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"Full House" Star Pregnant -- An Inside Look

9/11/2007 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has the inside scoop on Jodie Sweetin, aka Stephanie on "Full House," and when we say "inside," we mean inside!
Jodie Sweetin
TMZ has obtained this sonogram of Steph's baby with hubby Cody Herpin, courtesy of the happy couple themselves. TMZ is proud to announce their oven bun to their family and friends. Jodie and Cody were married just weeks ago at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas.



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David L    

Poor little former child actor- obviously suffering from Jan Brady or Middle Child Syndrome. Jodie, sweetie, nobody cares!

2561 days ago


Eww she looks pretty bad. I sed to loveher hen she was in Full oHouse but now she looks terrible. I heard she had a major drug problem too.

2561 days ago


TMZ . . . what an unnecessary report . . . and in particularly poor taste . . . an announcement is one thing . . . but a sonogram? . . . . who but the family could possibly care?

Also . . . whoever if writing your copy needs either some English classes . . . or spellcheck . . .

2561 days ago


Um, they actually don't stick anything up there to get the ultrasound, Queen Elizabeth. They do it on top of your skin over your abdomen...

2561 days ago


Queen Elizabeth- I am going to assume you are a drag queen and have never had an ultrasound. Not sure if you realize this, but they can also do ultrasounds on the belly... more commonly thats what they do- but hey- way to up the perv factor.


I'm going to assume you are a rather unimaginative troll.

The perv factor was already established from the get-go. Nobody but a gynecologist needs to see anyone else's uterus.

Yes, transabdominal ultrasounds are possible, but not likely for anybody as fat as Jodie Sweetin. If the transabdominal is not clear enough, they do a transvaginal. Which means probe up the cooch. We don't need to see that.

That particular ultrasound is a sagittal view, obtained internally.

Desperate attention whores and the trolls who love them, on the next Oprah!

2561 days ago


Well then maybe she should quit smoking.

2561 days ago


wow i remember when you was on full house just a little kid and now your having one yourself....congrats....hope things are going good

2561 days ago


Ok all you medical brainiacs, yes you CAN have an Ultrasound done through your "cooch!!" It is a much better way to get dates on baby when the pregnancy is still early and the soundwaves don't have to wade through all that fat on top of the belly to try and find baby. Not everyone in America looks like MaryKate...certainly not Jodi in that AWFUL picture.

2561 days ago


responding to smart lipped "r u really that ignorant": I was simply stressing SONOGRAM, b/c the original poster who started the debate and additional comments simply refered to a SONOGRAM, 1 word, not this transvaginal procedure that you would like to state. so no, I am not really that ignorant. I was simply responding to the queen who did not expand on her post... she simply stressed SONOGRAMS going up the vagina, with no other expansion. OKAY? now go back and try and correct some others you fool.

2561 days ago


Shotgun wedding!!!

2561 days ago


No matter who this sonogram was taken -- over the abdomen or through the cervical area -- why do we have to see it?
Also, given how embryonic this child looks, why was a sonogram taken so soon?
Wouldn't an over-the-counter pregnancy test have been sufficient?
Oh, I forgot, no publicity for a Z-lister.

2561 days ago


In response to post # 14: Unless the doctors have changed the way they do sonograms since I had my kids, a sonogram is done by 3-d through the mother's stomach, thus not touching any "cooches". And btw, I doubt anything has changed, because my little boy is only 2 1/2 weeks old.

2561 days ago

lisa g    

i say congrads hope her husband and her have a beautiful bouncy healthy baby. gosh i am glad she told the press instead of the press hounding her and finding out! GOOD LUCK JODIE & CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2561 days ago


omg she is hot, did you see her pic in people mag? she has nice titties, I can still remember strokin it to DJ in the later episodes.

2561 days ago


The pictures where she is smoking are old. They were first posted a month or two ago.

Secondly, does this mean no more Pants Off Dance Off?

2561 days ago
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