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Brit's Former Assistant -- You Got Served!

8/15/2007 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shannon Funk -- a one-time assistant to Britney Spears -- was welcomed at the Long Beach airport last night by a wall of paparazzi ... and a subpoena!

TMZ cameras were outside the baggage claim after Funk was served with papers from Kevin Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan -- adding the former Team Britney member to a growing list of people being used against Spears in the nasty custody battle. Brit's cousin/assistant Alli was served early Sunday morning and the singer's bodyguard/"manny" got his subpoena the following day.

Although she was a bit POed at her unwelcoming arrival, Funk did manage to crack a smile as the paps grilled her about her former boss, keeping her lips tighter than Britney's weave as she made her way out. Funk-y!


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montana mike    

can someone clue me in--if she signed a confidential agreement with britney, can they make her testify in a court hearing--which one has the most power--

2573 days ago


I don't get it? Did the Beatles arrive? and who the hell is Amy Sedaris?

2573 days ago


That's it for the BAD PRESS. I m not going to read anymore follow up or kfedup's lawyer B-S.
I DONT THINK THE KIDS ARE IN DANGER. AND I DONT THINK BRITNEY's PARENTING SKILL IS QUESTIONED. it's all made up, kfedup and teams know how to use the press agains britney. What is that ottorney bubbling about on tv??? Yea you get it. So the media will work agains Britney. They are so hungry for anything related to Britney, and not really thinking that it's crossing the boundaries already. and the lawyer will get a biggg sum. and not to mention kfedup and the clan will get their share. SO WHY NOT TO GIVE IT ANOTHER SHOOT.

He is now a changed man?
He have a childsave house? and a recording studio?
He didnt care about SP and JJ before?
He was a smoke train when Britney was Pregnant?

She was suffering for 9 months times 2 for 2 kids... and kfedup were never there for her.
She should be given more credit as a mom.. and get more custody.
She is the one who can support the kids and give them a good education.

This doesnt mean because she have the money so kfedup should get more time with the kids and let her work her ass out.. and being bad mouthed?

KFEDUP is up for the money.. that's it. He isnt going to use it for the kids shake or is there anyway to know where the money goes?

Have you heard of ppl producing childs so they can live without working so they will get more child support from the government? Thats the same concept except this is a custody from a Rich mom kids.

I m so over it.. I m so angry with the bad media because it's being used for kfedup shake.

2573 days ago


why would Kevin file a civil case if he were truly worried about his kids' welfare when they're with Britney? He could have just called Child Protective Services and gotten any urgent claims handled that way, however his dispute now is clearly for financial gain. Britney isn't hiding anything. And why didn't he fight for full custody of his kids with Shar Jackson if he loves his kids so much?"
Kevin is a looser....................................Its all kevin
He has the kids just as much a Brit..Why dosent he take them to the dentist? why didnt he take the to the doctor?
because its all about MONEY

2573 days ago


Britney needs to move herself and her kids to her dad's place.

2573 days ago


Britney doesn't seem to care about losing her kids...if she did, she would tone her life style down a bit for their sake. You can still have fun and be a mother, just be a little more discreet in public.
I don't doubt she loves them, but is that the was she wants her kids to see her when they get older.
At some point she needs to admit that her life is changed now with 2 kids and adapt.
I never thought I would ever think Kevin would be a a better parent. But all this trash in the news is destroying my opinion of her. And I am afraid many people feel the same.
Brit, take some time off and spend the time with just you, your kids and family. Prioritize...

2573 days ago


To no 12:
Well i do think that escaping away will not change a thing if the media is following whatever she is doing.. nothing wrong with dining at 10 anyway, you see babies every now and then at diners or restaurants at night. The thing is.. Music is her life.. all she can do to cheer her self up is music. Now she is back to work as a Singer and performer mom. It's normal. Sometimes they gotta go on tour, it's her job, she gotta socialize too as an artist.

I m sure the things everyone reads might be one sided story or created by the press. She did have some crazy time.. but it's not harming her kids at all. At least she didnt give vodka to her child? and i have never seen her smoking with while holding her kids.

I think kfedup is just doing it too far.

First they come up with :
save us ? (us mag)
britney party with a bachelor ?
then kfedup wants more custody (means more money )
kfedup's lawyer speaks up in public (more news for every media)

it's all planned! it's all to destroy her!!open your eyes and heart.
when she gave birth to jayden, did kfedup there? to watch over her?he made her cry day and night!!! and went out partying and then cheated on her!! now he wants her kids which he never cared before o.o it's for the money.. he is so used to jet set living. he cant go back to a dancer living ?? everyone wants an upgrade !! who wants a downgrade.. :S
it's now the otherway around. the news is so TWISTED!!

2573 days ago


britney spears - you are A SICK WOMAN... GO BACK TO REHAB,..

2572 days ago


somebody needs to tell this ignorant parent if you can call them parent to grow up they have kids together they choose to be divorce is not a big deal people in america get divorce every minute is normal move on and take responsability that comes after having kids remember in all this crazy stuff they doing the only ones that doesnt know whats going on are the kids and britney if you think you cant have they kids give them up to somebody that you know in your heart that is going to take care of those two beautiful kids and god bless this children in this no sense people

2561 days ago
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