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Holy War! When Televangelists Attack!

8/23/2007 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oh my god! Pentecostal televangelist and women's empowerment lecturer Juanita Bynum was attacked at 4:00 AM in an Atlanta airport hotel parking lot -- by her estranged husband, Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III! Holy s**t!

According to police, the couple fought in the parking lot until a hotel bellman stepped in and broke it up. Bynum told police that her husband "choked her, pushed her down, kicked and stomped her in the Renaissance parking lot." Lordy! TMZ spoke with the victim's sister, Tina Celeb Mugshots -- click to launchCulpepper, who said "Juanita is resting."

Miss Culpepper photographed Juanita's injuries, as seen here. Only the lord knows where Weeks is at this time.


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Somebody call Madea.....

2620 days ago

C'Mon People!    

Saved or sinner, preacher or parissioner, preist or rabbi, it matters not. We all have moments of humanity. While this issue is their business only, you have to realize that there is no hyporcacy in this matter. They both preach that we are all sinners saved by grace. That means that we are not perfect and sometimes do things that are not appropriate. The hypocracy would be to preach that but try to run from the consiquences. As long as he asks for forgiveness from God and the congregation, he will be on the right track.

Ms. Bynum isn't just a preacher but a wife and woman. There is no excuse or cause for a husband to hit his wife, kick her and choak her. Those are the actions of hate and he should repent if this report is true.

Their personal problems have nothing to do with religion but personal character. His character should not have caused him to put his hands on her at all. My wife pushes my buttons everyday. But I would never touch her in anger....!

2620 days ago

BDB- New York    

Just goes to show, preacher/prophetist ... what ever... still human. I really despise men who put their hands on woman though.. I hope she does press charges. Alot of people, not just of the cloth need to be exposed for their behavior.!! OUT OF CONTROL!!

2620 days ago

BDB- New York    

Michael Richards you are a true fool!!! grow up!!!

2620 days ago


To all of you people who have sent your comments .What happen to praying for one another in this christian walk.?We are outsiders looking at what the enemy is trying to do to our sister and our brother and instead of standing in the GAP and lifting them up in prayer some of you are judging them with negative comments.Where is the love for them ?It doesn't matter what happen or whats going on,it is really none of our business but it is our responsibility as a body of christ ( for those of us who are saved) to lay on our faces and offer them both up to God.To Juanita and Bishop Weeks I'm gonna contine to pray and ask God to show his hand in your Marriage.This is NOT the will of God.Know that you both are loved and I'm believing God will restore you both.Love yall. :) Again Valerie S

2620 days ago

Pastor Ivy    

I am saddened that this has happened.I am praying for both of you.

2620 days ago

Sister in Christ    

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I believe that the Lord's will shall be done and we all should pray for our brother and sister in Christ. They are God's children just as we are and deserve nothing less than for us to love them as neighbors. Bishop and Prophetess May God Bless you both.

2620 days ago


To Phrophetess Juanita Bynum and Bishop Thomas Weeks III What ever you have done to each other you have also done to GOD. So after repenting to one another and then repenting together to GOD then the rest is up to the discretion of GOD not Man. If we find our brother in To all of you that are out there and if you have placed a comment on this page or if you have an opinion about this that you have either voiced out loud or maybe, to someone else. I have something to say to you before you find yourself in the judgement of GOD. If reading these comments is anything like how the world and the body of Christ goes to one that is in need then all I can say to all of you is Touch not my Anointed and do my Prophet no harm. Before you put your mouth on the Man and Woman of GOD you need to first pray a sincere prayer for them BOTH, then after you have prayed GOD's prayer concerning these two then what ever you speak out your mouth should line up with what you prayed. I have two things to say to you. 1) He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone. ( John 8 : 7 ) 2) Death and Life are in the power of the tongue. ( Proverbs 18 : 21 ) The carnal mind whether it's professing Christ or not speaks from it's head, but wisdom and knowledge speaks from the realm of the spirit. Before you judge look up to GOD, then look within at you and your life full of decisions, then look at these two and see them through the eye's of GOD. Who is the only one who has a Heaven and a Hell to send them to. I am praying for you both that GOD's will be done and that flesh will be subdued and CHRIST will be RESURRECTED ! ! !Because when all is said and done and the smoke is cleared; It's GOD and ONLY GOD who has the last word in this situation. I love you both and I will stand in the gap for your sake that the Gospel be not made ashamed of. GOD BLESS and KEEP you BOTH ! ! ! Love Meydora

2620 days ago

Saint of the Most High    

It's 3 sides to the story,
her side,
his side,
and God Side, so let's not decide, instead let's pray for both of them!!!

2620 days ago





2620 days ago


I just pray that she doesn't let this stop her from doing the Lord's work. It's too bad that Bishop Weeks III had to result to kicking and beating up on her. If she does forgive him that is a good thing because the Good Lord will handle the rest. I don't blame her for walking away because if he reacted like that on wednesday night at the hotel, I'm sure he was like that all along. She did the right thing by walking away from him. He should pay dearly for the abuse the inflicted upon her body. What kind of true man of God reacts that way, what does that say about him as a servent of the Lord? I'm just going to keep the both of them lifated in prayer!

2620 days ago


#65.................First of all...........Thank You. Secondly............looks like we need to be praying for the people who have made these very mean and hurtful comments/jokes that are no where near funny or appropriate!!!

2620 days ago


I'm praying for Ms. Bynum and her husband. Yes, he was wrong for putting his hands on her. Nevertheless, I'm going to let the Lord set the punishment for ths man. I will not point fingers because if they weren't who they are we would not give a hoot. It's sad how the human mind work and the fact that we all have problems in our lives some worst than others. I just want him to do the right thing and trun hinself in and put his faith in God's hand where it suppose to be any way. I'm glad that Bishop Weeks III didn't hurt her no more than he did. Thank God for the Bellman at the hotel. God Bless us all and rediarect our minds and give us a "NEW HEART"!

2620 days ago


You know, I love how nobody even asks about the relationship from his point of view. Don't get me wrong, I think all violence against women is wrong, but as a previous poster said, she was a hard woman. She was very emasculating to him and treated him more like a child than a husband. The balance of power in the relationship was always lopsided in her favor, making him more of a Mr. Bynum. I'm not saying it was an excuse for violence (because there is none), but I can see the man finally snapping after 5 years of stress, forgetting what he knew about right and wrong and losing his mind for a little while. Everybody has a breaking point and maybe he reached his. Am I the only person that watches "Law and Order"? I think I saw this episode...

2620 days ago


I have read some of the comments and im kind of confused THIS MAN, man of GOD or not balled up his fist and beat HIS WIFE what is going on in this world. Me being a woman who has been abused is angry because its just seems like its ok for this to happen because they are a "religious couple" wrong is wrong and i dont care what kind, you dont know what she is probably going through when those cameras are turned off. He should go to jail like any other man does for domestic violence he is no different than ANYONE LETS GET THAT STRAIGHT, HE IS NOT HIGHER OR MORE POWERFUL THAN A DRUNK ON THE CORNER ASKING FOR CHANGE HE IS A MAN BISHOP OR NOT. But let me ask everyone this if this was your neighbor, sister, or, mother, or daughter, would you be taking up for them as much?

2620 days ago
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