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Birkhead Blasts Cosby: Calls Book "Pure Fiction"

9/4/2007 10:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comLarry Birkhead came out swinging tonight on CNN's "Larry King Live," telling TMZ's Harvey Levin that "Blonde Ambition," the new book by Rita Cosby, is "pure fiction" and should be sitting next to "Harry Potter."

Larry also responded to what Rita told FOX's Bill O'Reilly tonight, as to why the two former enemies now get along. Larry says he simply decided to put the best interests of his daughter first, so he buried the hatchet with Howard. Refuting what Rita claims in her book, Birkhead states flat out -- there were no secret deals between him and Stern.

Larry's bottom line -- he'll see Rita (and everyone else) in court.


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I think that somewhow Virgie Auther is also a part of this and for all we know way back when it was Rita Cosby that got Opri and himself together. Perhaps they have all been waiting for there moment of fame. Using Larry all along. I do have to say that it was rather odd that Larry and Howard became friendly and there did seem to be some inside negotiating going on and that was what Debra said and she stepped down from being his attorney. He claims he fired her. We can always wonder what it was all about.

2552 days ago


I wouldn't waste my money. Talk about your fame seeking. The only ones hurt this little girl are the money hungry a-holes who keep spewing this bull crap about her entire life. Just leave them alone people!

2552 days ago

Good Grief!    


We remember ALL your LKL interviews. You may want to go back and read them!

2552 days ago


Rita and Deb Opri are too smart to make any claims that would cause them to be sued. BELIEVE ME, they can back up any statement they say or write, in a court of law.

2552 days ago

Left Coaster    

methinks Mr. Birkhead doth protest too much.....

2552 days ago

Boo Hoo    

When Harvey asked Larry about comments people made that Larry was merely a sperm donor, Larry replied he took an article to Anna once where someone called him a sperm donor for Anna's baby and Anna told him to blow it off and that it is the kind of thing you half to get thick skinned about. Who in the public knew that Anna was pregnant with Larry's baby while they were still together? I am not buying it.

2552 days ago

Good Grief!    

ALWAYS here for you, Virgie! Stay strong in your pursuit of the truth!

Justice for Daniel, Anna and baby Danielynn!

2552 days ago

Good Grief!    

Watch your back, Larry!

After all, You are the one that can file a LAWSUIT; a WRONGFUL death suit AND find out what really happened to Danielynn's brother and mommie

Where's your concern, Larry? Is it not worth, "getting up in the morning and deciding who to fight with today".

2552 days ago

Topix is Toxic    

Way to Go Larry, Michael, Ron and Harvey Levin( you make a great interveiwer).

Our whole family watched it and even the kids understand what a set up this whole thing has been.

Gee, sorry if there wasn't even sleaze for others. Everyone interveiwed was sincere and upfront.

I can't believe that Rita would destroy whats left of her career or triple hearsay and using her connections with Opri.

Oh yeah that tape that Rita said tonight that she never really saw but herad from someone who heard from someone..yeah yeah.


Much ado about nothing as Will would say!

2552 days ago


Well, he sure has the time to go to court considering he's not working a real job...unless all of the Larry fans feel selling pictures and events to the highest bidder to further exploit his daughter is a job. LARRY - GET A REAL JOB AND STOP SELLING YOUR DAUGHTER FOR MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. He sure has a lot to say - the problem is, it's hard to take any of it seriously because he contradicts most of it. Sad sad sad, Larry. People will start believing you when you stop exploiting your baby girl. What's the next deal, Larry, besides the lawsuits. You hit the jackpot with your adorable baby girl. How do you explain to her when she gets older that she supported you?

2552 days ago

Good Grief!    

"She has interviewed more than a dozen world leaders, conducting historic back to back interviews with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. She was the first reporter to see prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay and even interviewed the late Serbian president Slobodan Milošević who called her from his prison cell at the Hague. Years earlier, while broadcasting live from Belgrade during the NATO bombing, she broke the news that three American POWs were going to be released."

"Cosby also made national headlines for her interviews with boxer Mike Tyson, singer Michael Jackson, and convicted serial killer David Berkowitz, “The Son of Sam,” who wrote to her during the Washington DC sniper shootings in October 2002. As that story unfolded, Cosby secured another major first, by reporting the names and license plate numbers of the sniper suspects. In 2001, Cosby's interview with flight attendant Anne Marie Smith, led to a U.S. Attorney's Office investigation of Rep. Gary Condit for obstruction of justice and witness tampering."

"Cosby served as a lead reporter during the 1996 and 2000 Presidential campaigns. During the Monica Lewinsky investigation, she broke the news that President Clinton was going to be subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury."

2552 days ago

laughing so hard    

Larry you did a great job tonight with Harvey. Howard I am glad you have a friend like Ron Rale, he made me cry when he spoke of your mother. Howard and Larry you both have been blessed with Dannielynn. Enjoy her and love her. Anna would be so proud of both of you coming together during this terrible time. God bless you both and both of your families.
Rita you make me sick. Dannielynn will grow up someday and read this trash. She has been through enough. She lost her mother and her brother. She will love her dad with all her heart. Larry please stay strong. Trust no one.

Howard we truly love and respect you. Thank you for loving Anna, she died knowing she was loved by you. She knew you would protect Dannielynn. Stay strong for Dannielynn. She will need you soon enough to know all the great things about her mom and brother. She will see that her Mom was lucky to have you and Larry in her life.

2552 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Larry says this crap took him away from DL and that he should be home with her because she is teething, about to start walking and is about to say her first words. I guess he wasn't to worried about being away from her on Saturday while he was out clubbing.

2552 days ago


I haven't seen the whole interview, but just from the clip, I think Larry is probably lying. Seems like I learned somewhere that when a person looks up to the left when answering a question, it is a lie. Something to do with body language.

2552 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Has Opri won a case in the last few years? I had never head of Rita until she started pimping her book. She looks like a stripper. She's a journalist ??? Sue these lying, money mooching dipsticks, Larry. You are doing a great job with Dannielynn. Wish the jealous deadbeats would leave you alone.

2552 days ago
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