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Nick's Mom -- I Didn't Dump the Dog!

8/31/2007 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Carter's mom, Jane, tried to explain how her son's beloved pit bull ended up in a shelter -- but the credibility of her excuse is just slightly less believable than "The dog ate my homework."

Jane Carter called the MJ Morning Show to slam our story from Wednesday as "baloney," claiming that she gave Layla, a pit bull mix, to a "friend of her husband" to keep at his kennel. Then, she says, the dog escaped from the kennel, though this kennel-owner "friend" apparently didn't notice the dog was gone until animal services picked it up and took it to the shelter in Hernando County.

Mama Carter -- who's had plenty of public tiffs with Nick -- also made some excuse about not having a phone and the dog not being well trained, even though we're told that Nick spent $7,000 to train Layla.

Meanwhile, Carter also took the chance to accuse Ranelle Black, the woman who originally rescued the dog back in L.A. and got the alert that she was missing, of trying to hijack money from Nick.

In a statement to TMZ, Black blasted Mama Carter's claims,saying:

"Regarding Jane Carter's comment of "trying to hijack money from Nick", there is absolutely no basis for her egregious accusation. I have been working with Nick to facilitate the return of Layla to him without any thought or request for compensation of any kind.

Nick and his representatives and I have been discussing the best way to bring Layla back to Nick in LA. This can be confirmed either with Nick directly or his representatives. I have dedicated my life to rescuing and sheltering dogs and have done so not only without compensation, but at great personal expense. I have neither sought nor pursued any public attention to the work that I do."

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gimme dat dog. I give it a real nice home... I be a a$$wipe.

2612 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Wes - I hear what your saying. I think pitbulls can't help but be vicious. It's just part of their genetics. I don't think they make a great family pet. The only people who own them either want to use them as fighting dogs, attack dogs, or just want people to think they are bad asses because they own a bull. I probably would not go as far as irradicating the entire species. They could be work dogs - at jails, etc. They could eat any of the jailbirds trying to escape.

2612 days ago

Merry Christmas    

amy (18/19), you are a hypocrite. You just threatened someone with your pitbulls. How stupid are you? You only add to the pitbull stereotype. Nothing better than an angry pitbull owner.

2612 days ago

Sarah Silverman Looks Like a Beast    


You sound pretty backwards.
How’s it hanging in Alabama? Have you scored with your Mom yet?

2612 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Why can't Nick fly to wherever and pick up his dog?

2612 days ago


It's not the dog itself, or even the breed. It's a**holes that raise those dogs to fight that create the pit bulls everyone is afraid of. But if raised in a caring environment and not trained to fight, those dogs can be just as lovable as ever. I think any breed of dog can be raised in an abusive way and will turn violent. There was a story not too long ago about two Siberian Huskies that killed an infant. Blame the deed, not the breed!

2612 days ago


Nick Carter should be taking care of his own dog if he wants to own one. His mother didn't "sign on" to give birth to him and take care of his dog too! It's his responsibility, not hers.

2612 days ago


My opinion of Nick Carter is that he is a decent young man who really cares about his family. I have a dog and I would be very upset if my mother acted so irresponsibily when I trusted her to care for my precious pup. At the very least, I would hope that she would notify me immediately if something had gone awry! Nick has taken on the responsibility of being the man of his family and I think it's a shame that his mom didn't take better care of his Layla (great name by the way!). I hope that Nick and Layla have already been reunited and that he can forgive his mother who will hopefully do much better by him and Layla in the future. I wish them the best.

2612 days ago


Wow... reading all of your comments is absolutely comical!
How about spending more time on your own lives instead of bashing each other?

Regarding the Carter situation, come on... The fact that Mama Carter is now accusing Ranelle Black of anything is beyond belief! This entire situation just goes to show the power and ignorance of Hollywood and the press. Please leave Ranelle alone..

2612 days ago


Okay to Wes and Mom #17 and #18, have you ever done any research on a pit bull, did you know that Petey from the Little Rascals is a pitbull, yeah he was real viscious, they let him work with kids. It is not the breed it is ignorant people like Michael Vick that teach these dogs to be this way, any dog can have the tendency to be viscious. Pitbulls that are raised by drug dealers and other people with shady dealings are raised that way. I would rather be around my pitbull McKenzie then my neighbors chihuahua, that is a viscious dog he bites everybody. I know more people that have been bit by poodles, yorkies and chihuahuas then any pitbull. How would you like to be stereotyped because of a few bad apples in your race?

2612 days ago


PS...His dog Layla is much better looking than his old girlfriend, Paris Hilton...

2612 days ago


The name "Nick" is an idiot !
Clean your mess and get it over it.
Pitbulls are suck, they're not pet, they're killer.

2612 days ago


I've asked my mom many times when I'm out of town to look after my pets. It has nothing to do with me being lazy or irresponsible. If his mom didn't want to do it, she should've just said no. And pit bulls can be the sweetest when they're raised to love, not fight. Being against pit bulls as a breed is like being racists or sexist. You can't blame the entire group for the acts of a few.

2612 days ago


Hey #16- Wes, #17- Mom, #24- Niecy and #29- you idiot!: Listen to yourselves!!!!

1. Just because it is a pitbull doesnt mean that it is a mean dog. It is who raises it and how you raise the dog. Kind of like when you have kids. You dont treat them right or dicipline them when they have done something wrong, then it may end up being your worst nightmare!!!

2. How can you sit there and lie and say you have NEVER EVER asked your mom, dad, sister, brother etc. to watch an animal for you? I dont believe it. Unless you are not a human who doesnt go on vacations or business trips. His mom AGREED to watch the dog for him!!! He was even going to pay her.

Nick you are a hard worker and I have been a fan for years!!! Love ya! And GOOD LUCK to you and Layla!!!

2612 days ago


Watch this and learn something about the true nature of pit bulls - the title is misleading:

2612 days ago
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