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Muscles Way to Crash Scene

8/27/2007 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A frantic Hulk Hogan got right to the scene of his son's extremely serious car crash last night, just moments after it happened.

WTVT has footage of the wrestler -- clad in his usual tank top and bandana -- talking with paramedics before his son Nick and his as yet unidentified passenger were airlifted to a nearby hospital.

TMZ has just confirmed that Hogan was discharged from the hospital early this morning.


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Born & Raised    

Been here your whole life, knows the law (NO SPEEDING/RACING). IDIOT! Grow up or get off our roads. There a placing for speeding/racing & it's not on busy street in downtown Clw. My family and I have grown up right down the street from u & your family and can't believe you'ld be this stupid. Hope things get better and you learn a serious lesson! Suspended license wouldn't hurt.

2616 days ago

Born & Raised    

You should know better

2616 days ago


SOME of these comments are completely ignorant. Why berate someone right after almost losing their life in a car accident. I am a fan of the show and Nick is like any other average young man. He may have been driving too fast so hopefully this does teach him to slow down, but that does not make him a bad kid. As far as they know he was not drunk or high unlike some of these other celebrities have been. He just made a bad decision to use excessive speed which resulted in an unfortunate accident, but that is exactly it... it was an ACCIDENT. My prayers go out to all parties involved. And TMZ very poor taste commenting on Hulk's wardrobe. Anything for a story line, huh?

2616 days ago

janet barker    

Hulk Hogan, run don't walk to the closest car dealer, and get Nick another faster and deadlier car or truck. B-real

2616 days ago


Our thoughts and prayers are with the FAMILIES. I would like to remind everyone that they people just like ourselves. Please give them the time and space needed for healing. I would think Nick was released from the hospital due to the presence of so much news media attention and would be taken better of care at home under private duties and family love. May Nick's recovery and that of his friend, be quicken. All of our prayers!

2616 days ago


For those of you who watch Hogan Knows Best - Nick is a drift car racer and has been doing this for over a year now. What other teen in America do you know that doesnt try to test the limits with their driving? It happens to everyone and in this unfortunate case, it happened to Nick Hogan - God Bless he and his friend...

2616 days ago

fa fa fol fly    


2616 days ago


Nick may drive "professionally" but if you know that you also know that his driving skills (or lack of) are usually the worst on the track. His lack of experience, responsibility and proper judgment are painfully displayed from his recent accident. There are few 17 year olds mature enough to drive muscle cars responsibly on public streets, CLEARLY Nick is NOT one of them!

2616 days ago


Please retract your comments about Hogan's attire when he arrived at the scene. It's irresponsible, even for TMZ.

2616 days ago


Thank you, TMZ, for taking those crass comments about the father's attire off this posting.

2616 days ago


My thoughts and prayers are w/nick and his family on this rough time.

2616 days ago


didn't his house get robbed earlier this week?damn hulkster,what the heck is going on?

2616 days ago


You are the ignorant one. It’s not an accident when it's caused by someone driving, as the police reported, at a high rate of speed. Mika, you're an idiot! This "accident" was completely avoidable you moron!

2616 days ago


Was he released to home or to another hospital? I hope he and his passenger make a full recovery. That street that they wrecked on is close to his home so I am sure his dad just ran out of the house in whatever he was wearing.
Good luck Hogans/Grazianos, I hope they are ok.

Jen, a neighbor in Clearwater.

2616 days ago


Another celeBRATy having yet ANOTHER accident. Nick better hope dude doesn't die or he's in an even bigger situation.

Why would his PARENTS let a 17 year old KID that has no real driving experience other than on a track, have a supercharged Supra in the first place?
Sure, they may be good parents- but a high performance car- 17 year old KID with little experience....
Probably out showing off... then he goes and pulls a head on tree shot.

Seems to be the thing to do. Locally- new High School grads around here usually wind up with a new Mustang, Jeep, Vette, or some other super performance sports car......
then their parents are (gasp) shocked when their kid and their friends end up road pizza splattered all over the road.....


2616 days ago
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