Paris Gets Pancaked

8/16/2007 2:35 PM PDT
Paris Hilton found herself at a new home Tuesday night -- the International House of Pancakes. Rooty Tooty Not-So Fresh 'N Fruity!

It was pure Hiltonian pandemonium at the Sunset Blvd. breakfast joint, as Hilton and her entire entourage came in to grab some grub after a night of partying at Opera. The heiress, who told Larry King she was "frankly sick" of the club scene (mm-hmm), grabbed a booth with her sister Nicky, Nic's boyfriend David Katzenberg and Beacher's Madhouse founder Jeff Beacher as other customers and staff screamed and squealed to get the ex-con's attention.

Is there nothing they won't watch Paris do, eat, smell, read, or hold?