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Nick Hogan: Speed Demon!

8/27/2007 6:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taking into account the last twelve months, anyone could have seen Nick Hogan's high speed car crash coming -- from a mile away! *beep, beep* Get out the way!

Since September 2006 17-year-old Nicky has been busted three times for unlawful speeding, and gotten four points on his license! Nick has been caught doing 115 mph in 70 mile zone, 57 in a 30, and 106 in a 70! Quite a record for someone who only got their license last year!

TMZ caught darling Nicky last December outside the Ivy restaurant, peeling out of a spot in his brand new Viper -- as his proud mama Linda looked on. If Nick keeps it up, he could grow up to be the next Lindsay Lohan!


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WTF?!?!? He should have had his license revoked. Now his friend will probably he physically disabled because of his selfishness and recklnessness. I hope the other family sues their pants off!!!

2611 days ago


maybe he should consider becoming a NASCAR racer!!!

2611 days ago

E. Sellers    

Either that or dead.

2611 days ago


we are all praying for john and the family ! god bless you through this rough time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to the family keep the faith and all of u please keep praying god can create miracles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2611 days ago


Catch a CAB or take the BUS DOOSCHEBAG!

2611 days ago


We are all praying for john's recovery and hope that the family will sustain through this tremoucios time please everyone pray will true sincerity you'll find it really work's !

2611 days ago


Terry must be so proud of his loser son.

2611 days ago


Nick Hogan needs a year in jail. Or how about all the DUI celebs have to wipe each other's asses for 6 months?

2611 days ago


How about putting Terry Hogan in jail for not doing something about his menace kid.

2611 days ago


why did his parents continue to let him drive?????

2611 days ago


Just because he has been caught speeding does not make him a loser. He has made some bad decisions but at least he was not on drugs or alochol. we should not be too hard on the kid.

2611 days ago

Perez Hilton    

The product of careful parenting. Great job, Hogans.

2611 days ago


yea suprisingly his liscense is revoked or suspended by now. his driving skills don't speak much better on the race track either. check out the vids on youtube of him racing.

2611 days ago

Fed Up    

What is it with these spoiled ass rich kids....Do they think that they can get by with anything???? Well I think that its time for Daddy&Mommy to step in and take away the damn play toys until he is responsible enough to handle a little grown up responsibilities such as DRIVING..Quit buying the kids like these high speed cars(DRIVERS CAN KILL THE INNOCENT) Do everyone a favor Terry and get that boy in hand before he does end up behind bars(but then what would it matter,he would get the ever so growing trend of STAR TREATMENT BEHIND BARS)

2611 days ago

Jack Ass    

Its the steroids fault for his aggressive driving

2611 days ago
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