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L.A.'s Most Eligible -- Clooney and Diaz

8/25/2007 11:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking for a hot date in the L.A. area? Why not call up George Clooney and Cameron Diaz?

Sexy Georgie Boy, and cool Cameron topped list of L.A.'s hottest singles. Why was Diaz chosen? Well besides the fact that she's a stunning hottie -- she's also raking in the big bucks.

On "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," daring Diaz made more than $20 million, so she'll be buying the drinks! And Clooney, twice-named "Sexiest Man Alive," also has a home in Lake Como, Italy. Bellisimo!


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Diaz? I hear she's pretty scary over Timberlake. Pathetic.

2593 days ago

you go girl    

cameron looks like she needs a bath and she's too old for that ingenue crap she plays. and no in'm not jealous. i have never seen it in her. she's also stupid

2593 days ago

Goerge Bush    

Diaz is old and ugly.

2593 days ago


Clooney is most likely a secret QUEEN. have you seen his villa? its hella gay. I worked on a set with him recently. He is gaunt and sickly and my Gaydar was screaming.

2593 days ago

Matt how the only ones putting down Cameron's looks are female. Take it from a guy ladies.......she's hotter than fire and if her looks haven't cracked by now, she's got decades of being easy on the eyes ahead of her. HUBA HUBA

PS Someone needs to just come out and say this. You ladies that have kids and hate good-looking skinny chicks the rest of your lives have only yourselves to blame. I have three sisters all have had two or more kids. Now after they have their babies they go on these things called "diets" and do these things called "workouts" and they all have their bikini bodies back in two or three months.......quit being bitter at purt little sweethearts like Cameron and do something about it. Put that rage to work on the treadmill. Take it out on those little pink dumbells you girls use.

2593 days ago

Joe Tyler    

I have four kids, a wonderful loving husband and I am thin with good skin. I have no problem with pretty women. I think Liv Tyler is one of the best looking person on this earth!!!!! Halle Berry---love her!!! Cameron Diaz if not that pretty and does have rough skin. Maybe in general, she is not bad, but no great beauty!!! George was hot on the Facts of Life, but now his mouth makes him less good looking!!!! George has a yuck tummy too, if you saw his picture on TMZ a few weeks ago!!!!

2593 days ago


Big_Dutch is right on the money. Some of you girl are really hurtful. I'm a decent looking guy with a wonderful girlfriend that knows howto take care of her man, but sometimes I spank my ham to pictures ofCameron just out of respect.

2593 days ago

Goerge Bush    

I do not even have children you IDIOTS.....the woman is NOT one of the MOST beautiful women........period

2593 days ago

Goerge Bush    

I agree with #97 Diaz is creepy and not a good-looker

2593 days ago


Nobody would have thought Rock Hudson was gay, what about George?

2592 days ago


Be nice to Ms. Diaz. I bet the person calling her face ugly is even uglier. I knew Cameron back in the 80's. We hung out in the summer for several years. She is a crazy goofy chick who is all about loving every minute. She is beautiful, look at her eyes and smile. Some people have too much time on their hands.

2574 days ago
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