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Courteney and David Pull a Britney?

8/22/2007 5:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained this photo of Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette with their three-year-old daughter Coco in Kauai, Hawaii. Coco, riding between her parents in a kayak, is not wearing a life jacket.

We checked and found that according to Hawaii state law, "Children 12 and under must wear a properly fitting PFD while underway."

We contacted the Arquette's rep, and are waiting for a call back.


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Ummm BIG DEAL! Why is the world going backwards? we need to progress people... PROGRESS!

2589 days ago


You all have to be the same doorknobs who hated the Merv Griffin story. You have no idea if these people are good parents...anyone with a brain puts a life jacket on a baby.

2589 days ago


Wow back off these guys and leave them alone. Who cares TMZ.

2589 days ago


oh an let's take aware their daughter because she wasnt wearing a jacket

2589 days ago


Anyone who names their child "Coco" needs their head examined!

Plain stupid in my mind that she doesn't have a life jacket on!

2589 days ago


XOXO is obviously the brainless parents objecting to the HORRID parenting being caught on camera. We have a boat and people, THERE ARE SPECIALIZED LIFE VESTS FOR BABIES AND TODDLERS! ANY parent who risks their baby's life like that by putting them in open water without a life vest should have their children removed and put into much more protective, INTELLIGENT custody. So what if there is no law in California that says one must put a life vest on a baby, do GOOD, INTELLIGENT parents really need to be told by THE LAW how to be decent parents??? There are specialized life vests that turn the baby on its back and keeps the baby face-up in the water when the baby falls into the water. As it is, these babies could possibly go the bottom before help got to them in time, and they would NEVER be found because it is black and murky most of the time.

All you awful people defending these parents must really hate children, and be totally uncerned that this is such a horribly dangerous situation. NO ONE gets a child on our boat without a life vest if the child is under the age of 13. And that's OUR law!

2589 days ago

Chubby Cubby    


2589 days ago


It's the Hanalei River-3 feet deep at best. Give them a break!!! You can see the edge in the background-plus, HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT LITTLE COCO ISNT A SWIMMER YET? She might be. My kids learned at 3 years old. So judgmental!!!! Also,those big plastic kayaks don't flip over easily either-I am sure she is just fine.

2589 days ago


TMZ has truly gone to the dogs.

Get bent.

2589 days ago


Get these murdering murderers off the street! That child does not have a life jacket on, murderers! I'm perfect unlike you murderers! Thank you TMZ for catching these felon "parents" on camera basically committing murder! OMG I"M JUST SO PISSED!!! I mean a child without a life jacket! OMG! MURDERERS! Why are we still going after Osama Bin Laden and yet these two life jacket scoff laws can roam free!? Murderers!

2589 days ago


oh come on they should know better.obey law could save hr life.

2589 days ago


What are you people,... a bunch of idiots!! This is a 3 year old child who doesn't know how to swim yet. Kayaks can flip over very easily, she hits her head and drowns. Of course she should be wearing a life vest. The average IQ of the American public amazes me, know wonder there are so many tragic accidents in this country.

2589 days ago

Real Deal    

California boater

Just chillllllll!

One should aways take evrey step to protect children. Of course.
I am sure if a camera followed you around 24/7, there would at least one incident that poeple could interept the situation and judge you as an unfit parent.

When did this world become a glass house and we are so quick to judge others and call someone an unfit parent and say the should have their children removed because of your interpertitation of a photo on the internet? How dare you!

Shame on you!

2589 days ago


What's wrong with that y'all?

2589 days ago

Not Your Average Joke    

I do think that they should have their daughter in a life vest, but come on, is she really in any danger? I do believe that both parents can swim and looks like they can handle the situation.

2589 days ago
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