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Britney Stinks Up the Joint

9/6/2007 11:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While her new song is getting radio play and she's performing at the VMAs, the true sign that Britney Spears may be making a career turnaround is that she emerged from a public toilet -- wearing shoes! Ding dang!

For the first time in what seems like an eternity, the popwreck was snapped at an L.A. gas station bathroom dressed somewhat like a human being! Unfortunately, Brit still felt the need to show off her lingerie. Look at my bra, y'all!

The mother of two exited the ladies room covering her nose. It is unclear if it was due to the stench -- or the sight of her weave! Don't it look purrty?!


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big joe    

will you leave her alone already.

2603 days ago


at least she's got shoes on this time

2603 days ago


wow... pants, shoes, and no hat!? its almost like she found a mirror!

2603 days ago


Still love ya, Brit. Looking forward to seeing you on the VMAs. ;-)

2603 days ago


But what's on that compact mirror covering her face ? White powder hmmm...?

2603 days ago


Jeezz....can a woman use the restroom without papparazzi there to snap the picture? c'mon...seriously..some pays these guys for these types of pics??!! I'm in the wrong business...

2603 days ago

Spring Heeled Jack    

Look at that Beer Belly!

2603 days ago


Why is she always coming out of a GAS station bathroom?
Does she have favorite ones she stops at?

Why do we not see other celebs coming out of bathrooms? I don't want to see them coming out of the toilet....but this idiot is so weird...

Are the photographers just always with her? Does she tell them which station she will stopping at?

2603 days ago

deb a dpp    

For the love of God - Leave her alone

2603 days ago


I wonder if her mother taught her to straddle the seat in a public restroom or do you think she just sits her ass right down on piss stained toilet?

2603 days ago


Girl, you need to grow up and take responsibility for your actions instead of feeding the media all this melodramatic bull crap! You said you couldn't wait to be a mother and here you are acting like a little girl and not stepping up and taking the responsibility you were given when you had those two little boys! How disappointing.

2603 days ago


1. There seems to be alot of pictures of her in her car. So, her using a public restroom is not surprising.
2. She eats alot of fast food, especially Taco Bell. So, her using a public restroom is not surprising.
3. She rarely stays home or in the studio. So, her using a public restroom is not surprising.
4. Why is she carrying that blue thingy? Is her coke inside?

2603 days ago


ding dang is getting old already...

what is wrong with using a public bathroom? i know after I had my baby, I had some bladder problems - not peeing in the pants or anything like that (thank goodness!), but i had to go constantly even after. but it is pretty pathetic that there are photogs even on her that much to take a pic every time she does... maybe they could back off a little already...

2603 days ago

Get a Clue    

I've never seen anyone have to pee as often as this chick. Good Lord!

2603 days ago


Y'all better keep usin' my catch-phrase...I think I gets even more money when you use it! In't that how it works, y'all? Then I can buys me even more fancy clothes!

All together, y'all: DING DANG!!

2603 days ago
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