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Britney's Career: 1998 - 2007

9/10/2007 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears


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I heard that The Palms axed the "Criss Angel" aspect of her show so she was pissed. Who knows? I just think it was total BS that Sarah Silverman cut on Brit's kids. WTF??? I can't stand that f-in idiot anymore. Don't bring her kids into anything!!!

2564 days ago


go home to your kids and start being a mom...maybe there is hope there for you.

2564 days ago


Ugly non flattering outfit -- you aren't 12 any more -fire the dude who put you in that -- that set her up for disaster

2564 days ago


While I'm not a Britney fan, I think everyone is being too harsh. How many women do you know of that look that good after having two babies in less than two years? You all act like she's the only performer to ever lip sync when it's actually very common. No one is gonna be happy until this dippy girl implodes, and then what? What is the point in saying hurtful things about someone who is obviously very uncomfortable and not exactly right in the head?

2564 days ago


You're being very generous. Her career died years ago! People should stop giving her excuses. She made choices and should have the guts to assume them. She killed her career and her life herself. Hopefully for her she'll get her life back on track, for the sake of her kids. But she'll never get her career back. She's proven too often that she's not worth it.
Now, the question is: how will she afford her Versace bags and thousands of $$ shopping trips?

2564 days ago

Donna Reynolds    

I am not nor was I ever a Britney fan, but I actually liked "Gimme More," and hoped she could extract herself from the much and mire in which she seemed to be wallowing and pull of some kind of comeback. Alas, it was not to be. From the greasy, oh-so-obvious, bad weave, to the outfit, to the lackluster way in which she moseyed around the stage to the pitiful attempt to lip synch - just plain bad, and I don't think TMZ's RIP on her career is off the mark. Sadly, the song, which I enjoyed, will now forever remind me of this debacle.

As I was watching her performance and thinking, "OMG, she is horrible," I started second-guessing myself, wondering if perhaps I wasn't being too harsh. Then she turned around and the combination of the visual of her flabby behind (I kept seeing that photo of her in wearing the short shirt and her butt hanging out) and that greasy, cheap weave, convinced me that I was not off the mark. Minutes later, the press beating kicked off and I realized that I might have been too kind.

So sad.

2564 days ago


The girl got married/divorced and had two kids all within 3 years, I think she's just tired. Going out there to perform in front of all her peers who currently have hits on the charts probably didnt make it any easier. She's not ready yet. I think she needs a good looong family vacation with ALL of her family.

2564 days ago

I'm Back Biatches    

The bod was not that bad, a bit softer but after two kids...
no it was the horrendous way she moved slowly and mumbled the words. Seemed more like she was on something to me...too slow and methodic. What happened to the fast paced, choreographed Britney? She was sloppy and loopy...but give the bod comments a break, still looked pretty good after all the drug and alcohol abuse, I mean really.

2564 days ago


She wasn't bad at all. give me a break. She looks fine after having kids and she prolly did a mellow dance because of the parts of her that wasn't tone on her she didn't want flabbing around so Hollywood could make fun of her. It's sad because people are so damn judge mental. I didn't think there was anything wrong with her.

MTV needs to worry about making MTV MUSIC TELEVISION not all this damn drama TV.
MTV went down hill years back. FIX THAT MTV, we don't want to watch your REAL WORLD, or CRIBS and the other senseless crap you have on there.

2564 days ago

Jus D truth    

aaaahhhh, lets all feel sorry for poor little Britney. NOT......the skank performed exactly like we knew she would. TRAIN-FREAK!!!

2564 days ago


Britney, go home to your kids.

2564 days ago

No place now but UP    

The whole show sucked, not just Britney. MTV sucks. Britney has no place to go but UP UP UP now!

I am cutting her some slack. I thought she looked FIT AND HEALTHY not skeletal and pencil thin. It took major GUTS to get up on that stage last night and I commend her for it.

DON'T LET THE BASTARDS GET YOU DOWN, BRIT! Keep workin' it, you're almost there!

2564 days ago


I am actually worried about her. As much fun as I have snickering at celebs, she is somebody's mama and she is obviously having a meltdown. If for no one else but her kids, I really hopes she gets it together.

2564 days ago


brit brit's vajayjay performed better last fall than she did last night...and which one lip synched better, i ask you?

2564 days ago


seriously, wtf? there was no engery, like she was scared to move or something, the lip singing was awful, and just ugh. big disappointment. oh yea where were all the chris angel tricks that were suppose to go on?? sad.

2564 days ago
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