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"Secret Witness" All the Buzz in Court

9/7/2007 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

SpearsTMZ was in the courtroom just minutes ago when K-Fed's lawyer said the "secret witness" in the case is an employee of Britney's -- after she left rehab.

Dennis Wasser, who reps Spears, said, "Shame on Mr. Kaplan. How can he let this go on?" We're told Kaplan made a play for the witness last Tuesday, but was shut down by the judge.

Gloria Allred, who reps the witness, is about to address the court and explain why the judge should consider his testimony in the custody dispute.

Then the judge threw us out and made the proceeding itself secret!

Stay tuned ...


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why do they need a secret witness? wtf

2601 days ago


What a mess. Those poor kids. Either way, they're screwed.

2601 days ago


Good for the judge. This is none of TMZ's business.

2601 days ago


Wow, something that actually can be somewhat newsworthy for a change from Brit. Hmm, wonder how this will go. If she has nothing to hide why oppose the witness? If she is as normal as she claims......

2601 days ago


her lawyer's name is LAURA Wasser

2601 days ago


I'd sure like to know who the judge is and if he or she is conservative or liberal. Does she or he have prejudices against public figures of favor moms or dads. Does anyone know who it is?

2601 days ago


Hey, I won 500.00 on a dead pool. Had Pavarotti, and guess who I have next, Britney!!
Come on baby, have the ultimate meltdown!!

2601 days ago


KFed needs a secret witness because he's fighting tons of money. I hope he's fighting truly for his kids and not for the payoff. Dottie, you'r right - those poor kids are screwed either way. Britney makes bad choices constantly in her life. She needs to grow up and act like a responsible adult, whether it means giving up her parental priveledges or putting on some underwear!

2601 days ago


Secret witness...Hmmmm Shannon maybe? It has to be someone that would need to hire Gloria Allred so someone who's already been in the media and expects publicity.

2601 days ago


Oh not Allred

2601 days ago


All about money....

2601 days ago


Poor kids. Too bad they don't have say in any of this. No matter what happens in court, they lose.

Either one idiot gets custody or the other one does. They lose.

If the court decides that neither is a fit parent (which should really happen) and the kids end up with in a foster home, they lose once again. Cuz foster care is no picnic.

2601 days ago


K-Fed is a creep and I am sure he is behind the "secret" witness, the call to DCFS, and every other thing he can do to harass Britney. Britney was in rehab for post-partum depression, caused by an irresponsible, money-hungry, wannabee singer, uhmm pimp...named Kevin. If he is so wonderful, why was he willing to live off Britney, and not gain custody of the poor kids he had with Char? Uh huh....Kevin only wants the kids he can "bank" on. stupid so called witness.....she was in recovery......her actions might have been different! At least she got help. I hope they post this "witnesses" face and name all over the place and I hope someone ties her and K-fed together somewhere in time. The coup di gras for Britney.....she will have someone show K-fed and the witness together making plans. What is wrong Kevin.....too old to dance.....can't sing.....can't act.....oops better find a new fool that is young and innocent and wants to take care of your sorry!

2601 days ago


Who cares?

2601 days ago


Caryn - Dennis is Laura's husband, who also reps her when she is not available - they are both lawyers...

this is pathetic - I hope the Judge slams them for abusing the system like this - and Gloria Alred is losing all credibility to her name these days. "secret" witness, how lame is that. what about K-Fed smoking pot??? there has never been any actual proof that Brit did drugs, etc, but even Shar Jackson the other day admitted that he still smokes pot... and then the guy asks for her to foot the bill to bring herself to court, what an idiot... i hope the Judge throws this crap out..

2601 days ago
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