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'HSM' Nude Pic:

It's the Real Deal!

9/6/2007 9:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vanessa HudgensA naked photo of "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens has been making the rounds on the Internet and TMZ can confirm that it's real.

In a statement to TMZ, Hudgens' rep says, "This was a photo which was taken privately. It is a personal matter and it is unfortunate that this has become public." The National Enquirer was the first to report of the photo's existence, and it has since surfaced on various blogs across the net.

Hudgens, 18, is dating her "HSM" co-star, Zac Efron.


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I'm still laughing at the morons wanting to boycott HSM - just bc of some nude pics that were meant to be private?

I'm boycotting all of you then! You're all nakie under those clothes! You all have BUTTS! Hee hee!

Give the girl a break. She didn't e-mail the pics personally to you.

2612 days ago


dude, go to its there!!

2612 days ago


The new TREND in Hollywood.
take nude pictures, nake video tapes of having SEX
Post on the internet
and them act like you had no idea how it got there.
I'm so TIRED of Hollywood and all the BIGSHOTS doing nothing to CONTROL these outta hand HOODRATS they keep hiring to b rolemodels for kids n Pre-teens

WHERE ARE THE TIMES WHEN BEING A CELEBRITY you could NOT embarass the STUDIO or AGENCY for which your represent ???


2612 days ago


Big deal. Young lovers - and many older ones - do this kind of stuff for each other all the time.

2612 days ago

Oh My Gosh I BET U R FAT !    

She is soooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful! I've been wanting to see this Princess NUDE 4 EVER! Looks like my dream has come true! Don't be PRUDES ya fattys and loser guys who can't get a hot THIN girl! If I was HOT & FEMALE I'll show the PINK for the GREEN!

I need this photo NOW! PLEASE post link! I'm gonna have a VERY HOT NIGHT TONIGHT!

Note to self: But a large bottle of baby oil! (:

2612 days ago

you think everyone is a fatty    

Poor girl. It's not even a good picture. How humiliating. I bet she wishes it was a little better now that the whole world is viewing it.

2612 days ago

who cares    

Obviously she posted it herself so she'd get noticed. Open up your wallet Hef!

2612 days ago


WTF? I don't understand why those teen girls feel the need to take pictures of themselves naked. I mean, can't you just look at a mirror? What a bunch of little whores... And here I thought Vanessa was better than this.

2612 days ago


omg, i saw that picture that zac efron has jacked off to!

2612 days ago


So, TMZ has confirmed that this is indeed Vanessa in the picture, through her publicist??? Mmmm??? She looks beautiful in this shot and clearly will have a big career ahead of her, and the truth is...the leak was probably intentional, thus the eager admission from her press representatives. Why the leak??? So she can get more adult, and thus, serious roles, hence...destroying her bogus girl nextdoor image, which was carefully staged and crafted by Disney...probably even the so-called Zanessa relationship with her so-called boyfriend is even made-up to get media attention by and for Disney!!!

Further, contract negotiations for the High School: The Musical theatrical movie have been rumored to have stalled with Disney for weeks. I think this is just a clever way to get out of her other standing contracts with Disney!!! Remember, this picture was most likely intentionally leaked by you know who and her reps, effectively destroying Disney's corporate grip on her!!!

2612 days ago


I love how "private" photos become "public"... stupid people.

2612 days ago


The link to this picture is on

2612 days ago


Ashley Tisdale is crool she's the one who posted the picture's in the first place I hate her she breaking up true love A.K.A. Vennessa+Zac= Zannessa

2612 days ago


And she is just cute, that photo looks pretty innocent. Looks like she was just being a kid, maybe a dumb kid, but really, she is too cute and innocent looking for that picture to even be sexy. Just makes me want to throw her some clothes and tell her to grow up and THINK about what she is doing. She's learned a lesson, but I will write and complain to any company that pulls the plug on her about this picture as long as Alba isn't punished the same way for her internet porno beach pictures while representing REVLON.

2612 days ago
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