do that, not all but quite a few and that is their past.
At a younger age we all think and act immature, that's why kids are considered minors
til the age of 18 and even that needs to be changed to 21 just like drinking should be
not allowed till 25.
Just because I am hoping for that does not mean it will happen, so those of you who
are irked by statement can calm down, You know how it is, different strokes for different
Anyway in the other words TMZ should get theri facts straight before posting in on the
internet. Shame on you TMZ, not cool, HARVEY. NOT COOL AT ALL!

2567 days ago


TMZ. Would you please run the Matthew Broderick double murder story? Wouldn't want him to feel left out.

2567 days ago

Original Papa John    

What do we think we're going to read at TMZ?

Just because we're too lazy/cheap to go out and buy National Inquire or Star... Doesn't mean we don't like the trash that's published. TMZ is no better or worst than any other "rag" that spews garbage.

Everybody likes to rubber-neck a wreck and TMZ provides, almost, all of it. If if bleeds, it leads...

I like to check by just to see what's in the "news" around TMZ. Keeps me centered.

2567 days ago

Not a fan of the Bush family    

I don't care for the Bush family but thats a pretty nasty way to put things out of context. Reporting facts is one thing but distorting things to suit your own means sounds like George W. Bush. If this is all TMZ does I wont be back this junk isn't worth seeing.

2567 days ago


Damn TMZ I always thought you had "some" class. You dig up something from an accident when someone was 17 years old, she wasn't drinking or doing drugs. She is an ex Librarian for crying out loud? She is a real lady, who as a young girl made a mistake that I'm sure haunts her to this day.

Let's put it this way. I have a 3 year old son and I'd rather my son pick Laura as a role model than anyone at TMZ. Levin, I used to think you had some morals, I actually used to like you when you appeared on Greta.

The moral, honorable thing for you to do is post an apology to Laura.

I still am shocked at this post. I really am.

2567 days ago


# 14
The reason the Bush twins aren't fighting a war is the same reason thousands of others are not. this is America, and they don't have to. The men and women that are overseas fighting for our rights to continue our free way of life are there because they chose to enter the military, anyone that goes into the military know that they may have to fight..George Bush didn't start this war, REMEMBER THE WORLD TRADE CENTER, personally, I would rather have bombs going off over there than over here, I would prefer to wear my clothes than Burka's, and I would rather be able to sit in the comfort of my home and say or write whatever I wish than to be beheaded for thinking differently than my ruling government.
No One loves or even likes war, war is a part of gaining and keeping freedoms. President Clinton did not fight Viet Nam, he chose to go to another country & smoke dope without inhaling, nor did his daughter volunteer for this war, Lyndon Johnson's daughters did not go to Viet Nam either, why, because they didn't have to, even tho the draft was in effect at that time. All people make mistakes in their lives, some are more devestating than others, but everyone also has a chance to recover from their mistakes and move forward, Laura & Jenna Bush have done just that, and they deserve the respect of all who have made their own mistakes. TMZ should be totally ashamed for bashing two lovely women who are trying to good something good. Laura Bush has never spoken a nasty word publically abount any person, she is a lady in every way, much unlike Hillary Clinton. We need to get out of Iraq, but we don't need to drop our tails and run like the cowards some of you want.

2567 days ago



I would like to see what charities the Bush's give to? Could you do a special on politicians charities and the celebs charities.

EX: Bush, Clinton, Edwards, Obama, McCain, and all running for president .
and EX of Celebs, Donald Trump, Oprah, Barbara Walters,Rosie O'Donnell,Kelly Rippa,Ellen D. etc.

2567 days ago

Go Sarah!    

You are disgusting.

2566 days ago
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