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Britney's Career: 1998 - 2007

9/10/2007 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears


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Maybe Chriss Angel had the sense God gave him to make a run for the border and get the hell out of that trainwreck. I still have vomit in my mouth. It just won't go away. I feel so sorry for those with talent who didn't get to open the VMA's and who would have done a better job of it. She didn't deserve to open, she didn't deserve to be allowed into the vma's in the first place.

2601 days ago


I feel sooooooooo bad for her. That poor little girl is so lost.

2601 days ago


She looked and dressed horribly...Too chubby to be flaunting it...No sex appeal...Was like watching a robot ! She's a total mess !! Go away Britt...You are done now !! You put the icing on the cake this time !!

2601 days ago


Looks like she needs to stop eating all that fast food. She looked horrible, couldn't dance and couldn't even lip synch to her own song. I think she was stoned or something. If this was supposed to be a "come back" she needs to give up. This was the most important performance in her career and she acted like she couldn't have cared less. What a loser.

2601 days ago


She just needs to give up! There is/will not be a come back for Britney. I was embarassed for her.....what an AWFUL performance!

2601 days ago

Papa Bear    

Britney NEVER lived in a trailor park you idiots. She lived in a 4 bedroom brick house in Louisiana that was in a very upscale neighborhood. Her parents always had money. How do you think they carted her around from New York to Florida and paid for all those dance and voice lessons when she was a kid?

I think you all are remembering YOUR child hood sitting in a trailor park, picking your noses and watching your unemployeed parents drink an smoke up all the grocery money! I guess that explains why Britney is rich and famous and well...YOU AREN"T! LOL

2601 days ago


Britney Spears is a brilliant and sensitive artist who is dealing with the negativity of the media and a shallow tasteless public. While everyone else saw a trainwreck, those among us who see the big picture, saw a brave woman making the show go on despite her own dawning realization that she is casting pearls before swine.

2601 days ago

Get Real    

Come on TMZ find out the real scoop. Brit & Cris fall out??? That performance was just put together any one can see that. Whats the real truth!!!

2601 days ago


She would probably be the hottest chick in the trailer park. She was horrible, looked worst and sounded even worser. Is worser a word? Oh well, you know what I mean...

2601 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Very sad.

I'd feel a little more compassion if she didn't feel the need to show off her body (which isn't that great) all the time.

I really think she should take some time to focus on her children AND herself.

2601 days ago


I am surprised her fishnets weren't full of holes like she usually wears. What a trainwreck. Out of shape gut and a double chin. Comes out attempting to dance to one of her crappy songs and sing along with it and doesn't even know the lyrics. She is an embarrassment and needs to go away now.

2601 days ago


Yes her perfomance was disappointing but shame on the producers for allowing Sarah no class Silverman to dis the shows opening act. That is really supporting your talent.
It was like they set her up and she knew it. I am for some reason still pulling for her.
She needs some guidance. Odd since my fourteen year old daugher's comment was she needs to stop focusing on her dead career and start focusing on her children.
I challenge everyone who's said something mean about her to do something super nice for her. She doesn't know who to trust and who can blame her after the way the VMA's let Sarah S. bash her.

2601 days ago


This "performance" was painful to watch. Looks like her future may be
in soft porn..and why anyone feels sorry for her is beyond me. She has more freakin $ than she deserves, & can hire anyone she wants to help
her get in shape, quit smoking, help her strengthen her vocal cords, &
pick out the most flattering outfits for public view. And her hair is probably
grown out to an actually cute new look by now. she has a pretty face, short hair would probably be adorable. And..she could've done ALL
this at any number of fabulous homes with a cook, trainer & nanny each
in a guest room for 24 hr help.Her problem isnt "ALL" shes been thru, its just how stupid she is not to have figured out those things by herself.
of course she needs a manager for contracts, etc. I think even "special" needs people can figure out how to get some help.WTF is
wrong with her? drugs or booze? No sober person would look like that
on national tv,right?

2601 days ago


Britney - don't you see yourself? If y ou did you would see what everybody else sees ... a very sorry, lonely, little girl in need of much help. Reach out. You are sending your career down the tubes .... you were awful last night. You have been awful for awhile. It's time to grow up and take some responsibliity for your actions .... please you use to be so good. I wouldn't buy a CD now if it was 50 cents. Prayer seems to be the only thing that I could add .... didn't you say you were a Christian once, return to what you know. That is the only thing that will fill the emptiness in your life and heart.

2601 days ago


She maybe a big mess, but leave her children out of it!! They didn't ask to be brought into this world, maybe we should all take a step back leave her alone and let they kids grow up without EVERYONES harsh words!! If it was your child out there you would be pissed!! She has made her mistakes let her be!

2601 days ago
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