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Woody & Soon-Yi: Strange Love

8/30/2007 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ten years after their marriage, the bizarre, passionate love affair between Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn is as strong as ever! Mama Mia!

The 71-year-old director and his rapidly aging 36-year-old baby mama strolled the streets of gay ol' Paree with their gargantuan friend/driver Nicolas on Wednesday. The circus has officially come to town! Woody tried going incognito in a bucket hat, while Soon-Yi kept it real ... unfortunate ... in her mom jeans! It's hard out here for the sexy adopted daughter of your longtime ex!

Woody & Soon-Yi prove the only bond stronger than father and daughter -- is husband and wife!


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doggy dog    

Now that is one discusting couple! Gee I raised u as a daughter then I fell in love with u and married u YUCK! Is this legal? Incest? Pedophile? What the heck?

2613 days ago

Miriam Shutes    

Woody and Soon-Yi... she was a mere child when the two of them got together. This only goes to show one how sick this arrangement is because any self-respecting gentleman would have realized that it could never be. Perverted coupling, if you ask me!

2613 days ago

Boston Kate    

His affair with his girlfriend's teenage daughter aside, he is a miserable, whiney , self-centered, bastard.

2613 days ago


I'm not so sure those or mom jeans. They could just be the new high-waisted ones. In that case, she would be considered very of the moment. Maybe TMZ needs to get with the trends.

2613 days ago

valley woman    

I thnk a young girl who is interested in an old man has some kind of mental problem to begin with. Maybe wanted a grandfather. The old guy is the grandfather she never had, etc.
Any old guy would probably like to have a young wife but what kind of young girl wants an old gas bag for a lover or husband?
She is weirder than he is.

2613 days ago


What in the world would possess a daughter, to do what this girl did to Mia? And yes, she was a child when Woody was with Mia....who cares if he was not her stepfather? It was sick then, and it is sick now. Living off the miseries of others. I hope that gross old man was worth destroying your relationship with your mother Soon-Yi.

2613 days ago


How can Hollywood give him any respect. This guy is sick, sick, sick.

2613 days ago


Many of you here are forgetting that Mia and Woody had a biological son together named Satchel, who now goes by the name of Seamus, I think. He is a child prodigy and graduated from Yale at something like 18.

The boy's got common sense. He hasn't seen or spoken to Woody since the scandal broke.

And doesn't anyone remember that Woody slept with Mariel Hemingway when she was 17 and he was 42 ?

What a weirdo. !

2613 days ago

Oh Canada    

Dani948? Are you for effing real.

If you're in a long term relationship with a woman, a woman who also give birth to a baby fathered by you, then effing her other children (adopted) or not is off limits. There are boundaries that should not be crossed.

Little/young girls develop physically/mentally faster than little boys; fatherless little girls/young girls may love the attention their mother's boyfriend lavish on them, they may even seek it out; but in no way does a little girl/young girl expects it to turn sexual.

What Woody Allen did was/is disgusting, and it's a shame he hasn't been shunned by the industry. It's should never be okay to rob a young girl or boy of their childhood.

"Soon-yi would start flirting with him and doing her thing". What did she do? That's blaming a child because a grown man cannot keep his hands to himself. Like Oprah said about her own situation, "it should matter if I was dancing naked in front of him, I was a child".

2613 days ago

Oh Canada    

Omitted a word in my previous post.

What did she do? That's blaming a child because a grown man
cannot keep his hands to himself. Like Oprah said about her own
situation, "it should not matter if I was dancing naked in front of him,
I was a child".

2613 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Woody's little woody can not get as hard as a wood any more! Its stays limp and even
viagara does not help. He needs Nicolas to take care of Soon Yi under his watchfull

2613 days ago


Let's be realistic - Soon Yee or whatever, couldn't possibly be Woody Allens' daughter biologically.

2613 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Woody is a pervert and Soon Yi was old enough to know right from wrong and if Woody
was making any moves on her she could have told Mia Farrow, but she chose not to.
She is at fault by 30% but it is too late now. She is still with him for whatever reasons,
maybe it is money or maybe it is love or maybe a mixture of both. Who the hell really cares

2613 days ago


Sorry but this comes off as congratulatory.
Congratulations on schtooping your little girl, your adopted daughter.

Very sick stuff!
You can line him up with Michael Jackson, the director of Powder and the R Kelly.
All sikkos!

2613 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    


They make me SICK.

PERVERT and LOW LIFE "daughter"

They should be ashame and carma is a *itch.

Watch out lady - he might sleep with your child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2613 days ago
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