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GLAAD Accepts Jerry's Mea Culpa

9/4/2007 8:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry LewisAfter Jerry Lewis apologized for making an anti-gay slur during his MDA Telethon on Monday, GLAAD issued the following statement to TMZ: "GLAAD thanks Jerry Lewis for his swift and direct apology for this incident. We join millions of Americans in applauding the important work of the Muscular Dystrophy Association and wish MDA and Mr. Lewis much continued success in their efforts."


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SIck of Morons    

Who the hell made these people the speech police? Long live Jerry Lewis. F- GLAAD!

2552 days ago

Desease control    

How much money has the M.d.A. raised?

How much do they pay jerry?

Have they found a Cure?

What are they doing with all that money?

How much of it realy goes to fight MS???????????????????????????????????

2552 days ago

Oh My Gosh I BET U R FAT !    

Who cares? Most of the world does not even considers gays human.I sure don't.I don't hate em but to me they are not my equal & as such do not merit equal rights.what next equal rights for pigs?

It's SILLY to give the gays equal rights...THINK ABOUT IT.Please.

2552 days ago


If the gays didnt know that being gay was wrong, why were they so concerned that Jerry Lewis' one little word would start a riot or create hatred? Sorry, but it was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. I am so tired of having gay-ism shoved down my throat and the throats of our young people. It's wrong....says so in the Bible...and I dont have to accept it if I dont want to.
End of story....

2552 days ago


Give me a break. Jerry is a comedian.
He is frickin Jerry Lewis.

2552 days ago


Thank goodness we can all now sleep tonight...the world is once again politically correct!

2552 days ago

SIck of Morons    

Ms. Thang, you're a moron. Do some research and you'll be relieved to know where the money goes.

2552 days ago

Desease control    

I want to invite jerry Lewies to sit down with the She man Ascoation

and tell us what his views are regarding crossdressers transexuals and homosexuals.

I would want to be informed about M.S. and what are they doing curently with the money that is being raised.

Now that Jerry has offend the all mighty and powerful Gay comunity let him speak to us directly and tell us why we should continue to support MSA

A simple Im sorry wont do.

2552 days ago


TMZ now needs to apologize to Jerry Lewis for showing a picture of him simulating oral sex on a male microphone! YOu guys are shameless!!

2552 days ago


Who really give a s*** about GLAAD? He doesn't need their approval.

2552 days ago


i love Jerry Lewis even more.

2552 days ago


Any kind of deviant sex is gross....come on....visualize what they do and how they do it and tell me it doesnt nauseate you!
I sure wouldnt date a cross-dresser or a She-male or a gay guy....I might get sick and die! I dont see anybody doing marathons for the victims of sexually transmitted diseases! Besides, if everyone was gay there would be no babies....we, as a race, would be extinct!

2552 days ago


I'm confused. Don't most in the public eye make "swift and direct" apologies for the transgression? Yeah, granted, Jerry Lewis is from a different era but still. I don't understand why he can get away with it, yet others have ruined careers.

2552 days ago


is that a dildo in skeletor's mouth?

2552 days ago


I must reiterate what others are saying about GLAAD. As for what they have to say in the media... kiss my hairy yellow butt. But then again, those fetish freaks would probably like doing it.

2552 days ago
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