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8/18/2007 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears can't even take her kids to the bathroom without the paparazzi flocking in. Potty like a rock star y'all!
Carmen Electra is 36 ... thank goodness all of her isn't! Electra was lookin' mighty fine outside the Polaroid Beach House.
Brad Garrett bitch slapped a TMZ photog after confusing him with another photog who called him a racist. Bad Garrett!

Matt Leinart's baby mama was in court this week to settle a bitter custody dispute -- with Brynn Cameron winning a cool $12,500 a month from the football hottie.

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What the hell is wrong with Brad Garrett? Has he been hanging with Micheal Richards?

2625 days ago


I think Brits coming unglued, but I'm starting to think the poor girl deserves a break! What a bunch of crap to stick those cameras in her child's face! She shouldn't have to put up with that bull from the paps. She should be able to eat in peace with the kid.

2625 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

I don't blame Brad Garrett for hitting the guy, if he was the guy who was taunting him, I
think, the paps really screw up, sometimes just so they can actually can angry reactions which sells, and they get a top dollar for the pictures, but if they get right in your face or
invade your personal space, that everyone is entitled to and won't back off they have full
right to defend themselves.
At the same token the celebrities are what they are mostly because of their fans, and the
fans pay money to go see their movies and buy their mechandise or the merchandise
they are promoting, which they get lots of money for, the should know that the paps will
be following them and if it bothers them so much don't leave home. As long as the pushy
paps don't get too close or try to get a reaction everyone will be happy.

2625 days ago

+DJ FunkyGrrL+    

Britney needs to go back to rehab !! Get ur done -@J@-

2625 days ago

+DJ FunkyGrrL+    


2625 days ago

wa wa waa    

I believe that he DID hit the right camera. He knows he hit the right camera. There is nothing wrong with him. I thought it was funny. HA HA HA. "Why'd ya hit my camera for"?..wa wa wa..

2625 days ago


Brad Garrett is a has been why are photographers even taking pictures of him?

2625 days ago


What Brad did was NO BITCH SLAP, it was just swatting away the annoying pest of a stalkerazzi. Too bad all the celebs dont carry mace to spray at them.

2625 days ago


After seeing Britney being followed like that, its no wonder she is going through what she is going through. I feel so sorry for her now...

2625 days ago


It is sad that neither the publicity seeking celebs nor the obnoxious paparazzi care what they are doing to the kids...can you imagine how frightened the children must be having all those swarming gnats after you?

2625 days ago


I think TMZ along with all the other "GENERATORS" of TRASH
should STOP INVADING into peoples lives. Its CRAP and you
know it, but there is MONEY to be made showing your CRAP
so you and all the others continue. Like a virus soon or later
you will be eradicated.

2625 days ago

jProud American Author    

Brad Garrett is cool. We all make mistakes. I wish him the best!

PS. I could care less about the Brit or her videos.

2625 days ago


2625 days ago


All you people bashing the photographers are the ones on TMZ looking at the pictures they are taking! It's a source of entertainment, I could careless about how pesky a photographer is so someone who consciously chooses to be an actor, model, etc.....Get a grip..."carry mace" that made me laugh!

2625 days ago


Way to go, Steve. That will help.


2625 days ago
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