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Brad: Jen and I Have "A Deep Friendship"

9/7/2007 9:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's Angelina going to feel about this?! Brad Pitt says he and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston are bound by "a lot of life together," and that they're still friends in a "deep" way.

Pitt tells V magazine (via People) that he and Jen "still maintain a deep friendship ... that isn't erased in any way" by their breakup more than four years ago. As for the split itself, Brad says, "I don't know how better to have handled [it] ... The thing guiding me then was ... you need life to be everything you need it to be."

And when it comes to his current baby mama and paramour Angelina Jolie, Pitt says he had to put questions about his marriage to Aniston behind him, "before an attraction to Angie could be answered."

Fitty Wants Hillary, Thinks He's a Soldier

Go shorty, it's your inauguration day, go shorty, it's your ... Can't you just hear it? It could happen, now that 50 Cent is on the record pushing Hillary Clinton for president.

Fitty tells Rap-Up magazine in its September/October issue, "I'd like to see Hillary Clinton be president and ... this is a way for us to have Bill Clinton be president again, and he did a great job during his term." Meanwhile, he also points out the difference between him and George Bush, "I actually go to war, when I go to war. Bush just sends [people] to war."

Party Favors: Larry Wachowski Is Still a Man ... Alyssa Milano Joins "Earl" to Love Lee

The buzz that bizarro-director Larry Wachowski -- one half of the Wachowski Brothers of "Matrix" fame -- was getting the chop and becoming a woman are, apparently, untrue. FOX News reports that Larry has not yet become Lana ... TV Guide's Michael Ausiello reports that Alyssa Milano will be joining the cast of "My Name is Earl" to play Jason Lee's love interest. In other child star news, Henry Thomas -- Elliott of "E.T."-- will be joining "Without a Trace" to play the nemesis of head guy Anthony LaPaglia. Phone home ... so we know where you are!


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Glisten Garbor    

To Karina: Jennifer Aniston is NOT a cold fish..She is a very sensitive and sweet person and a wonderful friend..p/s While you are slinging around notions of children that don't talk to their parents..Angelina Jolie shunned her father (Jon Voight) years ago. He's never even met Shiloh.

2515 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

Well it shows he cheated much earlier then Jolie admitted to. I just looked up on the web for articles of when filming the movie would start and it was in 2003. That makes it 4 years ago he cheated on Jenn with jolie.

Jenn is much better off and I hope she finds love soon with a man who will not cheat with his co-stars.

2515 days ago


I am still very perplexed by the reasons why Jen fans are so angry at Angie. What did she do, really? Apparently, Brad chased her after he realized his marriage wasn't working. Jen also stated that Angie was blamed for the divorce and that she and Brad just stopped growing as a couple (Vanity Fair article). So, what gives? Also, Brad seemed to have sincerely tried to go as far as he can with his marriage with Jen and just realized that he was different views of how life should be lived compared to Jen. So, Jen is better off because now she can find someone more suitable for her, and Brad is definitely better off because he found someone who is much more suitable for him. It's win, win for all of us. NOw, if only Jen can find someone, then problem solved.

2515 days ago


Note to FIFTY: You're an idiot. You would rather vote for Hillary than Baraka Obama because you think that it would be like having Bill Clinton as the president? Oh really?

2515 days ago


He could have handled it better by not starting to adopt children with Angelina and getting her pregnant before his divorce from Jennifer was even final. He wins the award for the biggest jerk on the globe. Jennifer is a better person than either of them. However, Brad and Angelina will undoubtedly continue traveling the world trying to prove to everyone that they are really great and caring people.

2515 days ago

Paris has herpes    

I love how you TMZ guys neglected the part of the interview where he disses your girl Herpes. We're probably not gonna see that part of the interview on here, are we?

"Deep friendship" my ass. Why is it he's STILL talking about Jen? He's got a movie coming out and doesn't want it to bomb like A Mighty Heart. He knows people are sick of their asses.

2515 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Angelina Jolie is a skank and she had to realise that when she took up with Brad Pitt that every sane woman on the planet was going to hate her for coming between America's sweetheart couple Jen and Brad.

2515 days ago


Brad know's pr if he talks about jen he will get people to read the article about his new movie, if he talked about the plight of dufar not many would care and wouldn't read the article about the new movie. IT"S CALLED PR.

2515 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Oh yah Brad dissed Paris Hilton didn't he..Sucks when you can't get that young stuff anymore huh Brad! Don't be so bitter..You still have your succubus Angie to tuck you in at night.

2515 days ago

Spring Heeled Jack    

I'll bet Brad has a "deep" affection for Jen. He's prolly still givin' her a deep "beef" injection!

2515 days ago


More than 90% of the population probably think Brad is lying. I count myself among that group.

2515 days ago


to Sheryl:

How do you know Jen is "sensitive and sweet person"? Do you know her personally, or is it from her tv interviews? Also, you do realize that Jen does NOT speak to her mother, right? Jen was raised by her mom, whereas Jon left Angie and her brother when Angie was six months old. Jon even tried to not pay child support. And then, Jon went on a national TV and stated that Angie would make a horrible mom and she has mental disease. Jon doesn't even KNOW Angie. He hasn't spent any time with her? You also know that Jen doesn't have any real relationship with her father, right?

2515 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Brad and Jen probably do get along, they own a production company called Plan B. They have a vested interest in their movies doing well. The marriage is over, but it's business as useual.

2515 days ago



2515 days ago

Back to the Ward Darling    

Well that's a fairly transparent lie.

Brad's always been stronger in the looks department than intelligence.

After dating record of Juliette Lewis & Angelina Jolie it's clear that Jennifer Aniston was just too normal for him.

Best of luck to Jen.

2515 days ago
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