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Nick Hogan

In Serious Car Accident

8/26/2007 10:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0827_hogan_fm_bn-1UPDATE: Nick Hogan is reportedly in serious condition, but the passenger in the car sustained more severe injuries. He is listed in critical condition.

Hulk Hogan's son, Nick, was seriously injured in a car accident tonight in Clearwater, Fla.

Law enforcement tells TMZ the accident occurred around 7:31 PM ET. According to police, a Toyota Supra, driven by Nick Bollea (Hogan's real name), was traveling at a very high rate of speed when it lost control and hit a raised median. The car was flipped around and the back end hit a palm tree. The impact, we're told, "destroyed the entire car." The two male occupants were flown by Medivac helicopter from the accident scene to a hospital in St. Petersburg. We're told both men had "very very serious" injuries.

The accident happened on Court Street, a main drag in downtown Clearwater, causing the entire street to be shut down for hours.

No 911 call was made to police. The accident was called in by an officer who rolled up right after the crash happened.


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don't know if anyone else here has posted it already but video of Hulk at the scene is on here:

2617 days ago

wa wa waa    

2617 days ago


Dear God, I hope he's all right. These kids (celebrity or not) seem to think they're invincible when they get behind a wheel. Prayers to the family and these young men involved. As bad as this is, it could have been much worse. Keep this family in your thoughts & prayers tonight, that these kids will pull through.

2617 days ago


I was kind of allways wondering why on the hogan know best Hulk is aways so worried about the kind of guys Brook dates and the focus is on her. Im like is hulk at all worried about nick driving them suped up cars ever.....After this i wonder what hulk hogans car insurance is going be like i bet you it going to be through the roof. I hope Nick is ok.....

2617 days ago


The Families will be in our prayers. It doesn't matter who's "fault" it was...people make mistakes...sometimes stupid ones. It still causes much pain and heartaches for the famlies and friends...God Bless each of you....The Waite Family

2617 days ago


We will pray for you. To the family: Be strong...he is young and will pull out of this....God bless you.

2617 days ago


I really hope he and his friend are okay. as a parent i never want to go thru what hulk and linda are going thru. I'm praying for them all.

2617 days ago


Please, God, I'm Only 17...

It was just an ordinary school day.

How I wish I had taken the bus. But I was too cool for the bus. I remember how I wheedled the car out of Mom. "Special favor," I pleaded, "All the kids drive."

When the 2:50 bell rang, I threw all my books in the locker. I was free until 8:40 tomorrow morning! I ran to the parking lot, excited at the thought of driving a car and being my own boss. Free!

It doesn’t matter how the accident happened. I was goofing off...going too fast. Taking crazy chances. But I was enjoying my freedom and having fun. The last thing I remember, I was passing an old lady who seemed to be going awfully slowly. I heard the deafening crash and felt a terrible jolt. Glass and steel flew everywhere. My whole body seemed to be turning inside out. I heard myself scream.

Suddenly it was quiet. A police officer was standing over me. There was a doctor and my body was mangled. I was saturated with blood. Pieces of jagged glass were sticking out all over. Strange that I couldn’t feel anything.

Hey, don’t pull that sheet over my head! I can’t be dead. I’m only 17. I’ve got a date tonight. I’m supposed to grow up and have a wonderful life. I haven’t even lived yet. I can’t be dead.

Later I was placed in a drawer. My folks had to identify me. Why did they have to see me like this? Why did my mother have to face the most terrible ordeal of her life? Why did Dad suddenly look like an old man? He told the man in charge, "Yes, that is my child."

The funeral was a weird experience. All my relatives and friends walked toward the casket. They passed by, one by one, and looked at me with the saddest eyes. Some of the boys were crying. A few of the girls touched my hand and sobbed as they walked away.

I wish someone could wake me up and get me out of this casket! My mom and dad are so broken up. My grandparents are so racked with grief that they can barely walk. My brothers and sisters stare ahead like zombies and move like robots. No one can believe that this happened to me.

Please don’t bury me! I have lots of living to do! I want to run and jump again. I want to laugh and sing. Please don’t put me in the ground. I promise if you give me one more chance, I’ll be the most careful driver in the whole world!

Please, God, I’m only 17!

2617 days ago

Peace Out    

I hope he is OKAY. I pray for him and his family to pull through this, not just because of their celebrity statist but because they are just human like us!!

2617 days ago

Local bird    

We were on our way back from the beach tonite when we were diverted by the roadblock for this accident, we live just a few blocks away. It's the extension of Gulf to Bay, and is a four-lane road with a nice long straight slight hill on that section, easy to speed on whether you mean to or not. Absolutely tons of police and fire engines there with what was left of a yellow supra we remembered seeing on the tv show. The few times we have seen the Hogan family in the area they have been really nice regular people. We are saying prayers for these two young people and for their families during this time of need. People make mistakes, and especially kids make bad choices sometimes. They need our prayers.

2617 days ago

Boo Hoo    

For shame, for shame, for shame.

2617 days ago


There is a reason they call it an "accident"! Maybe if you take all that energy used to place blame and ridicule and point it towards prayer for this boy and his family,something good might come from it.There was a cop on the scene almost immediately?Sounds to me like SOMEONE is watching over him for some reason.

2617 days ago


My prayers are with the hogan family

2617 days ago


Im surprised Hulk Hogan and Linda Hogan would even let 17 or 18 year old nick drive in a suped up car........But im not surprised by the car wreak nick was probably showing off on how fast the car could go and he thinks since he took a few race lessons in miami hes a pro and invincible.....

2617 days ago

We seem to think that he could've been starting his drifting career.

Then things took a turn for the worst...

2617 days ago
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