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8/26/2007 10:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

brangelina-1Brangelina has adopted three orphans and taken on innumerable causes, but that doesn't mean that they don't have their divalicious Hollywood moments.

Yesterday, the golden couple hosted a high power Hurricane Katrina benefit in the Hamptons, and rather than taking the highway from NYC, they arrived by helicopter, reports the Daily News.

The benefit, for Pitt's "Make it Right" project, supported rebuilding New Orleans' hard hit Ninth Ward with environmentally-friendly homes, and was attended by Hamptons queen Christie Brinkley, along with Ellen Barkin and Jimmy Buffet.

But for someone so concerned with going green, was a gas-guzzling, pollution-spewing helicopter the best mode of transportation? Probably.


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That's right!

2583 days ago


Another grand entrance for the belle of the ball!!!

2583 days ago


Of course they took a helicopter! I mean, it IS all about them right? And not really the Katrina rebuilding?

2583 days ago


How do they know it was Angelina's decision to use the helicopter. Secondly they have 4 kids in a hotel in NYC, maybe that was the fastest way to get to the event and then back. Thirdly this is hardly news. I'm sure Donald Trump takes a helicopter more times in one month, then they do in one year, why not ask donald what he's doing to the environment?

2583 days ago


me wants to fly in a whirleybird.

2583 days ago


I thought Brad and Jen were the "Golden Couple."

If so, Brad & Angie should be called something else.


2583 days ago


So what she is a grown ass woman and that's her business.

2583 days ago


#6: Umm...the Tarnished Silver Couple?

Oh ok, how bout The Adulterer and The Mistress?

2583 days ago


Yeah, sure, they should have both rode bikes to the event- that would have been very practical.
Some people only want to see the negative. How about focusing on the fact that they are helping a cause our government chooses not to help.
How about calling out all the overpaid celebs that sit on their piles of money and do nothing to help the needy.
Give me a break. Must be a slow news day.

2583 days ago


Geez, give them a break. Traffic in the Hamptons on the weeked in terrible, it would take them 3x as long to get there. They were going to a fundraiser and I am sure their appearance there would bring in a lot of extra money for their cause. When you look at the time they would save, the gas they would burn sitting in traffic, I would have taken a helicopter too! So Harvey, does this mean you WALK everywhere you go? NO of course not! You can be a care about the environment even if you ride in a helicopter-they are doing a lot for awareness and I am sure much more than YOU are!

2583 days ago

Perez Hilton    

Self serving limo liberals. No reason to get too upset, nobody takes actors or actresses seriously.

2583 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

The event was held three hours away by car from their kids who were in a hotel in NYC. The helicopter ride is 45 minutes. Being responsible parents they got to the event as quickly as possible, then went back to their kids. They did not spend the nite in the Hamptons away from their kids as many would have done. Dammed if they do, dammed if they don't. LEAVE THEM ALONE, PICK ON THOSE WHO DO NOTHING FOR ANYONE ELSE BUT THEMSELVES. All money raised at the fundraiser dinner goes toward Brad's project "Make It Right" for NOLA/Katrina assistance efforts.

2583 days ago


Ugh!! They make me sick!

2583 days ago


what's wrong with taking a helicopter to the Hamptons? the traffic getting out there is horrific- anyone with a money in NYC takes a helicopter out there. they're not being hollywood divas--they are just being practical.

2583 days ago


people not from NYC can't speak on this topic b/c they have never sat in a car for hours waiting to travel to the hamptons. it is NOT too extravagant to take a helicopter out there!

2583 days ago
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