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Owen Pushed to Edge by Close Pal?

8/28/2007 9:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Owen Wilson may have lost it over the weekend after a "vicious quarrel" with a close friend -- though there's no word on who that friend might be.

The otherwise affable Owen, reports the New York Post, went off the deep end Sunday just after noon, and just after a "vicious quarrel with an unidentified friend." He was discovered at home by a "stunned family member," says the Post. Neither authorities nor reps would confirm reports that Wilson had attempted suicide.

As TMZ showed you yesterday, Wilson was visited by brother Andrew and actor pal Samuel L. Jackson.

Brit, LiLo, Paris Diss Teen "Award"

The unholy trinity of celebdom -- Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton -- was all set to get an award at the "Teen Choice Awards" on FOX Sunday night, but, according to Page Six, none of the girls dared to show up.

"There was originally going to be a 'Newsmakers of the Year' award" nominating the celebuwrecks for their jail-riding, head-shaving, rehab-hopping ways, says an insider. "[But] all the publicists went crazy on FOX, and they just scrapped the category." Their competition for the Newsmaker of the Year? Larry Birkhead and Sanjaya Malakar. Britney, of course, made her not-so-triumphant return to the world at last year's "Teen Awards," where she introduced her then-husband Kevin Federline's also not-so-triumphant rap debut.

Party Favors: Madonna Leads Pilgrims to Promised Land ... Cooper and Esposito Finalize Divorce ... No More Wonder Bread for Tinseltown

Madonna and family are doing the Holy Land again, making a Kabbalah-led trek to Israel for the Rosh Hashanah next month. They'll be going with thousands of students of the Kabbalah Center ... and pals like Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, and Donna Karan, reports the Jerusalem Post. ... Actor pair Jennifer Esposito and Bradley Cooper have agreed to end their four-month marriage, reports People, with the divorce effective in November. ... The Los Angeles Times reports that the totem of the WASP diet, Wonder Bread, will be leaving Southern California store shelves after Wonder's parent company has decided to stop making it. For many years there was a Wonder Bread bakery right in Beverly Hills.


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owen, meet me for a beer at chez jay as soon as you get home. I have the 310 G Kush
rolled and ready.

2591 days ago


My God--all of you are so consumed with these shallow La La Land loonies. The REAL issue is---WONDER BREAD IS COMING OFF THE SHELVES! Please tell me this is just in Southern Ca. (where they MUST stay very thin)and not on the East Coast. I'm sick just thinking about it.

2591 days ago


Religion is a crutch for the weak.

2591 days ago


good luck in your recovery owen.

2591 days ago


#32, so are anonymous postings.

2591 days ago


What??? Wonderbread can't compete anymore? When we were kids we used it as playdough. Take the crust off, roll it into a ball, and hurl it as your fellow diners. Hilarity ensues. Kabbalah is a new age pleasure the way it's being touted. I'm not crazy about houses of worship with large marquis style signs and/or a gift store when you walk into the reception area...hit me AFTER you convince me. I looked into it before Madonna and I don't like how it's been carted around as a celebrity thing.

2591 days ago


Who has a fight with a friend and then tries to kill themselves. That just doesn't sound right..back to the drawing board TMZ.

Posted at 10:10AM on Aug 28th 2007 by Darlene

Maybe alcohol is the missing link in the story. It wouldn't be the first time someone pulled a stunt like this after a long drinking session, and not every time ends in a second chance. I'd like to say I didn't know of a case in point, but I do.

2591 days ago


Wish him well in his recovery. Maybe while he's in the hospital they can do something about that nasal voice of his. I can't watch him in movies because of it. Do wish him a speedy recovery though.

2591 days ago


I'm so very sorry to hear this. Owen Wilson is absolutely one of my favorite actors, and I would have never guessed that he had depression issues. I feel a lot for him...I suffer from a bit of the same, and have worked very hard to overcome my own issues. I am a successful businesswoman, but that's come after lots of hard work. I wish him the very best in every thing. And with a loving family and lots of friends around him to help, he can come through this better, healthier, stronger. Hang in there, Owen! My thoughts and prayers are truly with you at this time!

2591 days ago


Sad that these celebs have everything at their disposal, yet are still unhappy! We see it everyday, unfortunately fame and fortune can't buy true happiness. As for Owen Wilson, I'm sure he's thankful that his family stepped in to help him..... He's very talented, and it would be a tragedy if he were to leave this life prematurely.

2591 days ago


shame on that guy who said for owen to do it right the next time!! as a big fan of owen wilson my husband and i was so sad to hear about is attempted suicide! i just hope he gets the help he needs and overcomes all of this! we love you owen! be strong! looking forward to your next movie!!

2591 days ago


I am shocked and dismayed at the COLD, CALLOUS comments about Owen Wilson alleged suicide attempt, for someone to drive themselves to that point of despondency is hard for those to understand, shows the level of shallow people that lack empathy and love for thier fellow man. My suggestion would be to become educated, when the seratoin in your body is at the level that would enable you to harm yourself, really you have no control and you see this as the only way to relive the pain, physical too not just emotional. Listen America it is because of this man's talent, humor and zest for life that at some point has saved a few lost souls a time of two, GIVE THE MAN REPSECT AND PRIVACY HE DESERVES!!!!!!

2591 days ago


I highly doubt Owen Wilson just decided to commit suicide over a fight with a friend. Most people who are relatively sane would not entertain such thoughts over something such as a fight or a broken fingernail. While he may seem affable and goofy in public, Mr. Wilson was probably severly depressed all along. I hope he gets better and that he realizes that life is a wonderful, and sometimes painful, trip that should never be taken for granted.

2590 days ago

with compassion    

I do not see Owen Wilson as a celebrity, I see him as a human being who is hurting. Please people. take this opportunity to open your hearts and send some love his way. Would you want any less for your own friends and family? Think about it.

2589 days ago
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