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Brit's Former Assistant Found ... and She's Talking!

8/14/2007 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While K-Fed's lawyers were tying to reach Brit-Brit's former assistant Shannon Funk at home, she was having a girl's night out with OK! magazine staff in NYC. And in the continuing saga of Brit's fantastic train wreckical life, we've learned that it's Shannon who's the source for the juicy new tell-all from an "unnamed employee" that the mag is featuring this week. Confidentiality agreements be damned!

TMZ spotted Funk, who worked for Spears for an all-too-brief three weeks before being fired by the demanding diva July 25, out in the Big Apple on Sunday night with OK! senior reporter Shauna Bass and photo director Maria Collazo. Of course, Funk was the assistant who was with Spears at her chicken-grease-smearing, public-peeing debacle of a photo shoot with OK! a few weeks back. That's irony, mmmkay?

Sources tell TMZ that K-Fed's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan placed several calls to Funk's mother's home in the past few days an effort to track her down. Kaplan's hoping that her testimony, along with the testimony of Spears' other ass-istant/cousin Alli Sims, will prove that K-Fed should have full custody of the couple's two kids, Jayden and Sean.


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What does chicken grease & designer gowns have to do with parenting skills??? Yes, she's spoiled but that does NOT mean she can't parent. You better have a really good reason to pull children away from their mother or there will be an epidemic of children without parents. Unless you have her seriously endangering the children or committing a crime, drop it! Stop creating drama where it does't exist.

2592 days ago


this girl looks skanky. i'm SOOOOO going to believe what she says about her former employer - not.

2592 days ago


she is so stupid , now britney will sue her ugly tranny ass.

2592 days ago


K-Fed is a LOSER whose only real skill is in being a money-grubbing CONMAN.
Mark Kaplan is (an attorney from one of the lowest law schools) is an even bigger loser and conman himself for enabling this lowlife.

K-Fed didn't care about his children from his previous marriage to Shar.
He's only after Britney's money. He doesn't care one bit about any of his kids.
It's obvious he's only acting like the good guy now so he can make more money off Britney while Britney is going through depression issues (that he mainly created by his cheating, partying, drugging).
K-Fed calling Britney unfit is like the total joke.

If you feel that this whole thing is an injustice, file complaints against Attorney Kaplan and his office with the california bar association ( and let Kaplan know how you feel by writing, calling, and emailing his office.

Mark Vincent Kaplan - Bar association #58836

Address: Kaplan & Simon, 2049 Century Park E #2660, Los Angeles, CA 90067 Phone Number (310) 277-9009
Fax Number (310) 552-1970

** If you go on, you'll see that he went to Southwestern Law School, it's one of the lowest credentialed law schools that you can get into. No wonder he's the lawyer of a lowlife like K-Fed, decent law firms don't hire attorneys from law schools like Southwestern.

** Note also, that he was suspended in 7/6/81 for failing to pay bar member fees and not allowed to practice until he paid. Was he really that hard up for money that he had to take clients like K-Fed?

2592 days ago


To #18 Tresbellefemme:

Your great, you've done your homework and its impressive.

I agree with you 100% Federline is all about the money. I think Federline's attorney is fishing for information against Britney by subpoenaing anyone he can find. In addition he wants Britney to pay their legal fees. That is madness! Is Britney’s suppose to pay for someone to tare her to pieces? I hope the judge doesn't go along with that. If the kids were in any danger child services would have intervened and they haven't because what Brit does on her own time is her business. I think she is a fun and loving mother from what I've seen and it would be cruel to the children to give them to that wanna be rapper, particularly since Brit hasn't done anything wrong.

I don't think Federline has a case. When she's on her own she can kiss boys, jump in a pool, shave her head, whatever; and the video with her kids shows Brit just trying to keep the photographers away from her and her boys.

I bet this entire smear campaign against Britney has come directly from Federline and I'm waiting for Brit's attorneys to start issuing some subpoena’s of their own.

2592 days ago


Mark Vicent Kaplan likes to work for gold diggers

Carolyn Kozuch (9 October 1988 - present)
Cynthia Lang (3 October 1982 - ?) (divorced)


Attorney. Past and current clients include Kevin Federline, Chris Judd, and the Church of Scientology.

2592 days ago


Brittney is my role model screw all u ppl she we went thru a divorce went to rehab been talk about like she a dog when all kevin federaline ever wanted from brit brit was her money . He not any better of a parent he has OTHER ppl taking care of these kids Brittney pays for everything this loser has . I AM YOUR FAN BRITNEY AND I CANNOT WAIT TILL U SHOW ALL THESE PPL .

2592 days ago


I command you to Die!!

2592 days ago

J Doe    

who wants to bet she will to to get her kids when their old enought to sign a
CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT not to write a tell all mommy dearest book,movies,tv shows...etc.

2592 days ago



2592 days ago


Maybe she can plead the fifth.

2592 days ago


How does a confidentiality agreement work if you are supeoned? Does the court system take precedence?? If you are under oath, can you legally break a confidentiality agreement? Anyone know??

2592 days ago


Oh barf! Neither one of these creatins have enough brains to raise a child. Brit's brain has been blown away from all the blow she does. Foster care please save these children.

2591 days ago


I SO totally agree with comments # 7, 10, 12, and 13, and etc. along those lines. Thanks for sticking up for Britney, and not Shannon Funk and the money-hungry Kevin Federline. I definitely think the both of them are just out for Britney's money. Poor Britney! Everytime she turns around, someone is out to make a dent into her hard earned money, and that's just not fair! I can't believe that Kevin is actually trying to take the babies away from her, and Shannon Funk is going to be a witness for him! UNBELIEVEABLE!! I thought Shannon was like "best friends" with Britney, and what about all the pictures you see of her and Britney hanging out, smiling, and the clothes and accessories that she's OBVIOUSLY wearing, compliments of Britney, as we all know Shannon has no fashion sense nor money to purchase such things! My goodness, what in the world is wrong with her? Just because she was fired, she's going to bad-mouth Britney's parenting skills and help Kevin get full custody of those very-much-loved and very-well-taken-care-of babies of Britney's? Those babies are Britney's LIFE!! She would be NOTHING without them! It would SO totally crush her into a million and four pieces if they were taken from her, and stupid Kevin KNOWS that! What a dirty-rotten-money-hungry-you-know-what he is! Geez! (rolling my eyeballs at him right now!) I most certainly wish I could be in that courtroom... I would stand up for Britney in a New York second, and I'm from sunny Southern California! :o) Anyone agree? Take care, Britney, and keep your chin up! Don't give up on your babies... and for goodness sake - DON'T let that selfish, rude and crude, money hungry (which I KNEW from the start, but I also know that love is blind, I married young, too!) you-know-what (there's not even a kind WORD to call him, and he doesn't even deserve to be called by his birth name, he's soooo bad!) JERK, I guess I can say... DON'T let him win! I KNOW you have it in you... DON'T let go of those babies for even a second or he'll snatch them right up when you're not looking. So keep your eyes open, Sweetie... and be smart about it all, ok? I'll be praying for you!


2566 days ago
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