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Prayer Vigil

For Hogan Friend

8/30/2007 2:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An emotional prayer vigil was held yesterday in Clearwater, Fla. for John Graziano, the 22-year-old marine who was critically injured in Nick Hogan's car crash on Sunday night.

"He is still in very critical condition, but coming out little by little. He is in the ICU and we need people to continue to pray," said Ashley Berry, Graziano's girlfriend. Also in attendance, Graziano's sister Christian, who said, "We have complete faith that he is going to recover and be completely fine." No one from the Hogan family showed up at the vigil, but Ashley said they have been by Graziano's bedside since the accident.

Local defense attorney J. Kevin Hayslett has been hired by the Hogan family. TMZ contacted him today but he refused to comment on the investigation.


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2548 days ago

The Truth    

Nick Hogan Better be praying his friend doesn't die. That's a manslaughter charge if he does.

2548 days ago


All of these comments in posts of this tragedy remind me of villagers carrying torches and weapons, chanting, "kill the beast. kill the monster."

How quick everyone is to judge someone based on sketchy news reports at best.
Yes, the driver has been identified as Nick Hogan. Yes, this kid has gotten away with driving way too fast in the past.
However, in a time where celebukids are doing drugs and drinking, this kid was not under the influence of anything- just guilty of wreckless driving.
Not to take away the seriousness of it, but I guarantee that all of you throwing stones have received at least a ticket or two for speeding, and if not that, I can promise that each of you have done something in your past whose actions could have created a tragedy if for one momentary slip in time.
Quit tossing stones in glass houses!
Nobody is an innocent being in the world we live in today - NOBODY IS WITHOUT SIN!

I hope that John recovers fast and gets back to a normal life - a life where he has chosen dangerous paths to take before. Just remember, he was in that car as well, riding shotgun with Nick - and you can bet he was cheering him on to go faster. I have no doubt that at no point did John, himself, say, "Hey, Nick.. pull over and let me out, you're driving to fast." Two boys in one car, one driving, while the other encouraged him on.

2548 days ago


#3 shaleewa

"just quilty of wreckless driving"

That statement alone is enough to tell us you are an idiot!

2548 days ago


Unless Nick took that car without permission (which I highly doubt) Terry and Linda should lose thier asses in this one.

They allowed him, encouraged him, and promoted his dangerous behaviour.

2548 days ago

Boo Hoo    

#3. The public has every right to be angry of this situation. This kid if you have not heard has had four speeding tickets in less than on year, not to mention he has been left off for speeding with just verbal warnings several times. People need to speak out and make an example of this situation. Maybe other lives will be spared as of a result of it. I am just glad that the palm tree took the biggest impact of this accident or who knows how many other INNOCENT people could have been hurt or killed. IT IS A BIG DEAL. He should of had his license revoked ages ago. Celebrity status cannot keep saving these kids from justice. It is not fair to the law-abiding citizens that are at risk. It has gone to far!!

2548 days ago


Everybody assumes that it was just Nick... I feel bad for the other guy that was in the car, but I read that he was an adrenaline junkie. If this is true, he may have been encouraging Nick to race. Even if he wasn't encouraging him... I highly doubt that he was begging him to slow down. It was a sad, tragic event that happened because two kids that were way too immature to have access to a vehicle like that were driving in it.

2548 days ago


Nick do not listen to anyone but your heart. If the shoe was on the other foot it would be the other guy they would be down on. It was a total accident and one that could of been prevented but it Wasn't. Our thoughts and prayers go out to both family believe in miracles because they happen every day

2548 days ago


Our thoughts & prayers are with you and your family. This tragedy was sooooooooo wrong and soooooooooooo immature & stupid. I hope your brother fully recovers.

2548 days ago


I agree - it is a HUGE deal. I don't care who you are, you shouldn't be putting other lives at risk. He should go to jail for this.

Whether drinking, or driving too fast, or on drugs - it's all the same to me. He needs to go to jail and have his license revoked.

2548 days ago


yeah. what #6 said! It is really unfair and NO i have never gotten a ticket for anything. if Nick had any responsibility or brains, he would know better. but he doesn't because everything has been handed to him.

How come they all have the tool$$$$ and no one teaches these kids properly? And now his friend is in the ICU. Nice. They could have shown up to the vigil....instead? LAWYER UP, BROTHER!!!!!!

2548 days ago


To Shaleewa,
Don't be so apparent with your ignorance. If this was the first incident, everyone would be wishing Nick the best along with John. But this ignorant, spoiled brat has had 3 very serious speeding infractions in 1 year!!!! And he is only 17, do you understand the severity of his. The shi! is going to be falling on the police who have allowed him to get away with all of this, and it is going to pour on Linda and Terry. Rightfully so! Where was Linda and Terry with the previous 3 infractions. One of them alone should have suspended his lisence. If you are not yet convinced, read on TMZ where Nick gives a interveiw in 'rides" magazine. If you are still then not convinced then go sit in front of his car so you can spare the rest of our lives.

2548 days ago


To # 3 - by Shaleewa

Your a complete idiot who has guilt issues, Your using this tragedy to justify and it is cruel. Your post makes no logical sense and the law will attest to that.

How dare you compare a speeding ticket of a domestic auto driver with someone drag racing in a supra!

100 miles over the speed limit is not a ticket many here have receive of that I am certain.

The driver of the auto is fully responsible as only they have control of the gas peddle and break don't be a complete idiot in your attempts to justify.

This is a site where people vioce their thoughts, Your reacting as if you are already in the court room preparing your weak defense.

2548 days ago


maybe someone should ask the Clearwater police as to why they won't release the name of the driver of the silver dodge viper that Nick was racing at the time. could it be because that car is registered to Hulk Hogan?

could it possibly be because the Hulkster was racing his son when the son lost control?

could it be that the Clearwater police are hiding this and trying to sweep it under the carpet because Hulk Hogan is a celebrity and a major contributor to the economy of Clearwater?

why was Hulk Hogan at the scene within minutes when he was supposedly over a half hour away on a friends boat at a beach bar called Shephards?

who knew that it was Nick Hogan and to call Hulk Hogan? did Nick call daddy? and if Nick didn't call daddy moneybags, who has Hulk Hogans number on speed dial and knew to call him immediately after the accident?

why were there reps from Hogans lawyers office there on the scene within an hour or so of the accident trying to reconstruct the crime?

why is Nick Hogans attorney a DUI specialist?

why does John's girlfriend say they were "just going to dinner" .. who drives this fast to dinner?

why are the Clearwater police saying there was no speeding involved? They do realize the car physically left the ground and was airborne right?

why does it seem the Clearwater police are making every attempt possible to hide something.. perhaps protect certain local celebrities?

so many questions... so few answers.... actually no answers.

all that matters truthfully... is get well soon John. get well soon. Nick... you can kiss your freedom goodbye once all the facts come out about this case. ... and daddy moneybags is probably in for a world of hurt too. in all actual reality though... nikki will only get a smack on the wrist.. at the expense of daddy moneybags wallet paying for all this attorney time.

and goodluck on your new wrestling company you are trying to create Hulkster... BROTHER!!!

2548 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

O K Nick what have you learned from this???????? Now the place you were trying to get to is it still there???? Feel kinda stupid don't you....... was it worth it? I am praying for your friend to recover 100% with no permanent injuries.... what if this was you laying up in the hospital lifeless... what would Mr. Hulkster do then... You have just lost the 2 fans that you had... Butthead... speeding is not worth it.. next time you have the need to speed go to a race track!!
Your parents should get you a scooter!!

2548 days ago
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