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Britney -- I Object, Y'all!

9/11/2007 7:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has obtained this hilarious document in the Britney Spears/K-Fed custody war.

Britney's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, lodged 156 objections to Kevin's declaration, in which he questions Britney's parenting skills. Wasser had a good batting average -- 89 of the objections were sustained and 67 were overruled.

In all, there were 229 objections to various declarations. Peace out.


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Well frankly the State of California needs to look into all parties concerned and put the kids in a home where they will be nurished and taken care of. Britney and Kevin are both unfit to raise children.

She is basically another no talent lip syncing has been that will be broke and bankrupt in 2 years.

2606 days ago

big momma    

oh come on we all know that brit sucks as a mother who in their right mind would drive with a chil in their lap and she cant even hold the baby w/o almost dropping it , not having them wear life jackets when on speed boat come on people lets get real here, plus the tanturam she has thrown over everyone wanting to help that poor girl . She needs help and parenting classes . At least with kevin we see how he holds those kids as well as the kids w/ shar so we already know he is a good father and would be able to give those kids more then brit ever could a good stable home wether he has money or not at least they are safe when they are with him . I hope he gets those babies .

2606 days ago


I feel like TMZ has trashed her enough!! I have also heard "ya'll" and" ding dang" ENOUGH!!!!

2606 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Big Momma, where did you see pictures of Kevin with his kids? Or with Shar's? There have never been any pictures on this site, so we don't know how they act. In the meantime, the stalking paps are with Brit every minute of the day and night. They probably try to get in her bedroom while she is sleeping. If you don't think K-Fed is only after her money, then you must be delushional and on drugs. Everyone knows he's a scam artist and a s...head.

2606 days ago

Sloe gin fizzy    

I’m serious, Britney. Get your reps to schedule you a lunch date with Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. They were the teen princesses that came before you, and can truly relate unlike us regular folk. Today, they are mature, respectable women. They knew how to get out of the spotlight with CLASS. You don’t hear them crying, “ I don’t make thirty million a year like I used to, that’s not enough money for me, oh woe is me!” They could give you some good advice. And while you’re at it, bring Christina, Jessica, and Mandy along with you. This new generation of celebrities is sad. Some people might make fun of Debbie Gibson and Tiffany and go like ‘Debbie who?’, but I’m sure if you asked them, they would say they are happy with their life. Why? Because more and more millions doesn’t fill the void when you just spend more and more extravagantly. And the most important reason is, they are still alive!

2606 days ago


TMZ... come on! you guys really are jackasses, why cant you people just leave the poor girl alone and let her live her life in peace. She may have had some problems and still working on them but come on those are her kids and she shouldnt have to suffer with losing them. I think she would be a good mom if you guys would just leave her the hell alone!!! Give it up ALREADY!!! Geeezz. She is a beautiful woman and she can sing and dance her ass off. I thought she looked pretty darn good considering.... and I'm not a real big fan of hers but the girl does have damn good talent. Just leave her Alone!! GET A LIFE already!!

2606 days ago

I feel sorry for her    

I really feel sorry for Britney. She went from pop princess, got married to this loser, had two kids (both of which of are beautiful little boys and NOT mistakes), and now she has to squabble in order to see them. I wish that Kevin would stop all these stupid allegations, because no one really knows the truth. Her Southern raising might be why she's raising these children differently. And I don't know why he wants this set of kids so badly; he doesn't seem to care about his other set with Shar Jackson.

2606 days ago


Often people forget that BEFORE she was Britney Spears the singer...she was a human being like everyone else. She's not perfect, and I'm certain what confidence she did have, if any, is stripped. It's difficult enough in the life to live up to our own family's expectations, let alone the worlds. However, she's chosen the public life. Perhaps now, focusing on being a good mother will be the first priority as it should. I don't think anyone is 100 percent bad or good, and I do believe that "child stars" have a hard time letting go. What I saw was an "older" Britney, trying to look young still. Some have made the crossover from "child stardom" to "adult singer and new styles of music". Britney certainly has more than enough income to last the rest of her life, she should retire, raise her kids, and seek another job opportunity. No one, absolutely noone can turn back the hands of time....therefore, the days she ruled the music entertainment is history. She's done off the dollars of it...and move on....choose acting..or another source of income.

2606 days ago


K-Fed just wants money from Brit to "take care" of his kids!! Brit should owe him NOTHING!! He is their dad and capable of working so make him get off his butt and support his kids too!

2606 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Has Kevin Frederlouse ever paid one cent toward the support of his children? NO ! A real man and good father would get a job and not try to live off of his x-wife the rest of his life. He is a low-life loser. I can't see anything good about him.

2606 days ago


Damn people give her a break!! she did have two ,count them two babies really close together, how many women look half that good without ever having had a baby!!!!!

2606 days ago


I think poor Brittany has had enough! Leave her alone already! Yes, she has made some wierd choices in her life but her life is also nothing like ours!! She has had cameras trained on her since she was a child! She doesn't know what a normal life is!! She married a jerk who used her talent for his own gain! After all she has been through, I think most people would snap too! Give her a break and let her get on with her life! Also....I don't think she looked "fat" at all! Pretty damn good for just having 2 babies! She looks hotter than most girls I know! So stop with the jealous banter!

2606 days ago


Britney,go the F home . You suck.

2606 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Shar wanted Fed-X to marry Britney. She had FOUR illegit kids and she knew Brit would give him the money to support her kids, too. Kevin and Shar - two big time scam artists. I'm hoping the Judge sees through all of their lies and money grubbing. It's a shame they have gotten away with it this long. They are really two big dirt bags. We love you, Britney.

2606 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#43 Diane, what a genteel lady you are. Not ! Why don't you go the F home. You sound like a loser, too. You are probably K-Fed or Shar. I'm surprised you know how to use a computer.

2606 days ago
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