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Shimizu: Angie's Hooked on Lady Lovin'

8/12/2007 11:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obsessive child adopter Angelina Jolie says that "I've never hidden my bisexuality, but since I've been with Brad, there's no longer a place for that or S&M in my life."

But Jolie's former lady lover, model/actress/mechanic Jenny Shimizu doesn't buy it. Shimizu and Jolie met in 1996, while working on the craptastic teen film "Foxfire." The Sapphic pair were involved on and off for several years.

"She loves danger and dabbling in the dark side," Shimizu recently told UK tabloid News of the World. "Angelina is an unbelievable lesbian lover. That's where she gets her kicks -- not playing happy family with one man," she added.

Shimizu doesn't buy Angie's story of monogamous heterosexual lovin'. "She loves women too much. It's like a drug and she was hooked."


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I love it, this freak can adopt as many kids as she wants,
and thousands of good people cannnot,because we don't have her millions.
Not that you need to be a millionaire to adopt but ut sure speeds things up.
My cousin was not able to adopt only because her husband did not seem "excited"
enough for the adoption agencie.ain't this world something.

2593 days ago

Nick La what    

If this all happened when Angie was 20, then what is the point of this noe? Isn't Angie in her mid 30's now? Boy talk about OLD as HELL news TMZ. Can't find your usual Drugged out, Partying Ho's in California this weekend.

2593 days ago

Nick La what    

Oh shut up 121

Who cares if she is Bi, and were you there in her household to give all that...NO...and you cannot believe everything that you read. Billy Bob could be scorned too just because they split up, so what. And they don't look on the rocks to me and many other people either.

People exagerrate to get more readers all the time. Or the repeat old as hell news just like TMZ is doing today with this story.

And even if she did act in that manner, then she seems to be for only one man now. Get over it and learn that everyone changes with or without help.

2593 days ago


Of course Angie won't be embarrased, ya need a CONSCIENCE to feel embarrassment and Angie doesn't have one. As for Brad and Angie having too much to do, that would be ANGIE having too much to do making back to back to back to back movie FLOPS with Brad and nannies and bodyguards following nutty Angie all over the place with those poor kids who have no idea where home is. The only thing Angie should have to "do" is stay home and raise her children LIKE SHE PROMISED BRAD SHE WOULD DO, but Angie hates being home with her toy collection, so she keeps making movies all over the world no one will go to see. This woman should leave all the kids with Brad and just go off with this chick, she is incapable of maintaining a lasting relationship with anyone but herself.

2593 days ago


Oh shut up, #125, if you can't take the truth go back under your rock. That's where all the truth-haters live.

2593 days ago


she collects kids like some people collect dolls.
it is whacked out man.Of course if you have nannies you can have as many as you want,
your not raising them anyway.

2593 days ago


#127, that is a good one.

2593 days ago


Just shut up woman.

2593 days ago


.....wait on Jenny, the thing with brad is kapute,maybe you'll get your rug back. I think angelina may have other issues to concern herself with there is a story floating that one of her kids maybe autistic.

2593 days ago


She is a DOG!!!!

2593 days ago


I can judge people right away and Angelina is one that I just knew she was differant. I can't stand that biatch.

2593 days ago


Maybe that is why she wants to adopt Asian children, because they look like her beloved Jenny.

2593 days ago


this is the second time i hear this woman trying to cause problems for angelina. grow up already. people are allowed to change and if brad is what makes her happy, then so be it. who are we to judge? i am bi also but you are allowed to choose one gender over the other if you fall for that person. "bi" doesn't mean "slut" or "promiscous"- it just means we like both genders. i'm not in a relationship with anyone right now but when i was i was monogamous and angelina can be the same way. shimizu needs to get over it and stop being bitter, let angelina raise her kids and live her life in peace

2593 days ago


This is old news but I have to laugh because Brad is a pretty boy, not my type but Jolie's.

2593 days ago


Thanks Kendra #104, that's what I read as well. However, the "story" is that they had
a 10+ year relationship -- even during her brother and the Billy Bob years. Who knows
what's true? Motherhood or not, you can't change your basic stripes.

Crazy is as crazy does, I suppose. Ms. Jolie was the first one to put it all out there. Loves talking to the press about her sex life, etc. And, I don't think we've heard the last of it. Unfortunately.

2593 days ago
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