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Judge Slams Foxy's Apology -- Ill Waah Waah

9/7/2007 2:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The walking tornado known as Foxy Brown caused a serious storm in court this morning, with defense lawyers begging to quit, with cops and witnesses from all over the tri-state area convening for the hearing.

Foxy's in Manhattan Criminal Court so the judge can determine how long she should spend in the slammer after violating her probation stemming from an assault on a manicurist in 2004, including an alleged attack in Brooklyn and a traffic violation in New Jersey. A source in the courtroom said Foxy was offered a nine-month sentence, but she hasn't taken it yet. Her new defense lawyer, we're told, has been trying to get her to take the deal -- but not before she tried to get taken off the case. Judge Jackson is making her and another lawyer, Alan Stutman, stick with Foxy.

The rapperista has seemed contrite, we're told, dressed conservatively in a gray suit and handcuffs. She read a statement of apology to the court, but the judge, said a source, smacked it down, saying it was, "Too little, too late." At one point, Foxy turned to her mother sitting behind her and mouthed the words, "I love you."

Court has been adjourned for lunch, but after the break, cops from New Jersey are being brought in to testify about her traffic violation there last month, and her probation officer will also be questioned.

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where is Sharpton when you need him. HA

2569 days ago


They all say they are sorry when they are going DOWN!!!!! Sounds way to familiar at this point. I am so tired of people with money and "star status" getting preferential treatment. It is not fair and it is time for a change. Make them pay the same price any of us "regular joes" have to pay.

2569 days ago


Hopefully she will learn something in jail. Like, this is not where I want to be and maybe I can do right now.

2569 days ago

Rated R    

Thats cause shes not snort coke Lindsay Lohan or sex loving sheriff Paris Hilton. This system sucks!

2569 days ago

paris hilton    

Only god can judge you Fox boogie!Do your time and get it together!God bless!For al the haters Find jesus!!

2569 days ago


Please do not bring race into this. How many chances has she already had before it all added up to where she is now? This doesn't have anything to do with race. It has to do with being someone with a famous name who thinks they are above the law.

2569 days ago

Star ard    

Isn't she pregnant? She'd give birth while incarcerated. That sucks. Maybe she should've thought about that before she drove without a license and beat "innocent" people up. But there is some hope that the judge won't be too harsh and just give her maybe 4 months? so she can have her last pregnancy month at home. That's what I'm predicting

2569 days ago


Hope she uses the time inside wisely. She needs to get it together. The ill Na Na use to be one of the few female rappers that held it down at one point. No lauren remy ( after they prosecute)...We can do with out kim plastic ass...who else ???

Need to get Lady Luck on the scene. Only female left that can really rep for the females. And not end up in jail every other week!

2569 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

She should have behaved. Multiple times.
Color, schmuller.

2569 days ago

Rated R    

All this talk about it not being about color! So explain Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton??? Its ok they can drive drunk and really kill someone and yet they get no time??

2569 days ago


Maybe Whoopie should speak up for her. Maybe the rap star's behavior is part of her culture and Whoopie can explain it all to us.

2569 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Who did Paris and Lindsay kill? Only real sad one lately was Brandy.

2569 days ago

Rated R    

I ment to say they lucky they havent- with all the dwi's they rack up.

2569 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Foxy's in MANHATTEN Criminal Court. That's NOT Hollywood.
Each jurisdiction does what it does. Any good lawyer will tell you that. It's a given.
You deal with each pile as it exists.
After reading about the extent of her behaviour, I would be too embarrassed to play the race card here.
Color, Schmuller.

2569 days ago


Get a clue # 16..... One black persons views dosent speak for all of black america....Im sure George W. Bush's views dont speak for all white america.... you people are sick....

2569 days ago
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