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Nugent Blows a Gasket Over Hillary and Barack

8/24/2007 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

barack oba,a, ted nugent, hilary clinton, Rocker Ted Nugent referred to Senator Barack Obama as a "piece of s**t" and Senator Hillary Clinton as a "worthless b**ch" in a video making the the Internet rounds today. Wonder how he really feels?

In the video, recorded sometime last week, Nugent walks the stage holding a pair of what he calls "machine guns." "Obama, he's a piece of s**t," Nugent screamed. "And I told him to suck on my machine gun ... and then I was in New York, I said, 'Hey Hillary, you might want to ride one of these [referring to the "machine guns" in his hand] into the sunset you worthless b**ch!"

Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein received similar treatment.

Nugent is known for his conservative political views and his pro-gun position. His official website is broken into two parts; music -- and hunting. Says it all, doesn't it?


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If you all would do your homework BEFORE passing judgement you'd be better off. Ted is one of the most ethical hunters on the planet. He isn't always after the trophy kill and will put an ailing animal out of it's misery instead of waiting for a bigger, better trophy to come along. Get over yourselves. He also eats the meat instead of wasting it, as others tend to do nowdays. Last I checked, we still all lived in the United States where Freedom of Speech is one of our constitutional rights.

2620 days ago


Must have taken The Nut a long time to think all that up.

2620 days ago

John Denver Rules    

# 15 Dani, is right. It's ok for libral performers to bash Bush, but when the tables turn it's suddenly not ok.

2620 days ago


Ted is my man, he tells it like it is! Right on, brother!!!

2620 days ago


And......who cares?

2620 days ago

St. Olof    

Tell it like it is Ted.

2620 days ago

megan bambrick    

enjoy your life before you fall dead ted, you're goin straight to hell man! Rock on turd face!

2620 days ago

Golgo 13    

I was born and raised around Detroit, Michigan and I can honestly say, while I'll defend Nugent's right to say his piece-no matter how ignorant, ill informed and totally tasteless-I'm ashamed that his name is even associated with my state. C'mon Ted why not just own up to facts: you're not the big concert draw, record seller and icon to young girls that you were back in the '70's. So you have to try and bring others down because you can't build yourself up as a performer or a human being. Your act is old and stale except to stoners and burnouts who listen to your "music" while ingesting chemicals that destroy the few brain cells they can afford to spare. So why not just spend an evening alone, between grand openings at red neck sporting goods stores, put on one of your old discs and pour a nice big cup of shut the f*&k up and think before you say or write something stupid. BTW, put the guns down you might hurt yourself, again.

2620 days ago


Aw, c'mon. What's "suit" and "butch" but just words.

2620 days ago


Awww...look at all the liberals getting pissy because a conservative spoke his mind. It's ok as long as an annoying fat midget like Natalie Maines gets up and criticizes the president of the United States of America, but as soon as someone conservative insults the looney left presidential candidates, you guys get your hemp underwear in a bunch. TYPICAL. Team Nugent!!!

2620 days ago


um, who?

nuff said.

2620 days ago


Ted Nugent is a washed up has been. Can you say LOSER???

2620 days ago

Equal Time    

Freedom of speech should apply to everyone, not just the left. It's about time the conservative majority spoke up, since we've had the loud liberal minority front and center for far too long.

2620 days ago


26. Ted Nugent is a washed up has been. Can you say LOSER???

Posted at 6:00PM on Aug 24th 2007 by dupont94

Hmmmmmm Washed up. Looks like he's still selling concert tickets......

Right on Ted!!!! Right on!!!!

2620 days ago


repubs made SUCH a HUGE DEAL out of what the dixie chicks clearly had the constitutional right to say. still, you didn't hear her calling **the man we DIDN'T elect** any names that couldn't be printed.... i believe since he is a washed-up, nutwing, has-been, he is just doing it for some press.

it absolutely SHOCKS ME STILL to see that the prezNitwit & his thugs have ANY support left whatsoever..... sheeeple!

2620 days ago
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