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Baby Blunder

9/3/2007 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen may know what do to in front of the camera, but off camera, not so much.

This past week, the Brazilian bombshell's boyfriend, Tom Brady, allegedly phoned Petit Tresor, an upscale children's boutique in L.A., and had them ship several gifts to his estranged ex/baby mama Bridget Moynahan. Brady ditched a pregnant Moynahan to date Bundchen.

Bundchen also called in an order for Moynahan, reports Gatecrasher. The luxe $1,000 gift basket included a teeny tiny onesie with the word "supermodel' written across it -- a small, tacky reminder of her ex's current flame.

Katie Joel: A Whiter Shade of Pale

Bad Boy hip hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs moved his annual White Party from swank St. Tropez to "just eh" East Hampton, N.Y., but that didn't mean he was relaxing the rules -- wear all white or you'll be shown the door.

Most of the "Making the Band"-maker 's friends -- including Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, Donna Karan and Ashley Olsen -- complied. But former "Top Chef" host Katie Joel, wife of piano man Billy Joel, made a fashion faux pas when she showed up in cream, not white. The horror!

Combs' party police cited Joel for a violation, and requested that she change her outfit in order to attend the fete. Joel opted to go home instead.

Martha's Neighbor's Sing Out -- Again

Martha, Martha, Martha! The battle over Katonah, the town where Martha Stewart lives, rages on. Stewart is planning to trademark the name of the town for an upcoming line of furniture and home products, but Katonah residents aren't thrilled with the idea.

Town resident Marc Black previously penned an anti-Martha song, and now another local band, The Advanced Placement Band, are getting in on the act with a song called "The Katonah," reports Page Six.

What are some of the lyrics? "K-Town doesn't need Martha Stewart Living/or any of the bad press that you've been giving/You preheat our ovens for bagels and lox/I hope they don't burn to a crisp like your stocks." Ooh, burn!

Party Favors...Almost Famous Adrian Carded...

Don't you know who I am?! "Entourage" star Adrian Grenier plays a super famous celeb on TV, but that doesn't mean he gets to be one in real life. Page Six reports that Grenier was in N.Y. and showed up at a Lower East Side dive bar the other night with a small, uh, entourage -- and was carded by a clueless door guy. Grenier cordially handed over his license before partying all night with friends.


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Ah Gisele, how totally tacky you are to send that. A T shirt for you to wear that says "I'M TACKY" sounds nice. Perhaps Tom can wear one that says "I'M WITH TACKY."

Reminds me of the also-tacky homewrecker, Julia Roberts, who boldly and fondly wore that A LOW VERA shirt to insult her lover's wife.

Some women have no class...and deserve every kick in the teeth that they'll eventually get. Newsflash, honey: Attractiveness doesn't make you a good woman.

2584 days ago


Gisele should advertise "mattresses" This tramp has no idea what decency means. She might have this so-called two-faced ball player, but he is no prize when it comes to being a father who steps up to the plate. He had a three year relationship, not just a one night stand. I hope the mother of his child will take him for all that he is worth. Tom in my eyes is no longer the hero I once thought he was. He is immature, wants bimbo on his arm to make himself look good, guess what, turncoat you are not all that. betty

2584 days ago


I thought Tom had more class than to sink so deep into such a strumpet. Leonardo saw right through this insincere tart. Why she is making so much money is beyond my comprehension. Kare

2584 days ago

Drama Detector    

Umm yeah, if Gisele and not her assistant even sent any kind of basket she low balled it. I mean really so what's a $1000- thats a drop in the catwalk bucket. I'm not hearing any rumblings from the grandparents? Maybe they need a basket of something? Like, we are sorry your golden child is an athletic douche.

2584 days ago


"Supermodel" give me a break. Tasteless and lack of kindness. You don't step on a woman who just had a baby. You stay out of it. You keep your silly mouth and manners at home. I can't stand this woman. Abby

2584 days ago


Gisele is what gives women a "bad" name. She has no depth, class, nor character. Please Tom for the sake of your future life, drop this bimbo so fast and shut the door. Perhaps the mother of your child is no longer of interest to you, but try and see if you can be a father without the influence of this sleeping around model. She is no role model for your child. Angelina

2584 days ago

My Main Martyrdom    

Bundchen did it on purpose. The boutique selling those $1K gift baskets would ask the basic question...was it boy and girl? They don't want to have a bad reputation of putting pink bows on driveway gates or mailboxes for boy births. Bundchen was was mean and a false gesture of goodwill. Brady should apologize to Kate and she should return the gift. Brady should tell GB he is disappointed in her for showing her evil side .

Agree with Jillian as well

2584 days ago

Strom Thurman ???    

You people are retarded. Do you belive everything you read on TMZ? First of all, Tom didnt "ditch a pregnant Monyhan" to date Giselle. They broke up, he started dating Giselle, and then Bridget magically became pregnant and announced it to the world (including Tom) weeks after the breakup. Funny how they can date for years and never get pregnant, and then when she sees the end of the relationship coming, all of the sudden the birth control becomes faulty. Good one Bridget. So TMZ needs to lay off the Tom ditching her garbage.

As for the onesie story, why would anyone believe that? There are no sources, no quotes, no "insiders" like there normally are in these gossipy tales. I highly doubt this ever happened at all. The only person who would know what the supposed onesie had written on it would be Bridget, and I dont see anything in this story mentioning her. And nobody, not even air headed supermodels, buys gender specific clothes without knowing the sex of a baby.

2584 days ago


PLEASE, TMZ, and all other gossip sites, I beg you - stop reporting any item that concerns the words "Petit Tresor". I can't tell you how many times I've seen that shop mentioned, as in "So-and-so was spotted picking up baby items at Petit Tresor, an upscale children's boutique in LA".
I think the shop is just looking for more free publicity, and you gossip guys are feeding into it! It's obvious the staff are the ones blabbing. Personally, I'd be annoyed if I were famous and a store reported what I bought. However, I think half the time these are phony items anyway, that the salespeople are lying.

2584 days ago


What a total tramp! My friends from Brazil are horrified by her behavior! May she grow fat ankles and warty nose!

2584 days ago


Maybe Bridget can send Tom a "gift" like an Appalachian State t-shirt.

2584 days ago


Katonah, NY needs to get over itself! You are nothing but a bunch of prissy, self-obsessed people. Just sit in your overpriced houses and shut up!

2584 days ago


I don't understand why Gisele is with Tom Brady, she makes more $ than him.

2584 days ago


Forget the supermodel onesie....Bridget should show up with the kid at all Tom's football games having him wear a Dolphins onesie or a Jets onesie or a Chargers onesie or whoever the opposing team is. Heh. That would be funny. Or maybe a onesie that says Supermodels Suck!

2584 days ago



I can assure you that there is nothing that the residents of Katonah wish they could more than retreat into their mansions and horse farms (a few of which are overpriced, I suppose, but most are just so gorgeous-trust.) and forget all this nastiness with Miss Martha.

The sad fact, though, is that Martha is a greedy, selfish woman who needs to remember that no-one in Katonah could give a rat's behind about who she is, or her "vision". This woman continues in her mission to turn this town into some sort of carnival side show with her KMart "tribute" and leaves the residents with no choice but to put up a fight.

I'm not sure how wanting to protect Katonah's privacy and tranquil ways, elements that are the main reason people moved to Katonah to begin with and which, by the way, existed well-before Martha ever showed up, makes anyone self-absorbed.

Most people in Katonah work way too hard to be self-absorbed, but you are entitled to your opinion, especially since you don't strike me as the sort of person who would understand and/or have much in common with the people of Katonah/Northern Westchester, anyway.

2584 days ago
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