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Britney Tressed-Out by Jess Simpson's Hair?!

9/12/2007 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe that's what pushed Britney over the edge: It turns out that the slopwreck was forced to wear hair extensions from Jessica Simpson's line for her VMA disaster, totally against her will.

Vegas Confidential reports that Spears "pitched a fit" backstage when she demanded to wear brown hair, but her handlers wanted her to wear the stringy blonde extensions that she sported on stage. Apparently, Brit paid her own stylist ten grand to make the trip to Vegas so she could take a walk on the brown side, but her peeps said no way.

Papa Joe -- No One Puts Ashlee in a Corner!

Joe Simpson got all thugged-out Sunday night in Vegas, when a security guard allegedly shoved his daughter Ashlee into a wall.

Rush & Molloy report that Ashlee, boyfriend Pete Wentz and Joe were trying to maneuver their way out of a nightclub when Wentz got shoved by a security guard, "knocking Ashlee against a wall." That's when Big Joe went nuts and tried to protect Ashlee, making that throat-slitting gesture in the process. "When somebody messes with my baby, then it's over!" he told R&M.

Ever the classy guy, Simpson said the fracas started because the bouncers were "just mad they make $12 an hour." Unlike getting paid a few pennies more by your own daughters.

Babwa Gives Rosie the Kiss-Off

Rosie may have called her old boss Barbara Walters "tired" and suggested she quit for good, but Babwa ain't taking the bait. She told "EXTRA" yesterday that she read Rosie's spicy tome "Celebrity Detox," and said it had a note with it expressing Ro's love, but BW didn't exactly return it.

Instead, said Walters, "I would like to concentrate on the love that she sent." And if Babwa seems particularly frosty, no doubt it has something to do with Rosie writing, as Page Six reported: "Barbara Walters is almost twice my age ... at some point it becomes necessary to step back." By the way, Rosie's 45, while Baba is 77.

Party Favors: Ludacris and Kato Kaelin – Blackjack Buddies? ... Kanye Ditches New York Promo Ops

Odd couple Ludacris and Kato Kaelin were spotted Sunday at the Playboy Club in Vegas, playing blackjack, while Ashlee Simpson and some galpals partied at ghostbar with french fries. ... Kanye West didn't seem to need the help of "Today," David Letterman, MTV, or anyone else yesterday, as he skipped a slew of appearances on the day his album dropped. His rep said he was "contrite" about missing his "Today" performance.


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SP- Suppressive Person    

Rosie needs therapy. Oh yea (First)??

2565 days ago


Maybe if Britney was more concerned about her inner demons than her appearance she wouldn't be in contention to be the next Anna Nicole Smith--

2565 days ago

Lenn K.    

Rosie is and always will be a pig with a bad gay attitude. Britney, the hair didn't matter it's your performance that did!!

2565 days ago


I don't understand where it said Barbara gave Rosie the Kiss off Shame on TNZ > What Barbara said was she was concentrating on the love Rosie sent her so where was the Kiss off. I am so sick of people saying Rosie trashed Barbara she was just saying Barbara needs to retire theres nothing wrong with that. But of course the media has to make it out to be something it isn't The media sucks It is not about truth anymore Its all about trashing people. Rosie was writing about her experience on the View . I think Barbara needs top retire to. Does that make me a bad person TMZ!!!!!!!

2565 days ago


Would you all shut up about Britney's weight? What a bunch of jerks in one post you are reporting how anorexic a star looks and wondering why. THen when one has the nerve to look fine and normal you dog them nonstop for being fat!! Britney is not fat she just looks *gasp* like a real person. You say you don't want stars to be anorexic, but if one dares not to starve themselves and show their bodies you make sure to pounce all over them. JERKS!!

2565 days ago


Joe Simpson is such an arse! Saying how much the bouncers make was rude and shows how money hungry he is. How much does he think his daughters young fans make? Plus, he claims he was a minister and they don't make a fortune. He's lucky he was able to pimp his daughters out and live off them because he never provided very well for his family.

2565 days ago


I don't blame Britney, Ken Paves sucks! She would of came out looking even worse if he did her hair.

2565 days ago


I agree with Kanye - the VMA's did exploit Britney, and so is the media. In particular, TMZ. No one understands that the girl is in need of help, and not getting any. Rather, the people around her are just biding time, watching her flail around and tragically making errors in judgement. Nobody seems to get it, she is in total panic, and her ex Kevin is enjoying the entire situation - sadly. I am waiting for the next TMZ report "Britney uses the wrong toilet paper, staffers have tried to convince her that the Charmin is much softer, but she will just not listen to them anymore" sad because this stuff sells. Heysoos people get a life, you to TMZ. Harvey, you are still a publicity prick!!

2565 days ago


Rosie needs to let it go. As far as B.W., she is a phoney and I wish she would drop dead already.

2565 days ago

Me me me me    

Rosie needs to mind her own damn business, who cares how old is Barbara? She'll retire when shes ready, not when some stupid fat pig says so. Im sick and tired of Rosie, she always has something bad to say about other people, what she needs is a damn mirror!

2565 days ago


I'm starting to get sick of this non-stop ragging on Britney. She is being picked apart piece by piece. It's really cruel. And I don't even like her.

2565 days ago


Rosie is tired herself, tired of not getting her own way that is. She has a fit when she's proven wrong. She can't stand it when the show goes on without her. Rosie take your money and just live with your family because your star is just not bright anymore.

2565 days ago


Barbara Walters has way too much class to be associated with Rosie ODonnell. Thank Goodness she's gone.

2565 days ago


Rosie is tired herself, tired of not getting her own way that is. She has a fit when she's proven wrong. She can't stand it when the show goes on without her. Rosie take your money and just live with your family because your star is just not bright anymore.

2565 days ago


you don't think Rosie is making a play for Bawa's job?

2565 days ago
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