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Clay Aiken: Bringing SexyBarf

8/16/2007 12:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Poor "American Idol" loser Clay Aiken. He's had to endure countless questions about his sexual preference. At a concert earlier this year, Clay thought it'd be a good idea to give his fans a treat by singing Madonna's "Like A Virgin". Not gay at all!

Aiken now takes it to another level with his homage to JT. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you "Sexy Back." Aikenified.

You go gurl boy.


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oh for pete sakes..It was a JOKE...get over yourselves

2623 days ago


not a fan of his but really who cares who or what he prefers sexually? it's no one's business, period. kelly rippa was beyond rude to him. now rippa, there's someone truly full of herself. rippa's done the exact same thing clay did before & no one made a big deal of it. i was so happy when kathy lee gifford left the show, i could finally watch it but they replaced her with someone even more annoying & nauseating.

2623 days ago


Holy Gay Batman.

2623 days ago


Sorry for the mixed messages people...

I am like the priest/preacher who rails against homosexuality and is "doing" little boys behind closed doors.

Except I like to play the little "boy" role...which is why I go by costaMesa"boy"

2623 days ago


I could care less about his sexual preference. I really do like his vocals. BF Rueben should not have won that year. That's okay because Clay came out on top - no pun intended :-)

2623 days ago


I would love to see Jerri Blank doing "like a virgin". Where can I see that?

2623 days ago

you are entitled to my opinion    

straight as lombard street

2623 days ago


This was supposed to be a toungue-in-cheek routine; he was actually making fun of himself. I had the pleasure of seeing him in concert here in NJ a few weeks ago and saw this routine. He made fun of many many top 40 songs. He said that he is such a dork and maybe he needs to sing this kind of music to get played on the air. He is outrageously funny and it was a very enjoyable concert. He called himself a dork; he never takes himself seriously. The comments on here are ridiculous!!!

2623 days ago

John Denver Rules    

# 21 Fifi is exactly right. She did do that to someone else & made such a big deal when it was done to her. Kelly ripa is very self involved. She hoged that whole show. However Clay aiken is very gay & such a dork. He always looks bloated to me.

2623 days ago


He makes Liberace and Boy George look like the Terminator. This guy should shut his yap - except to blow - and just sing, don't kibbitz - just sing!

2623 days ago


sEXy, my ass. His singing so terrible (Hom*******)
It was a JOKE to me, by the way Is he gain weight?

2623 days ago

White Power    

I just wanna hit him...hard...really hard. I don't know why. I don't even care why. I just wanna.

2623 days ago


Tounge-in-cheek means clever funny, well gayken is neither clever nor funny. He's just a bloated closet case. I don't understand how he has so many fans, I think he's creepy. I also think he's not just gay, I think there something else, something weird and possibly illegal

2623 days ago

peta sucks arse    

he has got to be the biggest fruit thats fallen off the tree in years.

2623 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

I think he needs to disappera with al lof the Amer. Idol people withthe exception of Carrie Underwood and Kell yClarkson.

Maybe... then too.

I wonder where will they all end up in 10 years.. .Where are the ynow?

People who last in the business are those who cna write and play their own music, or at least it is supposed to be like that.

I wonder when people are going to drop these manufactured talents and the tv show ,Amer. Idol, and move on the next best thing.

2623 days ago
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