Britney to Baby: Potty Like a Rock Star

8/14/2007 12:27 PM PDT

Britney to Baby: Potty Like a Rock Star

With a nasty custody battle looming, Britney Spears sent a sharp message to K-Fed last night by pulling the mommy trifecta outside a trendy LA restaurant -- she fed the kids, strapped them into car seats, and took them to the bathroom -- all without incident!

Facing a wave of flashbulbs outside Cravings restaurant, Brit first took her tots to the ladies' room for all to see, but chastised the paps for shooting as they entered the loo. After the bathroom break, Brit then emerged from the eatery with Jayden James and Sean Preston, carefully putting le bebe into a car seat for the world -- via the paps -- to see. An assistant carried the other baby Federline to the car and strapped him in his seat as well, while an approving mama Spears looked on.

By 10:00pm Britney had the kids loaded into her Mercedes and took off for places unknown -- Winston's maybe?

Nicole Richie's Lovely Lady Lumps

While still only four months pregnant, Nicole Richie is wasting no time showing off her girls! It's twins!

After lunching with breastfriend Mischa Barton at Mercer Kitchen in Manhattan, the bee-spectacled mom-con to-be kept her baby bump under wraps -- but showed off her newly developed big apples! I Love NY!

For some reason, Mischa did her damnedest to try and steal some of Nicole's spotlight -- by donning an unfortunate tri-colored mini-apron ensemble. Mamma mia!

Baby Mama To NFL Star: Keep Paris & Brit Away!

TMZ has learned Arizona Cardinal's QB Matt Leinart has settled his custody dispute with Brynn Cameron, but it's still war!

Sources say under the terms of the confidential agreement, the former couple will share joint legal and physical custody. Brynn will have primary custody, but Matt will have substantial contact with his 10-month-old son, Cole. We're told under the temporary agreement, which lasts through football season, Matt will fly to L.A. every Monday and spend 24 hours with Cole. On alternate weekends, Brynn will fly with Cole to Arizona the night before Matt's games -- Matt will spend the evening before the game and the day of with his son.

In the courtroom hallway today, a TMZ staffer heard Brynn say, "Britney and Paris aren't allowed to be around the baby!" We're told that's not part of the custody settlement. As far as we know, Leinart has had no recent contact with either woman, but we do know he sucked face with both of them in the past.

Several people familiar with the former couple say Brynn has been jealous and upset because Matt refused to marry her. Brynn's peeps say that's ridiculous. For her part, Brynn has questioned Matt's commitment to his son. Matt is the one who petitioned for more custody.

Under the settlement, while one parent has the child, the other can't visit Cole uninvited. We're told the first time Matt had the baby overnight, Brynn stayed outside his door the entire evening.

Under the deal, Brynn, a basketball player for USC, can travel with Cole during her season. As for moolah, the temporary order locks the amount of child support she receives at $12,500 a month.

Both Brynn's lawyer, Ron Rale and Matt's attorney, Laura Wasser refused comment.

Paris' New Job -- Spanglish Housemaid?

Two giddy (and, frankly, too grown) female fans approached the front gate of Paris Hilton's Malibu home yesterday hoping to torment meet the hotel heiress. Even stalkers are hotter at the beach!

Bordering on harassment -- but settling on just plain annoying -- the duo proceeded to buzz the intercom repeatedly to ask for Paris. The cunning Miss Hilton tried to disguise her voice as a maid -- with a faux-Spanish accent to boot, like fellow celebuwreck Britney Spears did at a drive-thru yesterday! Que pasa locas!

The plan nearly went off without a hitch -- until one of the fans saw Paris through the gate! Foiled again! Guess this star wasn't blind to these fans!