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Dad: Benoit Was Demented

9/5/2007 10:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comThe father of dead WWE star Chris Benoit says that it might have been the effect of multiple concussions, not steroids, that drove Chris to kill his wife and son and then hang himself.

Michael Benoit told Diane Sawyer on this morning's "Good Morning America" that after the tragedy, he turned over part of his son's brain to Julian Bailes, a neurologist at the Sports Legacy Institute. Tissue analysis, said Bailes, showed that Benoit's brain tissue revealed damage similar to those of Alzheimer's patients, suggesting that he was suffering from a form of dementia, which could have led him to snap.

Benoit's dad told Sawyer that his son suffered "multiple concussions," and Dr. Bailes said that just three could lead to serious consequences. Whatever the case, said Michael Benoit, "The person that did this is not the man we know and love."

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His dad is sincere in his pain over what has happened.
He had the brain examined because he was sure his son in his right mind would not have
done this.
Up to now he hasnt made public statement or started any problems for any one
I truely believe that the the battle for Chris Benoits estate on his fathers end is to ensure his surviving children are taken care of
I do how ever question the motives of Nancy Benoits parents
To try to prove that Daniel died first is disturbing to me
I would think that the Benoits would be more than gracious in giving Nancys family her posessions and any thing that pertained to her
One would think that is all they would want but the fight is for the money and assets he had
I would have to question if he had supported them while he was alive otherwise why would some one argue over if their daughter or grand child died first?
They should possibly be entitled to the first home the couple purchased together but any thing after that was obviously funded through cbs monies he earned and should go to his children

2605 days ago


My heart breaks for this man. No one should have to bury their child let alone their grandchild and daughter in law. The level of pain this man must face everyday is something none of us, even in our worst days, could relate to. I hope this discovery gives him some peace of mind. I hope that God has forgiven Chris Benoit and greeted him with open arms.

2605 days ago


The whole story is a tragedy. Being a person who has had a concussion before I know they are nothing to take lightly. With the NFL and other sports putting more emphasis on preventing and treating concussions to players, realizing the long term damage they can cause, isn't it time for the WWE to do the same.

2605 days ago


Very brave of him to come out and talk about his son. There was no sugarcoating the truth, I'm sure at one time his son reflected the same values; however, became lost somewhere along the way.

2605 days ago


the father looks exactly like the grandson!!!

2605 days ago


My hope is that all 3 are with God and that Chris is now in peace
God knows what went on and would not punish someone for actions beyond their control
Our prayers now belong with Michael Benoit and his granchildren
It is clear this man is in great pain and needs support

2605 days ago


It's "hanged" not "hung"

2605 days ago


Bret Hart had to retire from wrestling because of a concussion imagine how much damage several could do

2605 days ago


#20. You're correct. But do you actually expect the same writers who wrote that it was "...much adieu about nothing" to know this?

As for Mr. Benoit, you can just see the anguish on his face. I feel horrible for him.

2605 days ago


Hanged means "executed by hanging." Some authorities accept hung.

Hung means "suspended" otherwise.

Both are past tenses or past participles of the verb to hang, but each applies to specific cases.

Examples: The five plotters in the Lincoln assassination were hanged.

We hung the towels out on the clothesline to dry.

2605 days ago

Charles Almon    

Just another attempted whitewash.

2605 days ago


May God bless this good, kind man. The pain on his face says it all. How brave to go that extra step to in an effort to explain the inexplicable.

2605 days ago


Watching that video is painful. The poor man is absolutely devastated, you can see it not only in his face and voice, but in his eyes. How heartbreaking.

2605 days ago


I did an mri on a young man who had back surgery d/t playing college football. He told me he wanted to get back in the game. I said "please be careful you don't want a life time of pain." The last time I scanned him, he was being life flighted because he couldn't walk. I don't know what his dr or trainers told him but I told him once you have injuried yourself your more likely to hurt yourself again. I see this with men who have physically demanding jobs. They have back surgery and wonder why their still having problems. One guy told me "well, I have to pull my weight at the Job"

2605 days ago


this is such a sad srory i loved chris still in fact many peeps have head injury and they have snapped it just chris dad took time to look at the whole storie i have alot of pro sports and those people are getting out of hand beating fans etc p/s if nancy family think the child died first prehaps nancy did it then chris snapped who know but mainly they are greety

2605 days ago
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