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Birkhead to Rita - You're Gonna Pay!

9/5/2007 9:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead is planning to sue Rita Cosby over her salacious new book -- and he says it's going to be "one of the most expensive lawsuit settlements in book publishing history."

Birkhead told the AP that he intends to bring the hammer down on Cosby, her sources, and Grand Central Publishing over what he calls a work of "pure fiction," as he told TMZ's Harvey Levin last night on CNN's "Larry King Live." "It's totally false and defamatory," said Birkhead. "She never once tried to contact me or Howard to see if any of these things were true."

Nicole – I Was Engaged Post-Tom, Pre-Keith

Nicole Kidman reveals that she was engaged to a man after the end of her marriage to Tom Cruise -- but won't say who it was.

She tells Vanity Fair that after her breakup from the Scientoloman, "I didn't really want a relationship, "yet shortly thereafter got engaged to somebody ... but it just wasn't right." She also says that she had a miscarriage with Cruise, and claims that she was "in love" with Tom.

Kate Gets Brushoff from Owen's Peeps

Kate Hudson has been trying to get in touch with Owen Wilson in his time of need, but his family "doesn't want her anywhere near him."

Gatecrasher reports that Owen's ex has been "very frustrated" that she's getting the cold shoulder from the Wilson camp, but an insider says that the Wilsons "don't think Kate is good for him." The pair got together during the filming of "You, Me, and Dupree," but the relationship took a dive earlier this year.

Party Favors: Spice Girls Get George Michael to Pen Song? ... Amy Declinehouse and Blake Not-So-Civil Get Help – From a Rabbi?

The Spice Girls are going to contend for that mystical Brit pop-hit title -- Christmas number one -- and we hear they've enlisted George Michael to write it for them. They'll be taking on "X-Factor" winner and Simon Cowell pet Leona Lewis for the crown. ... Amy Winehouse and husband Blake have been offered some spiritual guidance -- from Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin of the London-based charity, Drugline. "I will happily offer support and advice," says Rabbi Sufrin. Meth is definitely treyf.


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well when the video is shown..and i do hope its censored..or shown to officials.. and all the other pieces of evidence is shown the public and whomever it concerns..then the proof will be evident...
larry birkhead does seem to be a very good dad..and loves his daughter to pieces.. but id like to see the DNA test now to prove he is the theyve all told so many lies here..
the real person to suffer through all danilynn.. god be with ehr when shes old enough to read all thsi crap and have to ask her daddy for the far as money?? im wondering now if howard and larry had this all planned out since day one.. i mean when i read long ago..before anna died of howard always being there with larry and anna when they was together..sleeping on their sofa etc...well that was kinda weird anyway..
the issue isnt about ..if their gay..thats their perrogative.. the questions now is.. who actually killed anna with the lethal last shot?? who killed or helped an aided in dannys death and who is telling the truth.. whose after the bucks etc...
seems to me howard and larry are the ones after THE BUCKS.. their always sueing someone.. and larry didnt have to fight have howard involved in annas lawsuit against her deceased hubby.. he could say goodbye and get another lawyer..but he didnt.. howard gets the money and larry got the baby with more money... howard still lvies in annas home in the bahamas... and yet hmmm where is all the truth?? soon this last chapter in thislife of anna will be closed.. until the next book is written ..and i hope an pray the next book is a book by dannilynn and her life as she has made it... her thoughts on all this and her hopes and what she makes of her life.. i think that book will be priceless compared to all this kindergarten episodes of you told on me i tell on you.. if this was all totally honest then all th lawsuits and arguing wouldnt be going on.. you start a relationship with a lie and itll end a lie...

2605 days ago


Kate is not good for him. She should have remained married to her husband...commitment means nothing to most...her tree is bearing its fruit from the seeds planted.

2605 days ago


Ms. Larry said he and Ms. Howard buried the hachett. They certainly did. Right into Daniel.
He claims everything he did was for his baby. Well maybe what Rita is doing is for Daniel.
If it's ok and people support Ms Birkhead , to lie and deceive, it should be ok for Rita to do the same. The pattern has been set by Ms. Larry Birkhead for Dannielynn's life - lying, deceit, selling yourself to the highest bidder. I think Children's services should come in and place that child with a family who will love her just for her, not as the cash calf - not one picture sold - nothing. Get her away from Birkheads, Sterns, Arthurs - everbody - put her in an Eskimo home in Alaska if need be. She has a better chance of growing up in a decent person. She will be paying for the sins of the father, you can count on it. Birkhead said he had a rough year. Going to get a lot worse for him and Stern. Payback is a bitch.

2605 days ago

The Original D..    

Are you for real: I don't know what makes you so stupid, but it really works!

2605 days ago

The Original D..    

I would rather be a mommy dearest than a cold blooded murderer

2605 days ago


Murder...what Murder..???
"Larry" got away from "Anna" when she would not give up the drugs , Maybe he
should have told somebody , but he did not , Howard stood by her for years ,
Not that he did the right thing by her either , but that is far from "Murder"
You do not make any sense , but then "I" did not expect you toooooooo..!!!!!

2605 days ago


Hey Hiney ....Bend over I'll drive

2605 days ago


I suppose that I would be upset if someone wrote a book about me and I thought it was totally untrue and defamatory but I think Larry and Howard are just starting to appear "lawsuit-happy". Suing Cosby and threatening to sue NBC not to mention Larry's legal trouble with his previous attorney and the biggest fish of all his potential legal battle for the Marshall money to which he thinks Dannielynn is entitled. It's exhausting just to keep up with and I can't imagine how he keeps it all straight, but I think it really shows just how far he will go to make a buck. Fighting for the custody of your daughter is one thing, but I think he's taken it a little too far.

2605 days ago


I used to think that Rita Cosby was wonderful and I always believed what she said but this is way over the edge. Even if it were true, which I beleve that she is getting her information from the wrong people. Hasn't this little girl gone through and lost enough at her young age, without some money hungry has been reporter adding more fuel to the fire ? Hate to say it but, Hello Nancy Grace.

2605 days ago

Jo Jo    

Who cares if Larry's cashing in on his little girls pictures.Have you all forgotten that he is a photographer by trade and he needs to make a living and support a baby?If he doesn't supply the public with pictures of that baby the paparazzi will hunt him and haunt her.I heard man voice Rita say last night that the truth needs to come out for everybody,then added in a caring tone that the truth needed to come out for Dannielyn.COME ON RITA ! What are your parenting credentials?Are you really qualified to suggest that by knowing that her real father and paper father had sex or were accused of it would help her?Will it take away her tears when she's old enough to understand what happened to her mother?Will it help her understand that Jesus died for her sins?Will it help her decide what colleges to apply for?[that her dad will pay for]Can you honestly say this new book is anything but a desperate attempt by a forgotten journalist to fatten her nest egg before she fades into the recesses of the unknown?I hope that this is the case because I'm sick of her.Larry did the right thing as a dad,I am sorry that he seems to be the only one looking out for the future of his little girl and I wish him well.

2602 days ago

Tina Marie Zakovec    

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2577 days ago

Tina Marie Zakovec    


2577 days ago

Tina Marie Zakovec    

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2577 days ago

my own damn opinion    


Rita Cosby's book party was a huge smash ! I'm sure everyone has seen some of the pictures on every website and the videos from all the TV crews, but I have a few things to say. First of all Rita being served with the Howard K. Stern lawsuit papers. Everyone knew Rita was going to be ambushed outside the party. It was no surprise. She expected it. The thing that pissed me off was Entertainment Tonight. They were standing outside and we asked them where they were from. They said CBS news. We asked them if they wanted to come in and they said no. We told them we would get a great spot for them to catch all the action. They still refused and said they wanted to stay outside. We once again asked them where they were from and they once again told us CBS News. Then I noticed the back of their camera said Entertainment Tonight. Right then and there I knew something was up. Sure enough Entertainment Tonight was with the process server. Entertainment Tonight was in on serving Rita Cosby with the legal papers. How low can a media outlet go ? They lie and say they are from CBS News and they helped ambush Cosby with the process server. Entertainment Tonight and their sister show The Insider have turned into sleaze TV. It is the job of the media to report the story, and not become involved in the actual story for ratings. They have slanted the news to gain access to Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern. They have crossed the line. When Cosby starts depositions in this case, they better run for cover. It is believed that there is so much more that Cosby and others know and when everything is said and done, the world will see the truth.
Now back to the party. The event was a huge success. Every media outlet in the world was there. Virgie Arthur was there with Mark Speer and John O'Quinn. Former FBI agent Don Clark who was Virgie's Private Eye was there. Tom Pirtle attorney for Virgie Arthur also was in attendance. The event was a celebration of many people wanting to know the truth on how Anna Nicole Smith and Daniel Smith died. Everyone wants answers. All we see is several people making huge amounts of money off horrible deaths. We see entertainment outlets cutting deals for exclusives and yet we still have no solid answers. The party was 700 people that wanted answers ! Cosby is going to get the answers. Cosby's book has brought the attention to force the truth out. Virgie cried on stage. She lost her grandson, her daughter and Larry Birkhead wont let her see her grandchild. She cried as she talked about her loss and the only thing left of her Daughter was Dannielynn. Birkhead is a cold hearted piece of crap. The world is seeing the truth now. To Deny Virgie the comfort of her granddaughter is a horror. Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern should rot in hell.
Justice is coming !

2576 days ago

Freida Worley    

Now is the time for Larry to sue Rita after listening to the tapes on Greta's show you can see Rita would lie and she is on tape saying so. So much for her sources. Don't think Rita can dig out of this one. ha ha

2565 days ago
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