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"Idol" Judges to Britney: We Want You!

9/12/2007 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" judges Simon, Randy and Paula believe they have what it takes to bring back Britney's career.
Idol Judges to Bring Back Britney
In an announcement to FOX News, Simon Cowell says that, among other things, getting her "away from her stupid friends" will help revive her career.

"MTV ratings are up and all we're hearing is Britney, Britney, Britney!" Simon said. "She can turn it around." Could this bring Britney's career back from its Las Vegas grave?

It is unclear whether they want Britney to be a guest star or a contestant.


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Save Joe Francis     

Britney. You're going to Hollywoooood!!!

2577 days ago


This sounds like a great way to reintroduce Britney to a positive lime light again! She should do it! And Simon is totally right about staying away from her idiot friends!!!

2577 days ago

ivana jerchough    

As soon as the Fox Network and Fox News join forces and get another right wing zealot into office I am sure the world will eagerly gather around Britney and bring her back into the fold.

Don't you agree, Harvey old chum ?

2577 days ago

laughing at you    

She looks amazing although her act was lethargic. But she herself, looks very good, especially for being a mom of two.

2577 days ago


Nothing can revive that trainwreck....her career is over! But hey, she still makes $750,000/month which is more than I make in 10 years. Yeah, life is fair.

2577 days ago


she needs to chill and clear her head before she does anything... The girl is a mess right now and shes not thinking straight.... Leave your career for now take care of your kids enjoy being a mom and find yourself again. Whats the rush? You have enough money to relax and do some regrouping so do it...


2577 days ago


Hmmmmmmmmm..........American Idol? That may actually be a good move. And after all of the seasons, it will need a new makeover. But I hope she doesn't wear that same outfit like she wore and the VMA's. It's too bad, because her music is really good to dance to, especially if you're a stripper.

2577 days ago

In NC    

IF Brit-Brit was to go to AI, she would be double-signing her warrant for termination. Let her die in peace.

2577 days ago


Sure, it SOUNDS good. But, how are they going to get her away from HERSELF?

2577 days ago


I think it's a great idea!! And I'd also really like to hear her side of what happened at the VMA's.. what happened with Chris Angel and her performance.

People may hate her.. but EVERYONE'S talking about her.. perfect for her upcoming album. I mean.. if she did an awesome job on Sunday night, there wouldn't be NEARLY as much press as there is now.

2577 days ago

ivana jerchough    

as Fox News knows all too well, to blame others for a failure to thrive is the Liberal Curse.

Simon are you a Liberal ? If so, why are you sharing your scoops with Fox ?

2577 days ago


IF Britney will listen to any of them, she fires everyone who tries to help her. Britney is nothing without a top-notch star-making machine behind her. She can't do it alone, but she is too arrogant and delusional to admit that. She will keep blaming her failures on others, because accepting accountability for her own actions and mistakes is not something Britney will ever do. So I see this going nowhere because first and foremost, Britney doesn't have what it takes to work hard enough to accomplish this mega-miracle of a SUCCESSFUL come-back .

2577 days ago


You people need to grow up. I am by any means a Britney fan, but for Gods' sake jump off of your moral band wagon and admit that all of our fat a*** would die to be her!

2577 days ago


I am SO sick of hearing about this washed-up skank...

Britney needs to get her personal life cleaned-up before she can ever
think of getting her career back on track!

2577 days ago


Being a "mom" has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. Either she looks good, or she doesn't, - She was WAY less than average, ESPECIALLY for a performer.

2577 days ago
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