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Star Jones -- I Was a Big, Fat Denier!

8/16/2007 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the world's worst kept secrets -- that Star Jones had her stomach stapled to help her drop 160 lbs. -- is out there, but even under intense questioning from Diane Sawyer this morning, it's still unclear why she kept it.

The bebobbed Star blabbed on "Good Morning America" to Diane about her surgery, almost four years ago to the day. She admitted that in her newly svelte state she danced around the truth -- and still hot-footed around Diane's grilling about it today, not really 'splaining why she was so sheepish.

Now, says Star, whose Court TV show starts next month, she's "free," but still can't quite escape the (very large) shadow of her old self.


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You's amazing how we feel some sort of entitlement to the private choices of those in the spotlight. It was her private personal decision to have the surgery, and we aren't "owed" any sort of explanation at all. It's a personal matter. Whether you have the surgery or not, it's still up to you do to the work to stay healthy. Many who have this surgery gain the weight right back several years afterward, because they can't change their unhealthy behaviors.

Cut her a break. She had every right to keep it to herself, and had every right to continue to do that or to not continue to do that.

2591 days ago


I liked her on The View. She was probably the most honest of all.

2591 days ago


Great, but can she do something about the eyes and boobs? Because they freak me out, I'm afraid an eye will pop out and hurt someone and the boobs just look gross.

2591 days ago

queen kiki the great    

If she wants to be a typical lawyer and lie, that is her right.....but she looked good fat.

Some people were just meant to be heavy....they lose weight and their skin hangs off , and their eyes and head become to big for their's sickening!

2591 days ago


I am not a Star fan, but it is clear she has some emotional issues with her weight and body image.

People get fat for all different reasons, and their experiences as fat people vary from the cruel to the benign. She obviously is ashamed of her fat past and hasn't quite reconciled herself to that.

She also probably feels that gastric surgery was a weaker, less admirable way of losing weight then by doing it with "exercise, self control, will power and discipline." SO, she feels like she cheated.

Gaining and losing weight is simple and uncomplicated on a physical level-- eat less, burn more, lose weight or eat more, burn less and gain weight.

People who don't have layers of emotional baggage associated with their eating and weight get that it's just that simple.

But other people have all kinds of baggage heaped on from years of being teased by relatives and peers, or by having parents who instilled in their children a sense of shame and self-loathing about their appetites and perceived lack of self control. And some people do have metabolic disorders but that I think is the minority.

2591 days ago


simon birch,,,,,,,,,,you'll be back.

2591 days ago


Good gracious people!!! Who cares if she had surgery, who cares that she wanted to not tell's her "personal business" She doesn't owe us anything...It seems that we have forgotten that it is none of our business!! We think because they are famous we have a right to everything going on in a person's life... I am soooooo glad I am not famous.

2591 days ago


Everyone was mad at Rosie when she brought It up on her blog. Oh Rosie is so mean but she was right. I think Star Jones is a fake person and you will never no her real story.

2591 days ago


First off I saw the interview & she did explain why she kept it a secret so TMZ needs to report the true facts. #21 - You are exactly right. Star said she kept it a secret because it meant she was out of control. Ultimately it's no one's business how or why she lost weight. I never understood why it was such a big deal.

2591 days ago

beka, RN, MS, NP    

Actually looking at the current picture of Star Jones she looks sickly and may have lost too much weight.
She still has issues she needs to deal with before coming to grips with the rocedure socially, emotionally and physically first before she can explain the " why " question.

I would not be surprised if she bounces back and forth weight wise before stabilizing.

This is a bit tooo thin looking for her.

2591 days ago


I agree with Post #7..........just think if she would have told the WORLD what she was gonna do, she might have gotten it done for FREE.......doesn't she LOVE the FREE stuff?

By the way, totally OFF topic................where is the LOVE from TMZ about Foxy Brown? I figured that would have been on here a long time ago. Hmmmm

2591 days ago


Who cares, really? She is still a nasty bitch to most ppl she feels are "beneath" her, like staff. Why would we expect the truth from her about anything; she's still telling everyone Al is straight...come on

2591 days ago


I can tell you why she denied it all these years. Back in 2000 I had gastric bypass surgery and she did a segment on the surgery. I felt the segment was very bias and negative so I emailed her at the view online. Her response back to me was very brash and negative. The only reason I haven't sold this story is because I didn't keep the email. But to summarize her response to my email, she vowed to never have the surgery for any reason. She said she thought it was crazy to do something like that and she wouldn't change for any person, career or man. She thought it was a sick way to lose weight. This email went on and on expressing her disgust for the procedure.

I use to look up to her, but I was so hurt by her negativity (especially after I expressed that I had, had the surgery and felt that it saved my life). I believed and still believe to this day she had a journalistic responsibility to show both sides of this story and she deliberately chose not to.

Obviously her opinion changed, but her email was so anti surgery and negative that admitting she had surgery now would only prove that she has allowed Hollywood to change her from the successful DA she was in Brooklyn to just another self involved fake celebrity.

2591 days ago


Why is this anyone else's business? What impact on anyone else would this information have made? If you like her, you're happy that she has worked very hard to become more healthy; if you don't like her, it's none of your business what she does. I do not believe Starr had any responsibility to divulge what must have been a very difficult, personal event in her life. She never criticized anyone else's weight loss issues and I think it's just envy that anyone else is criticizing her. Remember, haters, she didn't lie; she just kept it to herself.

2591 days ago

In NC    

Her show starts THIS coming Monday, not next month. In other words-the rope she will use to finally hang herself with starts at 3pm east coast time on Coutr TV. Set yer' DVR's people.

2591 days ago
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