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Bad Sushi Night -- Brad Garrett Attacks

8/13/2007 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things got downright racial last night in Malibu, when a paparazzo taunted Brad Garrett, calling him racist to his face. Garrett then took out his anger on the wrong guy, bitchslapping a TMZ photog.

It happened outside Nobu restaurant around 11:30 PM, after a photog from the FAME photo agency questioned the "Everybody Loves Raymond" star about a joke he made about black people earlier in the week. According to several witnesses and FAME, last month Brad noticed a black photog taking his picture, and in Kramer-esque fashion quipped, "I didn't know there were black people in Malibu. Go back to where you came from."

Fast forward to last night, where the 6'8" behemoth reached his boiling point when the same black photog questioned him about the alleged comment. The photog told Garrett that there were "more black people here this time," to which the actor replied, "Yeah, I know ... when did they let you out?" Furious at the comment, photog told Garrett, "You're racist. You should be ashamed on [sic] yourself."

Obviously frustrated, Garrett then lost his cool completely. Instead of reacting to the snapper making the comments, Garrett approached TMZ's cameraman and unleashed his right hand, smashing the camera into the photog's face.

Calls to Garrett's reps were not immediately returned.


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i thought his joke was kinda funny.

2595 days ago


He was instigated! I would have done the same thing!

2595 days ago


There are approximately 13,176 and approx 118 of the population is black.

Races in Malibu:

* White Non-Hispanic (88.5%)
* Hispanic (5.5%)
* Two or more races (2.7%)
* Other race (1.7%)
* Black (0.9%)
* American Indian (0.9%)
* Chinese (0.7%)
* Japanese (0.6%)

(Total can be greater than 100% because Hispanics could be counted in other races)

2595 days ago


Brad, you went verklempt! Be prepared for a lawsuit!

2595 days ago


Please it was a harmless joke. People are way too oversensitive about racial humor in this country and the "black photog" was instigating him to get this some type of BS press our of it.

I thought the joke was pretty funny considering, how many black people are actually in Malibu? Every comment made by someone, especially a comedian (albeit a hack like Brad) is NOT racist.

As for the "photog" who got slapped, good they all deserve it.

2595 days ago


His new show sucks! He's not funny! Now he's racist! I hope his already spiralling career crashes and burns!

2595 days ago

Johnny SoCal    

Mikey/Marky Whatever You Call Yourself:

Your Math Is Off! Stop Relying On Internet Stats. To Make Your Point! You Sound Stupid!

2595 days ago


FlBiker - I don't know how celebrities handle it without blowing their tops more often. If I had to put up with some of what the paparazzi do, I'd be a very angry person to deal with, esp. if they started following my every move, along with my family's and sticking their cameras in my face, blocking me from moving or getting in my car and verbally harassing me to provoke a reaction. They'd get a reaction for sure, including a date in court along with a few other things. Celebrities should turn the tables and start video taping the paps for evidence.

I think they're some decent paparazzi trying to do a job with some basic manners., But the rest of them, are as you mentioned -- can be anyone with a digital camera, who is willing to hangout and stalk someone long enough to make money off them.....and acts anyway they please as along as it sells.

2595 days ago


Too bad

2595 days ago


Brad "Garrett" (probably not even his real last name) is so damn FUGLY. Why would anybody even want to take his picture anyway. It's worth zero.

2595 days ago

Black Girl    

I love the show "Everybody Loves Raymond", and I think the character Robert is hilarious. All my friends and family watch it just to see Robert rag on Ray. Now that I have seen this footage were he basically asks the black dude when he got out, meaning prison or jail, I will not watch the show as much. I'm sure that doesn't matter for the show will get watched around the world but I'll make sure to spread the word that this man Garrett is not who we all thought he was. I really loved that show too:( Bummer.

2595 days ago


I think it's right on that he smacked that photog. Get the eff outta his face! Besides, maybe it was an "accident." Looks to me like he was just reaching for his ol lady and you got in the way. haha.

2595 days ago


#19 You're stupid -- you comparison of your experience in Mexico with what celebrities go through is childish you must be 19 years old.

I think the photogs were trying to get a rise out of him so they would have something of more value to sell. I'm not a big fan of this guy, but I don't know how much someone is supposed to take if they are trying to go out to dinner. He's not even that big of a celebrity....why chase him? If he hadn't reacted that way, this would be a non story.

2595 days ago


Celebrities more famous than that has-been Brad Garrett deal with the paparazzi without making racist comments and commiting assault. There is no excuse for his behavior. He has no class.

If I ever see his ugly mug on my TV, I will make sure to change the channel and then send an email complaining to the network and its advertisers.

2595 days ago

Blocking Idiots    

Little bitch deserved to get slapped. Get the cameras out of people's faces all the time. I'd slap it too.

2595 days ago
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