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Britney: The Last Straw

8/10/2007 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They still haven't found the recipe for coffee at Ranchita Popwreck, so Britney Spears dragged her booboos to the local Starbucks to get a cup. Buckle up, kiddos! Mama's drivin' over yonder!

With the brothers Federline strapped in back, the straw hatted former singer unwrapped a straw, while Jayden James had his nap. Shush, y'all! The more curious Sean Preston watched as mama got her coffee on, although it's been reported that he prefers sodey pop.

This appearance of the former sex kitten turned Crazytown stray cat marked the debut of her Charles Nelson Reilly Memorial sunglasses.


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I used to be a really big fan of hers.............NOW, I think she's totally lost her marbles!!! K-Fed's lawyers need to go to a judge & get a court order to give him temporary,FULL custody before something really bad happens to those innocent little boys!! Then she can go ahead & self destruct!!!!! I'm the first person to say people deserve another chance, but she's definitely off the chain (IN A VERY BAD WAY!) She needs a sucker & a rubber room & definitely needs a shrink! She needs to prove to a court that she can be a respectful person & of sound mind, before she can get her kids back! Where is DCF when you really need them! If it were a non-celeb person, they would have intervened already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2599 days ago

J Doe    

she most likely asked one of the photogs to watch the kids while she went
in for her coffee fix,

child endangerment...doenst matter if it was for just a few minutes..its still endangement
i swear ...that kid looks slow

2599 days ago


It's a freakin picture people! God what were our lives be like if we followed EVERY where we went....I think I would go crazy sometime too.She's actually pretty darn normal, going through a divorce with children,making a living, and trying to raise children....just with everyone in the world watching and passing judgment. Do we all live in glass houses except for her? Leave the poor girl alone.

2599 days ago

Radical Free Agent    

#24: Britney goes to the drive-thru, anyone with little kids knows it's stupid to haul two toddlers into Starbucks and then try to carry everything out while holding them.

I'm sure she buys them waters or soy milk. I think she is really trying to be a decent parent but she didn't have an effective role model in her own mother.

2599 days ago


I think people (media) need to lay off Britney. I do not think she acts any differently than any other woman her age. And as for K-Fed, I think that he only wants custody of the kids to get more money out of her.

2599 days ago


So, does Britney ever wear a seatbelt????

2599 days ago


OMG it looks like Chucky in the back seat!!!

2599 days ago

Radical Free Agent    

Jenny, the woman is sitting in her parked car trying to enjoy her overpriced coffee beverage. Let's not harass her about a seatbelt offense that hasn't occured.

Meanwhile there's people crawling on her car hood taking unflattering photos of her with a straw in her mouth. Who among us hasn't had that same straw in our teeth?

In college she'll get an awesome espresso maker she'll use while she stays home to study for her English Lit exam.

2599 days ago


I really think that Britney makes an effort to make sure she gets out of the house just so the pap can take pictures of her and say things about her, so that she can see herself in the mags.
Because she never goes a day without being out there. She is really using the press for her own PR.
And draging her children along for the ride makes her think that she's being a good mother. But when you see her riding around in a car with the top down and her child in the back with out a hat and sun in their eyes and who knows if there is sunscreen applied it is her using bad judgement.
I just really wish the press would go a week without running after her and see just how hard she tries to get them to notice her. HOW ABOUT IT TMZ. A WEEK WITHOUT TAKING A BRITNEY PICTURE. And all the other paps.

2599 days ago


Oh my goodness!!!!! I'm glad someone else noticed that Jayden should be facing backwards!!! Hopefully the media will do a story on this, the law is 20 lbs. AND 1 year of age. You think she would have learned when she did the same thing with Sean. I really do think that her kids should be taken away, she is just out of control and putting them in danger in so many ways. She really does need help.

2599 days ago


Crack is whack!!

2599 days ago


You know, Brit-Brit keeps half the paps and writers at ET and TMZ in a job. What I think is hilarious is the way they dog her every move. What would you guys do without her?

2599 days ago



TMZ, you need to layoff this young woman. Two weeks ago I wrote various people in authority in the County of Los Angeles suggesting they take action against the reckless paparazzi who have been dangerously pursuing Britney and her children.

Anyone blogging and "kicking her while she's down with two young children under the age of two years" are creating their own future karma!

2599 days ago


Being a mother of 2 myself, I know it is hard to handle things. Being that she doesn't have their father to support her must be even harder. I don't what I would do with out my husband to be my rock.

Maybe she is going through post partum depression and rejection from KFed. Reasoning why she has no limits to how she gets attention. Low self esteem people don't really care what attention they get. Considering the world being against her it must make her feel worse.

2599 days ago

tuna marie    

britney doesn't have the brains to complete elementary school, much less college.

2599 days ago
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