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"Idol" Wannabeen Headlines at SC Balloon Fest

9/7/2007 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" reject Bucky Covington got a real boost to his career -- as headliner at -- hold for it -- The Great Southeast Balloon Fest. The wha?
Bucky Covington
TMZ was on scene when Bucky boy blasted his own brand of hot air and spastic dancing for what looks like an audience of dozens of adoring old folks in Anderson, South Carolina. Bucky "performed" before the hot dog eating contest, and just after the wing eating contest. At least he was out in front of other bands like ... Morris Day and the Time! Oh-wee-oh-wee-oh!

When your final 15 minutes of "Idol" fame tick down ... this is where you go. There's always the balloon ride.


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TMZ, you clearly do not know what you are talking about. If you had ever been to a Bucky concert you would know, he puts more energy and enthusiasm in his show than most performers with twice his experience. I met him again last week at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach and he is still the same sweet down to earth guy I met right after he finished American Idol.

Cleary the only wannabeen around here is the writer who disses Bucky.

2601 days ago

PROUD to live in ANDERSON    

First, I live in Anderson, SC and it is an awesome city to live in. And to correct poster #114, I believe, we didn't lose the Freedom Weekend Aloft festival 7 years ago, we just lost it within the last year or so. We had FWA for quite a number of years before it went back to Greenville County. The new Balloon Festival is amazing! TMZ, I love you, but I am not gonna have you knock my town, or Bucky, for anything! The festival and Bucky were great! He was not, and is not, an AI reject by any means. Many of the AI contestants have gone on to do SOMETHING. Many big names performed at fairs and festivals and malls before they got big, what is wrong with that? They are doing what they love, and they are enjoying it! Go ANDERSON! Go BUCKY!

2601 days ago


Hey, I saw Faith Hill at the Wekiva Marina back in the early 90's which was the beginning of her career. The stage was by the canoe launch and the bait shop. My point is, look at her now, a superstar! Same goes for Bucky Covington. Exposure is everything for a musician. He has already had his first single go into the Top Ten and his second release is already in the Top 40 and heading up. Ease up on your comments.

2591 days ago

J Lynn    

TMZ You guys are plain idiots, stick with what you know best, that is shoving Britney Spears down everyones throats.

2567 days ago


I think that you need to just leave people alone,,we have terrorists and a society that is killing each other, and you need to DOG someone who was having innocent fun and entertaining a crowd. Does it really matter what the crowd was, they were happy and cheering. Bucky is a star, and apparently not one that forgot where he came from. You may call this 15 minutes of Fame but I see it as 15 minutes of just being himself, Maybe someone needs to tape you for 15 minutes of fame and see what you do with it, and then let us decide if it was worth watching. Apparently you don't think much of yourself, since you feel superior by dogging another person.
Bucky Covington is a real person, not a fake for the crowd, apparently with those dance moves. I enjoyed Bucky on American Idol as well as listening to his song. He is absolutely correct, It was a "DIFFERENT WORLD", too bad things can't be the way they used to be , before the world became so judgemental.
I am a 43 year old woman who recalls what life used to be, and I hate the world that the younger generation has to grow up in now, Leave the Good people alone.
Bucky brings happiness to a crowd, I wouldn't care if it was in a Laundromat, or a fast food restaurant, at least he is thinking of the people.

2567 days ago

Tommy Tee    

TMZ wouldn't know talent if it kicked them in the but ! I am a proud resident of Bucky's home town ( Rockingham, N.C. ) and this young man has enough talent to play anywhere he wants to play.As stated above it's not unusual for country music stars to play county fairs or other small venues . Why ? Because unlike stars in movies, tv, or other forms of music they remember who put them there. They don't tend to forget that the farmer, the the grocery store manager or the housewife are the ones who buy the tickets to their shows. In my opinion it's just their way of giving something back to their fans.As for the (small shows), I think it's great, not everyone can afford a Thirty dollar ticket to see them at a large arena. Tommy Tee

2567 days ago

Carolina Girl    

Hmmm.....the video is labeled "Midwest Ballooon Show" I live in South Carolina and never knew it was in the Midwest.....Guess somone needs a geography lesson.

2567 days ago


Hey ya'll ole Bucky tore down the house last night at New Brockton High School in South Alabama . He is heading up the charts and rippin threw the country music like there's no tomorrow. Glad to see a normal everyday guy doing what he likes to do for a job. You go Bucky dont look back just haul a _ _ dude !!!! Good Luck

2567 days ago

Bucky Cousin    

What nonsense you speak! When you are first starting out you sing wherever you have an audience...its called exposure! Bucky is doing fantastic...he works all the time! So just sit back and watch his star rise.

2567 days ago

SFC T    

TMZ.................I realize that you have a job to do and sometimes you actually do it fairly well.
But what I don't understand is why you spend so much time on idiots like Brit and Paris whom have no great claim to fame other than general screw ups and keep them alive in the press.
But then again, you have these kids trying to do something with their lives and make a living. They know they aren't all going to be STARS, but they can make a living and have families. So instead of knocking them so damned much, why don't you support them just a wee bit once in awhile?
I do agree they can't all sing the best, but at least they have the guts to try.

Look at what you do for a living......................

2567 days ago
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