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Cops: Wrestler's Wife Discovered Body

8/13/2007 5:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The death of former wrestling star Crush has officially been declared an "unexplained incident."

In the incident report filed by the Tampa Police Dept. and obtained by TMZ, former wrestling superstar Brian Adams aka Crush "was found by his wife unconscious in bed not breathing."
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According to the cops, Adam's wife dialed 911, but emergency teams could not revive him when they arrived shortly thereafter. Cops also note in their report that "there were no visible signs of injuries."

An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.


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this man has not wrestled in 5 or 6 years so try not blowing this out of proportion, he was basically retired so whatever he chose to do in his personal life is his business. If this man did not have a wrestling background nobody outside of his family would know he died

2597 days ago


What could more homoerotic than the WWF????? Tight, groin-enhancing costumes; long, silky hair or completely bald; extreme cosmetics; crotch-grabbing moves.

2597 days ago


I hope Bryan's soul is resting in peace. It's a shame that he went so early.

As for people saying that all wrestlers (and their families) need to die.. how much more heartless can you be? Are your hearts frozen or something? Who knows how this happend? How can everyone jump to conclusions so quick?

And btw... wrestling is a lot more than watching men rolling around... only someone who's never understood wrestling would say that. Their athletiscim, their passion, their ability to go out and entertain the fans year in and year out deserve respect. Of course ignorant people are going to call it "gay' but that's an incredibly immature comment. Besides, I'm a girl and I love to watch wrestling, so it isn't just for guys.

On an ending note, I send all my thoughts and prayers to Bryan's family.


2597 days ago

Doug Maynard    

These comments are just freakin' insane! A man is dead and people are taking gay shots at wrestling and cheap shots at Adams. Why not go ahead and kick the corpse and rape his wife while you're at it. Adams was a good guy & a top-notch athlete. He retired from wrestling in 2002 due to back & shoulder injuries. He was not into recreational drugs or alcohol and was about as straight-laced as you can get. It's no secret that he had his problems - his skeletons in the closet, if you will, but honestly, who doesn't? I seriously doubt that anyone here can walk on water either. Hell, at least wait until the corpse is cold before you vultures start tearing him & the business he loved apart. Geez!

2597 days ago

Ya Think?    

42 is way too young to be dying of so-called natural causes. Even if he was a pro wrestler, 42 is hardly "old age". It's about time for the government to step in and police wrestling the way they police pro football, baseball, basketball and even cycling. What makes Vince McMahon exempt from the rules that govern the other sports?

The WWE (or WWF...) is just McMahon's way of acting out his own fantasies. Sick bitch that he is...he even forced his own daughter to get breast implants or she couldn't appear on his stupid shows anymore. That's just wrong.

2597 days ago


I have often been suspect of Venus and Serena Williams. They are too muscular for women even though they play tennis. Maybe they enjoy some of the elixir too. They look like football players. If you look at some of the other tennis players, none of them have built up muscles like the Williams girls.

2597 days ago

kim suck    

i am so shocked!! lets all have a pity party--one-two three --ahhh

2597 days ago

kim suck    

was he gay?????? why are people saying this??

2597 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

# 8 you are a complete assh*le!

2597 days ago


Ok... let's call a spade a spade here. Wrestling, otherwise known as bad acting by steroid addicted men and sometimes women, is quite possibly the most ridiculous activity on the planet Earth. And if your IQ is above 20 or 30, you should recognize that. And if you're one of those people who watches on TV or actually goes to these events, this is one less guy you'll be able to see by hopping into your rusty old pick-up truck jacked 5 feet up with 50" mudder tires and a Toby Keith CD in the player, and heading down to the nearest venue.

2597 days ago


Soon wrestling will go off the air because everyone involved will die off.

2597 days ago


What the heck is going on?
Another wrestler dead. My question is this, who is next?
My big fear is that another BIG name will die soon.
When will the government actually step in and do something about this?
They seemed to jump all over NASCAR when Dale Earnhardt died.
They usually are sticking their noses in everything else, so why not wrestling?
God speed to all of those that are still alive and PLEASE wake up to the others!!!

2597 days ago


I see all these guys passing on all around the same age. All of these guys were top stars when I was in high school. and now they are all dieing. Who will be next???

2597 days ago


Okay. I understand alot of people have there own opinions thats fine. But before you open your mouth and insert foot get the fatcs right.. Are all these people a relative to Nancy Grace, got I hope not. The Benoit Tragedy was horrified no matter what you say. There have been problems long before anybody knew. Just like all the other Media crap get the facts right. My prayers and thoughts for Bryans Family and friends. God Bless

2597 days ago

Raaa Raaa Raaa    

Brian Adams death is a sad happening. I don't think it's appropiate to mock him or his lifestyle. The yous dead. Take you're homophobic and diluded opinions somewhere else where they're wanted. A death is a death, it's no joke, and it's sick to make fun of this guy who has done no wrong as far as we know. He suported himself and his family doing something he is successful at, at least he leaves his wife with money off the back of his wreslting carreer. That's more money than many professions.

And wrestling's isn't gay, or for gays. It doesn't have any sexual activity or desire. That's what makes a person gay. If you can't watch wrestling without feeling like a homosexual then you have to question your own sexuality. A person who wrestles isn't gay if they don't become arroused. A wrestler isn't gay if he doesn't do it with sexual intent. It is the person who accuses the person of being gay that is looking at the situation with sexual intent. Do you often look at these men and think homosexual thoughts? Question your own sexuality, not the sexuality of those you're accusing, after all, it is you that is thinking these thoughts. I'm straight and I can watch wrestling all day and not have to worry about getting turned on because I'm not gay in the slinghtest. I won't and can't be tempted by homosexuality, therefore I am not gay.

He choked on his vomit by the way. So yeah, overdose I'd expect.

2597 days ago
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