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Lindsay Pirates Way Through Rehab

8/21/2007 8:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's trip to rehab is taking her down a new path for the ex-nightcrawler -- and up a river on a pirate raft.

TMZ showed Lindz walking a dog with fellow rehabbers in Utah, and People reports that there's been plenty more of the outdoors for LiLo recently, including a rafting trip on the Provo River, "dressed in a pirate bandana." She "looked like she was having a good time," says a People source, adding that "they were all splashing each other and stuff."

Lindsay's added retail therapy to her rehab regimen, shopping at an Abercrombie and Fitch and at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Foxy Popped After Fibbing to Jersey Cops

At this rate, there won't be a single state where rapperista-serial lawbreaker Foxy Brown doesn't have a court date. The Bergen County Record reports that Foxy got arrested in Mahwah, NJ, after being pulled over by cops last week for talking on a cell phone while driving and failing to stop at a stop sign. But when they asked her for her name and birth date, she gave them "a variation" of her real name -- Inga Marchand -- and a birth year that was a year off.

Oddly, when cops asked her again, she told them the truth, whereupon they discovered that Foxy's license was suspended, and so they arrested her, where they gave her seven -- seven -- tickets, and released her. She'll have to go back to court on Sept. 4.

Obama Doesn't Love His "Girl"

Call it unrequited love. The self-proclaimed "Obama Girl," that YouTube sensation, isn't exactly a big hit in the Barack Obama household, where he's making his little ones ask embarrassing questions. "Sasha asked Mommy about it," said Obama to the AP, when asked about the vid. "She said, 'Daddy already has a wife' or something like that." Apparently, Obama wasn't in much of a mood to joke about the video: "I guess it's too much to ask, but you do wish people would think about what impact their actions have on kids and families."

Party Favors: Cam and John Heat Up Dog Days ... J. Lo Shoots Bondage

Cameron Diaz and John Mayer's little August flirtation didn't end at dinner last Wednesday -- People reports that the couple were spotted at the outdoor patio of the Bowery Hotel, "laughing and talking a lot" and were "all over each other." ... Jennifer Lopez is into the whips and chains, all in the service of her next music video, which was shot last weekend by famed photog David LaChappelle in L.A., report Rush & Molloy.


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Lenn K.    

Lindsay, you are in a good place and they are following you this time. Glad you're not at the clubs hanging out with a fake waterbottle. J-lo whips and chains with that little rat of a husband, wow. Foxy Brown, if you used your real name it would make more sense than these madeup rap names.

2620 days ago

Foxy spends so much time dealing with the law...she should get a career in the law field or start a business or stock, anything.

2620 days ago


Obama's kids must be morons. He should explain the concept of humor to the retards

2620 days ago


No wonder Obama Doesn't think the Obama girl is cute..Because the concept is STUPID!
Grow up people!

2620 days ago


Rehab must be rough----outdoor rafting, shopping, and walking outdoors. This second time around is a ploy to escape the consequences of criminal behavior in using a vehicle as a weapon, drinking and driving--not to mention drugs in ones possession--then flat out lie about it. Oh well, 'I am a celebrity'--I can do anything I want. How old is Foxy Brown? She is about as responsible as a 5 year old--no, I take that back--my 5 year old grandchild is more mature. Barack Obama and his entourage need to lighten up a bit. The Obama girl on You Tube are gorgeous and talented and add some spice to dull campaigning. John Mayer sure gets around. Jessica Simpson was smart in ditching him--he looks like he could use a good hot shower and shampoo.

2620 days ago


If Osama/Obama gets elected we will all be wearing towels on our heads. Oprah's book club book will be the koran and women will become property. Thats the muslim way.

2620 days ago


It's supposed to be funny Obama. Do you know what funny is? You and hillary both need to not take your selves so damn seriously.

2620 days ago

Flander Anapolis    

Barack Obama is a member of United Church of Christ. How christian can you get. The "Muslim" bit has played out long ago. Find new material. BTW who has been able to pick their parents?

2620 days ago

Flander Anapolis    

It probably is funny to him, but for a little girl hearing somone say that about their dad.; Not so funny. He said it bothered her not him.

2620 days ago


I doubt any of these people have any kind of sense of humor. They have to have huge egos to get up and brag about all the good the've done and puff about themselves. They are all FAKE and PHONEY.

2620 days ago

skeptical at best    

isn't lindsay an 'in-patient'? if that's the case then why is she always out and about? i doubt rehab will work this time. She's already 0-2.

2620 days ago


Rebab means to change and overcome. She hasn't changed a thing and has overcome even less. Stop sending these people to Fake rehab and start putting their asses in jail. They can't go white water rafting in the pokey. They need to be punished. Not pampered. That is why they are where they are. Too much pampering. Lock em up!!!!!

2620 days ago


Does anyone know why Obama's lips are purple?? Lindsey is just wasting her time - but then everyone on the street is safe for the moment. John Meyer is uglier than that - looks unwashed all the time. Prob. has a "little" john too! Foxy Brown looks like a Whitney-wanna-be clone. Funny how crackheads all look alike

2620 days ago


Obama should be happy that anyone gives a damn.... that YouTube video is campaign gold. I hope he pissed people off enough to bring him down. He sucks.

2620 days ago


Having spent 15 yrs as a nanny ,most of the families I worked for were quite liberal. HOWEVER, one thing that was common was to be careful what the younger children were watching and exposed to via the media. Who dropped the ball in the Obama household?

2620 days ago
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