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Nicole's Baby: Lionel Has No Idea

9/5/2007 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

His daughter is having a baby, but not even Lionel Richie knows the sex of Nicole's spawn yet, keeping photogs dancing in the dark when TMZ asked what color cigars he'll be buying.

Cameras also caught Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland in Malibu, where she promised to watch TMZ on TV ... as long as we're nice to her and her friends! Also in Malibu -- Sir Anthony Hopkins, who wasn't responsive when our cameraman made a lame "Silence of the Lambs" joke. Sorry, Sir.

Also out in L.A.: Eddie Kaye Thomas, who had a defeated look when asked what projects he has coming up, and Caroline D'Amore, who had some nutrition advice for paps.

In New York: Larry David had a run-in with chef Wolfgang Puck, later meeting up with Jeff Garlin and Rich Eisen. 70-year-old Dustin Hoffman knocked the cameraman for not knowing he lived in the Big Apple, while celebufriend Gayle King wished she had worn more makeup.

All this and more in today's "Hey, I'm walkin' here!" edition of Star Catcher.


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no comments here because no one gives a hoot!

2584 days ago



2584 days ago


Ditto, # 1, who cares about Lionel Richie and his druggie spawn of flatulence daughter carrying a drugged-up baby that will be just as big of a celebutard as its mother, no matter who the father is.

2584 days ago

just wondering    

....I LOVE LIONEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is a true world class musical performer...too bad u ignorant people can't appreciate his incredible talent that goes waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....and he must be sooooo excited abt his new grandchild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Congrats to Lionel, Nicole & Joel!!!!....may u continue with a joyous pregnancy, beautiful birth and healthy child that will bring u all sooooooooooo much JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!...I can only imagine the songs Lionel will right after the birth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2584 days ago


Lionel Richie did not spawn Nicole he and his wife brenda adopted her..from a former bandmate from the commadores...fact her father is Shelia E brother.. Peter Michael Escovedo

2584 days ago


No one here said Lionel spawned Nicole, it said FLATULENCE spawned Nicole, but she IS his daughter, he adopted her. And that is correct, Nicole is one big stinky fart of a celebutard. Lionel just didn't bother actually trying to see to it that his adpted daughter had any morals. And that has nothing to do with his singing abilities. He adopted her, he was her dad, and look what a trainwreck he turned loose on this world. Only a miracle the druggie didn't kill someone.

2584 days ago


I am not a fan of the Lionel, and I still don't get Nicole's purpose for being famous; however, I hope that she has a chance to be a good parent to her child. I am surprised to hear who her biological father is supposed to be; I never heard that before.

2584 days ago


You sick bastards are mean. I love Lionel and his music and it seems to me Nicole is doing better, keeping her mug out of the rag mags and everything will turn out just fine.

I wish her well and I hope she has a healthy baby. Congratulations to her and her family.

2584 days ago

Spell Check.    

Nicole hasn't told me whether the baby is going to be crack-addicted or heroin-addicted. I hope I find out soon so I'll know what color to paint the room.

2584 days ago


"Sick bastards" are people who are too stupid to practice safe sex (for the baby's sake!) when they are doing drugs and partying all night and living lives completely devoid of morals and values. "Sick bastards" are ugly people who USE the unplanned pregnancy to escape a just punishment for crimes committed while under the influence of drugs and booze. "Sick bastards" are people just like Nicole Richie. And Joel doesn't really know if he is the father, but what the hell, the baby comes with a hell of a lot of money that Joel can call his own. And Lionel thinks this is all just so sweet, what a puke.

2584 days ago


What does Destinys Child and these other people have to do with Nicoles baby? You should have made a separate headline for these other subjects. And I agree, who cares? I have never been so sick of Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hilton, lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears crammed down the publics throat. THese women are a bunch of spoiled, ungrateful idiots who get into trouble on a regular basis and people look up to them. Screw all, this crap. I like Lionel Ritchie but his spoiled ass daughter can go to hell.

2584 days ago


How can a spoiled over-indulged totally amoral brat like Nicole Richie be a good parent to a child when she has had NO practice at all even being a good human being. Worthless hard-partying druggie skanks like Nicole get famous for being nothing more than BEING worthless hard-partying druggie skanks and it is totally horrid that idiots like this can even reproduce. Fortunately she will have enough money to hire a legion of nannies that will hopefully never allow the kid near its idiot mother who won't want to be bothered with it anyway except for the usual phony celebutard photo-ops pretending she actually gives a rat's ass about her kid.

2583 days ago


Dustin Hoffman in 70???? Wow....looks great. Short, but great :-)

2583 days ago


Lionel Richie is about as relevant as Nicole Richie, which is to say not very.

2583 days ago


See what happens when you go "All night long". It could be a boy or a girl.

2583 days ago

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