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Terrorists Threaten to Kill Britney and Madonna?!

9/11/2007 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As if Britney Spears didn't have enough problems, now she's got snarky Jihadists wanting her head on a platter, y'all. And Madonna's too!
Click to hear!
According to Aaron Klein's new book, "Schmoozing with Terrorists," the wackadoodle haters are as celebrity obsessed as any blueblooded TMZ readers! In an interviews with hater Muhammad Abdel-Al (you can't call him "Al"), drab Abdel said, "If these two prostitutes keep doing what they will do, we of course will punish them... We can stone them and even we can kill them." Were the VMAs broadcast on Al Jazeera?

There are some celebs they actually like; Richard Gere, Jane Fonda and Sean Penn. They even liked Rosie O'Donnell until they found out she was Lebanese a lesbian -- finally, something for the Christian Right and Islamic extremists to agree on! No surprise: they love Mel Gibson ... and it's not because of the "Lethal Weapon" franchise.


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Is this a hate site? Didn't the jews in Germany and Europe suffered from the same hate as you are spewing toward muslims? How easy do we forget Levine.

2577 days ago


Sounds like obvious far-right, neo-con propaganda.

So they all must be communists, communists, er ... terrorist-lovers.

Yeah ... I think we''ve all already seen thisfirst time around; same play - just different players ala McCarthyism.

Hmmm .... An objective reporter, or the subject matter of the middle east/terrorism prevents the author objectivity? See here:

2577 days ago


I totally agree, putting that on TMZ about Britney and Madonna on today of all days is just wrong. And I don't particularly care for either of them.

And trying to link extreme muslim terrorists to any type of Christian is pathetic.

2577 days ago

I KNEW IT!!    

See ya TMZ! I will not be coming to this lame website. You guys are a disgrace.

2577 days ago


Is this book factual? If you're undecided be sure to read more on the author of the book, Aaron Klein, here to answer that question ...

2577 days ago


Terrorists want to kill B.S. and Madonna? Can I watch?

2577 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Why can't these pigs mind their own business. Who are they to judge us American's and the one and only one on that list should be Elisabitch. No seriously, why is is that they are worried what the Americans are doing in their own country. They should tame themselves first. They marry their own cousins and produce more evil. Those freaking
in breds.
What kind of god or prophet endorses violence and why is it that we all have to politically correct and watch what we say. The British even went as far as to change the story of
'The Three Little Pigs' into 'The Three Little Dogs'. These jihadi idiots would never do that
for them or anyone. I wish we coud bomb every cave in Afganistan and Iraq and Iran or
anywhere those cowards are hiding.

2577 days ago



terrorists are so stupid

2577 days ago

Mary Worth    

I've been feeling incredibly sad for Brittany Spears AND America, for quite some time!

BS for her representation of pop culture. America, for invading an innocent country, and demolishing the homes and livelihoods of innocent women and children, And, also, the maiming, crippling and killing of innocent women and children.

We're over here; they're over there. We can't see, we can't hear the intense suffering of the innocents, as long as we focus on Brittany Spears, Madonna, and their ilk!

And as for those who want BS's head on a platter; aren't they the ones who hang teenaged, and older homosexuals and bisexuals? Who stone woman for the slightest reasons?

2577 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

"They even liked Rosie O'Donnell until they found out she was Lebanese[strike through] a lesbian"

This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen TMZ write. I love it and keep it up!

2577 days ago

My Main Martyrdom    

Wonder if the West could substitute characters like: Sen Chucky Schmucky Schumer, "Countdown to No Ratings," Keith Overbite, or Stretch Pelosi...leave Rosie and Sean on the list.

2577 days ago


I think it pretty sad that these extremist give real hard working muslims a bad name. Anyone that think Islam and the prophet Mohammed condones voilence is igrorant. The prophet was a peaceful person. The extremist takes these words out of context and try to act on them. These extremist dont realize that are infact isuling the teachings of islam becase Islam if you know anything about it is a peaceful religion

The Quran is quite simialar to the Bible in many ways.

It also sad how some idiots only beleive what the media tells them to beleive. So they only get one side of the story. Muslim bad blah blah blah

2576 days ago


People who hate the US and act violently on it are definately NOT justified in any way but think about it. America's #1 export is its pop culture. It sells and it brings in the money big time. Now think for just one minute about what people in other countries get to see. Just imagine your only reference for the American way of life was from popular videos,music, and movies. Every foreigner that I've ever talked to that had never been to the US assumes that life here is like it is on TV, especially the disgusting teenybopper shows. And even if they knew it wasn't that way, the logical conclusion is that we celebrate or idealize it. Throw in some bad foreign policy and presto we are the great devil.

THIS IS WHY RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM OF ALL TYPES IS ON THE RISE EVERYWHERE! (Both inside and outside the border). People are getting tired of this filth!

2576 days ago


FINALLY!!!! the "terrorists" have a good idea. Off with their heads!!! :-)

2576 days ago


I love this!!!!! This is hysterical...yay

2576 days ago
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