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K-Fed Flashes the Ladies in Vegas

8/19/2007 9:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite reports that he's all about being dad these days, Kevin Federline -- currently trying to wrest his sons from Britney Spears -- rocked Las Vegas Friday night with a vengeance. Papa Zao!

The Fed-Ex, reports People, partied like a Brit-Brit at Tao, and had plenty of liquid refreshment around him -- and no shortage of female entertainment. "He was grinding up on a few of the girls," says a mag source. "He had a flashlight and was shining it on some of the girls around him." What's more, ever the class act, Kev held up a cigarette lighter when the DJ spun Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin'."

Meanwhile, People also reports that the rehab facility where Britney did her "treatment" earlier this year was the latest player to get a subpoena from Federline's lawyers.

Suri Won't Be Falling Into Gap

Suri Cruise isn't going to be the latest spokesinfant for Baby Gap, despite reports to the contrary. Rumor had it that her Scientolofolks had been offered big bucks to make their 16-month-old baby the new face of the clothing giant. But their rep says it's "totally untrue." No word on whether executives at Benetton have just had the brilliant brainstorm to recruit the spawn of Brangelina for their own line.

Potter Mama Moves from Wizards to Detectives

J.K. Rowling, finally finished with a little series of books you may have heard of, is writing a detective novel, according to the Sunday Times of London. The billionaire author is working on the book in cafes in Scotland, which is where she famously started the Harry Potter books.


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white lorelei    

The writer of the JK Rowling story needs to rework that first sentence .... along with a typo, it also has some major grammar issues!

2630 days ago


What else is new in the Britney/Kevin dept.? Neither one of these immature idiots is fit to be a parent to those poor boys.

2630 days ago


Just a reminder that Fed-Ex is, in fact, a tool. Makes you realize how far Britney has really fallen when she makes this guy look like father of the year!

2630 days ago


Col Allan is a tool. I wonder if Rupert Murdoch has actually looked at the New York Post in the past two months. It is disintegrating into one of those fifth-rate, knee-jerk weirdo papers that they have in London. Not to American tastes at all.

2630 days ago

John Holmes    

Hey TMZ, did you ever here of spell or grammar check?

2630 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

There appears to be something really seedy and shady about K-Fed..You know kinda like 'Sawyer' from Lost.

2630 days ago


When all else fails, go to Las Vegas and party. The poor young toddler boys of Federline and Britney don't stand a chance of a normal childhood unless one of them steps up to the
plate of parenthood and tries to act like an adult for their best interests. This has nothing to do with article about little precious Suri, but Tom would be a 'nothing' if it were not for Katie and Suri. (his nose seems to be getting bigger and bigger all the time, or is it just me?) Rowling is such a great author, will look forward to her detective books.

2629 days ago


Right, Federline's attorneys are subpoenaing the clinic that he helped to force Britney into and apparently they treated her for post-partum depression and found no drugs in her system, yet he's still trying to find something to use against her. Just like the rest of the subpoenas issued on his behalf, they are just fishing expeditions, he has no proof of anything. Meanwhile, he's partying like he did when he was married and Brit was with the kids alone, that's why she divorced him.

Britney is obviously depressed at the moment, and who wouldn’t be with this amount of dishonesty and greed being sent her way, but she'll find the inner strength to heal herself (with God's help) and survive this, with her kids remaining with her as they should be.

2629 days ago

Lenn K.    

The problem you have Britney and Kevin is that their both terrible parents. Kevin been under the radar which doesn't say he been a good parent just not in public as much. Of course he's partying alot, he probably has been all along, it just that his lawyer has probably adviced he to lie low and he's listen to him. Britney on the other hand hasn't listen to anyone that's her fault. The kids would be better raise by homeless people than these two!

2629 days ago

+DJ FunkyGrrL+    

K-Fed has shown the ability to control his alcohol intake unlike Britney, Paris Hilton, Lindsay and Nicole. He parties, but doesn't get behind a car smacked out on booza and coke.

2629 days ago


JK is HOTT!!

Tom Cruise is NOTT!!


K-Fed is just plain old ROTT!!

2629 days ago

brit supporter    

gosh........Brit is a hot young single female super star with mega wealth. Yes, she is a mom. But please, when she is out having fun her kids are in a bed asleep being watched like a hawk. Thank god she dumped Federline......he has no talent, no money and no looks. Brit loved him. Brit found out how little he thinks of women and how rotten he is too. Everyone wants their hands on her money.......raise the finger Brit and nail his ass once and for all. With your money, screw th SOB over so bad that he will only be allowed to see the kids once a year for two hours!!!

2629 days ago


K-FED, is a nut!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,Brit, should have taken a vacation 6 months ago & mellowed out 4 a bit,, she is a "little strange??".....................TOM CRUISE, IS SO LAME, but he does seem happy. ...................whatever.yawn,yawn.

2629 days ago


Wonder if K-Fed see's his other (4) kids. Why does he not have joint custody of them? With this custody battle and partying, how much quality time and parenting does he spend with them? What about child support with questionable means of support? Things that makes you go...

2629 days ago
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