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Maddox's Preschool Cuisine -- For la Creme de la Creme!

9/10/2007 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh cod served with steamed broccoli and couscous -- the main course at a lavish New York gala? Nope. It's what Maddox Jolie-Pitt had for lunch yesterday at his private Manhattan school. Bon appétit!

Little Maddox attends the prestigious Lycée Français de New York on the Upper East side. Cameras captured Angelina taking Maddox to school last week, wearing the latest in private school haute couture. C'est magnifique!

Today, according to the school menu, Maddox can expect to dine on vegetable chunks soup, rotisserie chicken, green bean almondine, white rice, and yogurt or fruit. Kinda makes that Hot Pocket you were going to microwave look pretty bad, doesn't it?


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2567 days ago


Did any of you link on the site of this school? I will bet not. Yes, the school is private, yes many 'snooty' people have gone to this school, but it proposes to teach a curriculum that frankly I wish all of our childeren could get.
Furthermore, I am simply amazed how so many of you say these kids will be taught that they are better than others and should be raised 'normal'. Does that mean they should go to schools where it is ok to disrespect your teachers; ok to bully other kids; ok to get by with D's; ok to trade drugs; ok to steal; ok to come out such a moron that you cannot even do basic math. Is THAT the kind of 'normal' school these children should go to to live 'normal' lives???? Yeah, just what I would want for my children!

2567 days ago

Hank Essay    

Wait, I thought they lived in New Orleans? Or was it Berlin?

Turns out it was only the Upper East Side, as we all thought.....

2567 days ago


i think angelia jolie out to be ashamed to be sending her child there, what she did not check out the kinds of foods they served the children before she chose that school, she needs to focus more on their days at school and enough about her who cares anymore anyway, she can afford to pay for mcdonalds to bring regular food for all the kids everyday or she can fix it herself and bring it to the school thats what good moms do. brad needs to take his baby and go back to jen and divorce angelina, jen would welcome him with open arms. everbody goes slumming one time or another, its ok brad, just go back to your one and only true love

2567 days ago

Uh, scary    

Prestigious huh? I just heard on the news a man was shot on the upper east side. Better watch out brangelina, there are lots of crazies out there even in the upper east side.

2567 days ago


Nobody cares about them kids, they want you to think we do but NOT TRUE !!!!! Would be nice once in a while to see their REAL baby but guess she isn't important to them.

2567 days ago


When did a kids school lunch become news? Who Cares what it is. TMZ you really need to do better than this.

2567 days ago


Errors on the Lycée Français de New York website. After going through TMZ's link, click on HOME. Then, click on "Access to the Upper Floors" or use:

This is from their site: "For security raisons.

Students from elementary will go in the upper floors with theirs teachers only.

Parents are not aloud any more to access the upper floors.


Personally, I would rather my children learn proper grammar and spelling while eating a hot pocket, then foregoing the grammar and spelling in lieu of grilled rotisserie chicken and green bean almondine.

2567 days ago


What I would like to know is does he really eat this food? Or does he get something else that he realy likes. Maybe thats why his Mother is so thin

2567 days ago


Angelina and Brad should be extremely proud that they were able to get there child into this school. We have a Lycee in my neighborhood and the students have an excellent quality curriculum to follow. She should be Applauded for not serving Mc donalds or any other fast food convenience food for his lunch. Good moms make sure there children are fed. Great moms make sure the diet is well balanced and healthy. It would be great to see Angelina and Brad Marry finally to confirm there commitment. However not everyone needs a traditional wedding to validate there love.

Way to go!!!!!!

2567 days ago


#43 - KKennon -
Are you really saying good mothers give there kids Fast food for lunch? Are you high? A Happy meal is not a balanced diet.

Why should Anyone be ashamed of sending there child to an excellent school with a healthy lunch menu??? You've been eating to many Big Macs - your minds fried.

2567 days ago


This woman is the biggest liar on the face of the earth. She is a member of the CFR which is a huge organization, in the same class with the bilderbergs, they believe in redistribution of wealth, yours not theirs, open borders thrrough out the globe, and all the rest of the rules and regulations that are coming to make your life miserable, just like all Socialist/communistic groups, whats good for the goose is all that matters, screw the ganders. Brad is down in Louisiana making green houses that no one but the rich will be able to afford. Haliburton was there buying up property 3 days after the flood, my son was still missing and they were buying, these people are such airhead fools its a wonder they can function at all. Angie isn't going to be around much longer from the looks of her, she looks as if she spent the summer in a concentration camp, is this what turns Brad on? Good Luck because I have a feeling he is going to get stuck with 4 or 5 kids down the road while angie recuperates from anorexia. W Magazine had a story on Angelina and how she got to be a member of the CFR and her trips to Bill Clintons office, no wonder she wants to move to Europe. I would rather stick a needle in my eye than go see one of their movies.

2567 days ago


Why would eating fish (cod) , broccoli, and semolina (couscous...which is a staple like rice or bread to some people) be a problem for some of you? It's healthy food ..and in this case probably fancy-sounding.
What's wrong with Brad and Angelina wanting the best for their kids? Why can't we just be glad that some parents are trying to do the best that they know how to care for their kids?
I applaud them and all the parents who try to do the right thing for their kids...this world needs more of them.

2567 days ago


These parents are sick and they both go around with this holier than thou attitude about what good they are doing in the world.... what sickos brangelina are. i am sick of their attitudes and sick faces. everyone knows he is gay anyway.

2567 days ago


Why isn't this kid going to school in New Orleans? So, Brangelina bought a home in New Orleans, but the kids go to school in New York? Dumbass parents.

2567 days ago
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