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Clay Aiken: Bringing SexyBarf

8/16/2007 12:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Poor "American Idol" loser Clay Aiken. He's had to endure countless questions about his sexual preference. At a concert earlier this year, Clay thought it'd be a good idea to give his fans a treat by singing Madonna's "Like A Virgin". Not gay at all!

Aiken now takes it to another level with his homage to JT. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you "Sexy Back." Aikenified.

You go gurl boy.


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Wow. He is *so* gay.

And there's not a thing wrong with it. He should just be honest (or at least not go out of his way to lie about it).

*So* gay.

2604 days ago


Oh my God, that has to be the gayest thing I've seen in a long time. He makes Liberace look butch by comparison.

2604 days ago

Tired OfLohan    

one word:

2604 days ago


Does anyone know that he was joking here? He is being silly and funny. You have to be a fan and be there to understand. He is not only a great performer but quite the comedian. People will take anything they can from his interviews and shows to try and make something out of nothing. He is well deserving of his fans. And he does so much more besides sing. He is a major player in giving to charities and not afraid to get his hands dirty flying overseas to help victims of the Tsunami and using a shovel to plant trees and plants for new parks so kids have a place to play where they normally wouldnt. The list goes on and on but of course you would all ignore it.....

2604 days ago


That is gayer than Tinkie Winkie at a a glory hole............

2604 days ago


well, his cover was still tons better than the original. i mean, why on earth is someone like justin timberlake considered hetero (or goodlooking)?

2604 days ago


What is ridiculous are people falling all over themselves to stick up for Clay. He knows the rumors and what he is trying hard to hide. He can't be so stupid to think that him doing this kind of stuff won't bring even more attention to what he seemingly wants to stay hidden.

I LOVE the screaming girls! It reminds me of when I was a stupid teenager and actually dreamed of dating George Michael. ROFL! How excited I used to get when I saw the video Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.

No one had gaydar back then like they do now. Nowadays, you really can't hide the obvious, especially when he does things like this.

2604 days ago


Has Kathy Griffin seen this yet? This should give her more material...

2604 days ago


audio comments ,,,,,,wowzers

2604 days ago

Fluffy P    

clay aiken who cares?????????another overrated singer.......blah blah blach....etc........etc........

2604 days ago


No need to defend Clay . The funniest thing of all is that he is not only making fun of himself , as only self confident people can do , but he is ragging on the sad state of the music industry in general and giving the finger to the very people that are making the juvenile comments on this site . For them , as Forrest Gump says , stupid is as stupid does .

2604 days ago


People that bash Clay don't really hate him. They hate gays and because he isn't really gay, he is an acceptable punching bag to express their homophobic hatred. If Clay was gay it would be socially unacceptable to gay-bash him. This is also why they refuse to believe that he is straight and the tabloids print their lies. It feeds the hunger of the homophobic masses.

2604 days ago


Wow, TMZ and Shoparrizi in particular - do the words obsessed or stalker mean anything to you all? The time you and the other Aiken stalkers spend on him. I recommend intensive deep therapy. Looks like he is out there having fun and making money while you all sit all day behind your computer screens googling anything Aiken on I bet your very fat arses.

2604 days ago


somebody get the gun.

2604 days ago
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