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Angelina: Iraq and Roll

8/28/2007 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Globe-trotting, tattooed do-gooder, Angelina Jolie, swapped the tony Hamptons to visit war torn Iraq. The United Nations Refugee Agency Goodwill Ambassador is in Iraq visiting refugees displaced by the war, and will also visit US troops.
Jolie with the Troops
As reported by People, Jolie arrived in Iraq on Tuesday after visiting Syria on Monday. TMZ contacted the United Nations, who told us that Jolie was traveling sans entourage on her humanitarian mission.

The photo, from OK! Magazine, was sent in by the mother of a US Marine from Denver. It was taken today in Iraq.

The UN was responsible for travel arrangements, and said they wouldn't comment on security measures taken to protect Jolie. Travel arrangements for special ambassadors typically take two weeks to prepare, but in the case of Ange, the agency needed a whole month. Jolie will return to Damascus this evening, then back to Brad and their precious brood.


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What is she going to do or accomplish, for that matter, over there? Just show her supposed pretty face?

She's only doing this for the press.

2579 days ago


Oh, and by the way, I think she's all for show and I can't stand her. Visiting Syria? And saying what? Surely she didn't even come close to critcizing a repressive, terror aiding government. And what does she do? She goes to Africa and never, ever brings up the rampant corruption in countries where most forces, be they government, military or say countries like China, are working to further destroy the lives of their suffering peoples.

2579 days ago


Angelina Jolie UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Fact Sheet
􀂾 In early 2001, Angelina Jolie approached the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) asking how she could help refugees. She wanted to learn more about humanitarian field operations. Shortly after spending a day in briefings with UNHCR in Washington DC, she was on her way to Ivory Coast, Tanzania and Sierra Leone, where she spent several weeks meeting refugees and working with UNHCR field staff.
􀂾 During the summer of 2001 she travelled with UNHCR through Cambodia (July) and later spent a week with Afghan refugees in Pakistan (August). On August 27, Jolie was named UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, accepting the responsibility of meeting with and advocating for the protection of refugees on five continents.
􀂾 For over five years, Jolie has travelled with UNHCR to remote and desolate regions, meeting refugees and field workers in some 20 countries and regions including Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Cambodia, Thailand, Ecuador, Kenya, Namibia, Kosovo, Sri Lanka, the Russian Federation, Jordan, Egypt, Chad, Sudan’s Darfur region, Lebanon, India and Costa Rica.
She has kept journals during several of her missions. Journals of her first four missions were published two years ago in a book, “Notes from My Travels, Visits with Refugees in Africa, Cambodia, Pakistan and Ecuador” (October 2003, Simon and Schuster).
􀂾 Her more recent field visit journals are published on UNHCR’s international website (
􀂾 REFUGEE RIGHTS – Children & Schools: In addition to her field work, Jolie is a dedicated advocate for refugee rights, meeting with senior government officials in many countries. She is also active with schools and promotion of UNHCR’s education materials.
For the past four years, she has been the honorary patron of the annual World Refugee Day school poster contest in the United States and in 2004 was honorary patron of the Greek Schools Essay Contest on refugee issues, in partnership with the Ministry of Education.
In March 2005, she was the guest of honour with General Colin Powell at the USA for UNHCR/Kuwait – America Foundation Benefit Dinner raising $1 million for Iraqi refugee women and children. On that occasion, she announced the opening of the new National Center for Refugee and Immigrant Children, and continued her advocacy for the right of unaccompanied children seeking asylum in the US, with meetings on Capitol Hill.
In May 2006, Jolie supported a nationwide event in Sweden dubbed "Operation A Day's Work", held every year by the Swedish Student Organisation to fund an educational project in a developing country. This year's beneficiaries were
Congolese refugee children who attend UNHCR's schools at the Gihembe refugee camp in Rwanda. She thanked participating high school students in an open letter, which was widely published by the Swedish press. Nearly 80,000 Swedish teenagers from some 250 high schools participated in the campaign, raising more than $750,000, with other campaign projects set for late 2006.
􀂾 WORLD REFUGEE DAY (20 JUNE): Jolie is an active participant in World Refugee Day on 20 June each year, hosting public events and speaking to the media about her concern for refugees. On 16 June 2004, she launched a five-day series of World Refugee Day events in Washington DC, with UNHCR and Secretary of State Colin Powell as well as several other senior government officials. Jolie is lobbying for and sponsoring a project with UNHCR in the United States which will help ensure legal counsel and assistance to unaccompanied minors seeking asylum.
After this she travelled to Barcelona for World Refugee Day events with UNHCR and many prestigious guests in the context of the Barcelona Forum. On the evening of 20 June 2004, she was guest of honour at the Nansen Refugee Award ceremony.
On 15 June 2005, Jolie launched multiple World Refugee Day activities in Washington D.C. together with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who provided protection to people fleeing the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. She also met with US Senators on Capitol Hill seeking support for urgent refugee relief and protection operations.
For World Refugee Day in 2006, Jolie appeared in a 30-second TV spot and urged the world not to forget refugees. Her message was broadcast around the world in public service time. She was also the featured guest in a two-hour interview with CNN, which was broadcast on World Refugee Day. She expressed her concern for refugees and talked about her field travels and experiences as UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.
􀂾 BUSINESS LEADERS: In January 2005, Jolie participated in the 2005 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland. She was participated in panel sessions leading discussions about corporate action

2579 days ago


jealousy is very ugly. you all know you just want to be her.

2579 days ago

baby girl    


2579 days ago


I just can't get past the feeling Angelina is not authentic or genuine. I suppose it is her past that keeps reminding me she is a phony or nut-job. As the saying goes... the best predictor of the future is the past. In any case, I don't respect her nor Brad, I wish the best for the 4 kids, but honestly I do wish they would fade off into the sunset and do there good deeds quietly like a good majority of celebs.

2579 days ago


well for sure it is america fault, who lied to go to war with iraq, USA AND BRITAIN LIED to go kill innocent iraqi for their oil and to gain worldwide power, ANGELINA I LOVE YOU, ur one American that I love and I will always respect. GOD BLESS U ANGEL

2579 days ago


Umm. What exactly was so humanitarian about getting her knobby bones in THEIR newspapers?

2579 days ago


y a w n

this is boring. the whole brangelina thing is boring....but not as boring as maniston.

2579 days ago


Didnt she make a comment a few months ago that she was going to quit doing movies and stay home with her kids?

2579 days ago


What kind of sad, pathetic people have to sit around on this blog and say nasty things about a women is trying to do some good in this world. I think there are a lot of jealous women out there that should focus on their own tired lives instead of saying stupid things about a woman they don't even know. What I like about Angie and Brad is that they don't care what ignorant people say about their life together. They stay above this idiocy.

2579 days ago


A total wreck..This women can't stay in one place anymore...She changed her heroin addiciton to the addiction of jumping from one place to the other. I mean in 2 days, what can she really do to "save" those people? This trip looks to me more like a compulsive behavior not a humanitarian act.

She is the mother of 4 children and they need a home, not a permanent vacation...... It seems like she is the only Hollywood celebritity who is incapable of given her own children stability and a permanent home. Think about. You are 6, 3, 1 year old and the only bed that you know are the ones of expensive hotels, the only home are different countries, the only room, private jets. Isn't that a little sick? Why so many people praise her for her "good job with the kids". It's all the contrary, she is creazy, her behavior is creazy.

Hey Angie, very nice that you decided to go to Irak and see the refugees and our troops "privetly", but remember, your son Mattox is already 6. He should be in a school. Stop acting like a freak.

I know, I know, some things never really change, right?

2579 days ago


Well at least shes not dragging the poor kids with her, Im sure she'll go back in a couple months so that Zahara can pick her next playmate.

2579 days ago


LaLeslie: Why dont you write a freakin book, do you think anyone is gonna read that mess?

2579 days ago


Angelina is a wonderful person. Besides being beautiful she is very giving. she has beautiful children and a hunk of a man to boot. God Bless You and You Family

2579 days ago
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